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    Version: v1.2.0

    This plugin is a complete rewrite of CommandSigns based off the original by Edward Hand. With CommandSigns, you can add invisible text or commands to signs. When the sign is right clicked, the command runs and/or the player gets a message.

    The /* feature of this plugin will not work properly with PermissionsExtended (PEX).
    There is a small issue where PEX doesn't utilize the permissions.yml from the root server folder.
    It has been tested with PermissionsBukkit and bPermissions.

    • Run commands from signs
    • Signs can have any other text on them, the commands are linked to the sign behind the scenes
    • Uses a new permissions node so that players can use commands they wouldn't normally have access to!
    How to use:
    1. Place a sign, add any writing you want
    2. Add lines to your clipboard with /commandsigns line<number> <text>
    3. Right click a sign to make it a CommandSign
    /commandsigns line<number> <text>
      - Add a line with one command (see Command Formatting). Number may be 0-9
    /commandsigns read
      - Read a CommandSign (the command lines associated with it)
      - Note: You need permission to create a sign in order to read
    /commandsigns copy
      - Copy a CommandSign to clipboard (the command lines associated with it)
      - Note: You need permission to create a sign in order to read
    /commandsigns clear
      - Clear your CommandSigns clipboard
    /commandsigns remove
      - Remove a CommandSign
    Command Formatting:
    In the place of <text> for a line, you may write a single command or sign formatting (such as @group). There are 10 total lines for separate commands or sign formatting. See Examples.
      -  Runs a command from the player who clicked the sign
      - Runs command with elevated permissions from the 'CommandSigns.permissions' node
      - Doesn't work for OP commands like /stop
      - (For WorldEdit //wand, use /*/wand)
      - Limits the sign use to only that group
      - **Check the permissions section below for usage!**
      - Print the message to the player's chat
      - Replaced in the command by the player's name
      - Replaced in the command by the player's x, y, or z coordinates
    examples (open)
    /commandsigns line0 \say Hello server! <NAME> just logged on.
      - "Hello server! <playername> just logged on."
    /commandsigns line0 \You just clicked
    \commandsigns line1 \a sign!
      - "You just clicked
          a sign!"
      - (Message sent to the  player who clicked)
    /commandsigns line0 /*warp point1
      - Warps the player to point1
      - (If the /* nodes are set up correctly)
    /commandsigns line0 @mods
    /commandsigns line1 /*warp point1
      - Warps the player to point1 only if they have the '' permission node
      - (If the /* nodes are set up correctly)

    permission nodes (open)
      - All permissions
      - All create permissions
      - Create signs without /* commands
      - Create signs with /* commands
      - Remove CommandSigns
      - Use all signs
      - Use signs without /* commands
      - Use signs with /* commands
      - Replace<group> with the group name from @group
      - Allows use of signs with the matching group name
    - Allows use of all @group signs

    In your permissions.yml (in main server folder) create parent node 'CommandSigns.permissions' and attach children nodes from plugins you want to give permissions for when using the /* prefix.
    permissions.yml example (open)
            warp.go: true
    Now using /*warp <somewhere> on a sign will allow a player who doesn't normally have access to the /warp command to use the sign.

    Download CommandSigns

    Version 1.2.0
    • Only one command per line now (commands can have many more syntax options)
    • Added ability to copy a CommandSign text to 'clipboard'
    • Fixed '*' permission node
    Version 1.1.0
    • Now supports all superperms permissions plugins!
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed a missing permissions node from the plugin.yml
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release

    I wanted the functionality of the old plugin, but the /* feature was broken. After becoming frustrated trying to figure out and update Fluff's version, I went back to the original and completely rewrote it. This is really my first plugin and Java experience.

    If this is not an acceptable submission, that is fine. I wrote it for my server and don't have time to go nuts adding features we don't need. However, I saw many people also wanted the /* feature, so I shared my work.

    I'm open to changing the name to something different, or withdrawing the submission. My main goal was to make this available to anyone who wants to use it.

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    I use a similar technique for elevating permissions. When I saw how to use the new permissions api, I immediately though of how much easier it would be (vs the method of creating a fake player). Just looked at your parser though, it's intense; lots of options. Nice work!

    Costs are in the near future.
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    Please add:
    That you can add a command on a button/presureplates/and levers.
    Like the old commandsigns.
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    any help with my issue?
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    I am using PEX, but with the permissions bridge. So all of my permissions are stored in PEX "permissions.yaml. file in the PEX directory... Does this work?
  6. Basic functionality works fine. There was a problem with the elevated commands being run (using /*), but I don't know if it's been fixed in the last few revisions of the plugin or not.
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    @HansAnderson I have not tried this yet but im on the go and wondering if multiple commands are executed in seperately or in a manor that would let me do something like

    /money pay herobrine 50 (if true next)
    /*warp newplace
    /*i woodaxe

    and only isssue the whole sign if all conditions are met or execute as expected. I know im (borderline) talking about scripting but just wondering what current behavior is for multiple commands and if i could do something like this without scripting the command through sk89Q's commandHelper
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    Any chance on getting elevated commands working with PEX? I would love that functionality for my server...
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    So yeah, everything works great (mostly) and all and this is one of my favorite plugins... but...
    everything only works great until I close the console...
    For whatever reason the plugin doesn't save my commandsigns when the console is restarted! Anyone else getting this error? Any possible fixes? Help me as I am oblivious lol!
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    Yeah this works fine for me but it does not like save the sign configuration when server is restarted etc

    Anyone know the issue?
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    I'm having the same issue. All commandsigns lost on server reset.
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    since /* dont work whit PEX ... could you make a /! that means the console is doing the command ?!
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    You may want to check out for that kind of functionality
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    Three people with the same problem... MY GOD IT'S AN EPIDEMIC!
    But seriously, any word on a possible fix for the commandsigns not saving upon server reset?
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    Would be wonderful if it could be fixed. I love this plugin.
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    I'm so lost without this...! ANY news on a fix..? Please..?
  17. As I understand the problem, it's not the character that is the problem, it's the method used to enable the command to run in an elevated state.

    However, according to the latest comments from the dev of PEX in the ticket I opened on this problem, it's been fixed (and supposedly confirmed) in the current dev version of PEX.
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    im not talking about "the character" or "elevated permissions" .... but letting the console/pulgin make the command
  19. Check Out "serversigns". I made this Plugin with support for commands in the console. I am going to add iconomy Support and custome permissions for choosen signs. More Features will be added on request
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    I like this plugin, it would be nice to have an alias for /commandsigns, it takes forever to type that in 90 times.

    maybe something like:

    /cms l0
    /cms l1
    /cms remove
  21. This should work natively with the dev version of GroupManager. I've not tested it, but I did recently improve the bukkit perms integration within GM.
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    Escalated commands are not working.

    Contents of permissions.yml:

    permissions.*: true

    Command issued for the sign:

    /commandsigns line0 /*permissions player setperm <name>

    The users are still getting "You do not have permissions to do that".

    CommandSigns.use.* is set in their group permissions too. We're using PermissionsBukkit.
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    Can you add economy v7 support and add a command to activate it or maybe a line n the sign saying the cost
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    I need some help with power commands
    were do i put CommandSigns.permissions:
    children: warp.go: true
    ? in the main server file you say so is that just ur server file or server>\plugins>bukkitpermissions ?
    in that permissions .ym?
    allso in the permission file what is a parent?
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    permission node dont work on PEX, any solution :C? btw, very nice plugin!!
  26. The only thing that the 1.2 version of command signs has a problem with under PEX 1.16 is running an elevated command. Otherwise it's working fine (I use it).
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    To enable commands on other Blocks change SignClickEvent.onRightClick() method to take BlockStates instead of Signs and in the onPlayerInteract decide which Blocks are allowed. (See my fork of Commandsigns)

    Feel free to integrate this into your Plugin, maybe configurable through a config file.
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    Is there any chance that you can make it so commandsigns can be activated via redstone?
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    I requested this feature to the other commandsigns author (and it got implemented), but as it's no longer updated, I'll ask again here:

    Can you add support for 'variables'?

    Example: The text on a sign reads as follows: /*warp <playername>_bank
    If the player 'Fred' clicked the sign, it would execute this command: /*warp Fred_bank
    Therefore, it takes 'Fred' to his bank, and if 'Bob' were to click it, it'd take him to his, all in one sign.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hoping you'll consider implementing it. My bank needs it :p
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    I've got this really weird issue. I am using PEX for permissions, and I tried to set up an automated promotion sign using the following syntax:
    /commandsigns line0 /pex user <NAME> group set Member
    It did not work, obviously. Instead of looking like
    [Member] bitWolfy
    my username looks like
    Any ideas?
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    How is this with bPermissions elevated commands?

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