[MECH] ContainerProtect v1.09 - Chest, Furnace and Dispenser control [600-818]

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    ContainerProtect - Chest, Furnace and Dispenser control
    Version: v1.09

    This is my own replacement for the old ChestProtect, which seems to have been abandoned. This plugin works in pretty much the same way, but handles furnaces and dispensers as well as chests. Operators and admins may be granted access to use and destroy containers regardless of protection, through special permissions.

    Note that the old ChestProtect data file is currently not used or converted automatically. I have included a Perl script at the bottom of this post.


    • 4 modes supported: Public, Private, Players and Groups
    • Use in the same way as ChestProtect: 1. set mode, 2. place container
    • Supports chests, furnaces and dispensers
    • Simple, fast and reliable
    • Log container access for chosen players or groups
    Download http://minecraft.atc.no/plugins/ContainerProtect.jar

    Source code is included - no strings attached, no warranties implied

    • 1.00 - Original release
    • 1.01 - A few minor tweaks to the log output
    • 1.02 - Improved parsing of improperly formatted/imported modes
    • 1.03 - Mode checker stupidly refused uppercase characters. Fixed.
    • 1.04 - Mode checker would incorrectly accept a player name with /cp 2. Fixed.
    • 1.05 - Changed to use onPlayerInteract() instead of onBlockInteract() which was removed in #600
    • 1.06 - Added null Block check to isContainer()
    • 1.07 - Added optional permissions to control logging
    • 1.08 - Players could bypass security on single chests. Fixed.
    • 1.09 - Fixed optional permissions to control logging accidently broken in 1.08...
    • Requires Permissions.jar (2.5.4 or compatible)
    • Download and copy to your "plugins" directory
    • Optionally create the directory "plugins/ContainerProtect
    • 'containerprotect.use' required to access '/cp' command
    • 'containerprotect.open-any' required to bypass use protection
    • 'containerprotect.destroy-any' required to bypass destroy protection
    • 'containerprotect.no-log-deny' to not log unsuccessful access
    • 'containerprotect.no-log-permit' to not log successful access
    • '/cp 1' sets current mode to 'Public' (This is the default)
    • '/cp 2' sets current mode to 'Private'
    • '/cp 3 name1 name2 nameN' sets current mode to 'Players' and grants access to named players
    • '/cp 4 group1 group2 groupN' sets current mode to 'Groups' and grants access to named groups
    • Place the chest, furnace or dispenser. The current protection mode will be applied.
    • Note: When placing double chests, each half chest is handled independently. I highly recommend using the same mode for both to avoid confusion.
    How to convert your old 'lockedChests.txt':
    Copy the following perl script (save as convert.pl):
    while (my $line = <>) {
      $line =~ s/[\r\n]//g;
      my ($acl, $x, $y, $z, $mode) = split(/\,/, $line);
      next unless defined $mode;
      print $x . "," . $y . "," . $z . "=" . $mode . " " . $acl . "\n";
    Then run it in your minecraft folder:
    perl convert.pl < lockedChests.txt > plugins/ContainerProtect/locations.txt
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    Download link is dead.
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    Hi, can you update this to the newest version? (953) I love this plugin.

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    Alright, so I installed the plugin and what not, but it says "permission denied" when I try to do stuff. Not sure why, I put the 'containerprotect.use' in the permissions. Did I miss out on something?
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    Please make compatible with [1000] CraftBukkit Plz
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    I'm running this on 1000 now, haven't noticed any problems.
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    I take that back, it seems unstable. At least for 1060. I can sometimes open chests that are protected.
    I would love to see this mod updated! :D
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    Unfortunately, the plugin does not work with RB 1185 anymore. Any chance of getting a hold on the source code? I could try to fix it.
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    any chance of a comeback ?
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    You might want to use LWC. It is cool and well supported.​
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    Even though it's not updated it is working. He's using it on his own server.
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    Long time no see FloydATC. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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