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  1. Hello, im tips48, and I'm bringing back Cow Paths from the inactive forums. I only had to recompile and didn't have to change any source, but I do plan to add some new features and fix any bugs that come up. All credits go to the amazing author @deltahat

    Cow Paths - Pave the paths where players walk
    Version: v2

    Cow Paths is a bukkit plugin for simulating the natural erosion caused by player walking. The name of the plugin comes from the phrase "to pave the cow paths." As players walk around the server, Cow Paths keeps track of the number of times each block has been stepped on and erodes the world accordingly. By default, the world erosion patterns are (with step thresholds in parentheses):

    Grass -(10)-> Dirt -(50)-> Gravel -(200)-> Cobblestone -(800)-> Smooth Stone
    Sand -(100)-> Sandstone

    Jar - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31280142/CowPaths.jar
    Source - https://github.com/tips48/CowPaths

    The erosion patters and step thresholds used by Cow Paths are completely configurable. All wear patterns are stored in the config.yml file under the wearPatterns key. A wear pattern is made up of a three part string containing the fromMaterial, toMaterial, and stepThreshold. A line looks like this:

    - Grass Dirt 10
    When defining the fromMaterial and toMaterial, you can use either a material's canonical name or ID number. Malformed wear patterns will be ignored. If two wear patterns share the same fromMaterial, only the first one will be used.

    To access Cow Paths data in your plugins, use the following code

    CowPaths cpPlugin = (CowPaths)this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("CowPaths"); CowPathsApi cpApi = cpPlugin.api;
    Don't forget to add appropriate null protection.

    Version 2
    • Fixed console spamming bug
    • Added API
    • Added total steps metric
    • Updated to 953 -- tips48
    Version 1
    • Initial Release
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    One of my favorites :) Glad it is finally being updated! Now I know where all my enemies bases may lie! :3
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    Yes! GJ buddy!
  4. :p
    @Specops343 any time :p I didn't realize how popular this plugin was until i was asked in irc and like 10 people agreed :O
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    One thing I do notice is lack of Block ID support in the config. That would help with less confusion IMO.
  6. you mean like id from id to number of steps? Sure, that shouldn't be hard :p
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    Yup! Exactly!
  8. k. im checking out sqlite/mysql right now, that is on my todo list currently
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    Thanks for bringing this back! The biggest thing that needs fixing is how CowPaths stores its backing data. The initial implementation used one file per chunk. This was a bad idea - it made too many files.
  10. Oh, hey! I though you were dead :D
    About the storing data, yes, I agree, I'm planning on moving it all to SQLite
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    Not dead...just out of the game for a while :)
  12. hahahaha :p
    Would you like your plugin back?
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    Nope...it's all yours :)
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    Even though I read your vacation message I better post this suggestion up here before I forget it.
    Add items support. eg: woodplank stick 25 (after 25 passovers woodplank block will turn into a stick)

    Plus sub id numbers aren't working.
    eg: 44:3

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    This is AMAZING!.
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    Would it be possible to use damage values or similar sorcery to eliminate databases completely?
    If so, I would use this :)
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    Any chance to see this plugin ported to build 1000?
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    Is it possible to have it check to see if it has been walked over for a configurable time to where it would degrade down its line? IE, after 10 minecraft days of not being walked on, the gravel that was walked on, would degrade to dirt?
  19. Thread watch failed, sorry guys. I'll keep this up to date with the RB, but no features.for now.
    Sorry, just really busy
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    I came up with an idea to make this plugin even more lightweight, without the need to record where players step.

    Instead, whenever a player steps on an "erodeable" block, there is a random chance of it actually eroding.

    Example Config File
    Grass Dirt 10
    Dirt Gravel 2
    Gravel Cobblestone .5
    Cobblestone Stone .125
    Sand Sandstone 1

    The numbers above represent the percentage chance for each type. In the long run, this will essentially do the same thing, but be more random and less specific. Either way, heavy traffic areas will have a greater chance of erosion.
  21. Its going under major re haul, thats all I can say :)
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    Is this still being updated?
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