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    CommandSigns v0.9

    Tired of having to type out the same commands again and again? Want to allow your players to use commands only at certain places? Help is at hand!

    Feature Summary
    • Allows chat commands and chat messages to be send on right-clicking a sign.
    • Allows commands to be run on signs that players wouldn't be able to use through chat.
    • Sign usage can be limited to specific players or groups.
    • Supports 'variables' for player name and x,y,z position.
    • Won't allow users to gain access to forbidden commands without permission (secure).
    • Add a cost to use a sign, or a reward for clicking the sign!
    • Limit the number of times a sign can be used.
    • Enable and disable signs without destroying them.
    • Permissions-friendly
    • Developer API available
    User's Guide

    About The Developers

    Want to ensure your bug or suggestion isn't lost in the thread? Post it on our issue tracker.

    Command Summary (open)

    • /commandsign enable - Enables the next command sign you right-click on.
    • /commandsign enable <x> <y> <z> - Enables the command sign at x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign enable <x> <y> <z> [w:]<world> - Enables the command sign in world <world> at x,y,z.
    • /commandsign enable [a:]<alias> - Enables the command sign at the alias.
    • /commandsign enable <uses> - Enables the next command sign you right-click on with a number of uses.
    • /commandsign enable <uses> <x> <y> <z> - Enables the command sign at x,y,z in the current world with a number of uses.
    • /commandsign enable <uses> <x> <y> <z> [w:]<world> - Enables the command sign in world <world> at x,y,z with a number of uses.
    • /commandsign enable <uses> [a:]<alias> - Enables the command sign at the alias with a number of uses.
    • /commandsign disable - Disables the next command sign you right-click on.
    • /commandsign disable <x> <y> <z> - Disables the command sign at x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign disable <x> <y> <z> [w:]<world> - Disables the command sign at x,y,z in world <world>.
    • /commandsign disable [a:]<alias> - Disables the command sign at the alias.
    • /commandsign alias - Right-click on a block to get the alias of its location.
    • /commandsign alias <x> <y> <z> - Get the alias of the location x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign alias <x> <y> <z> w:<world> - Get the alias of the location x,y,z in world <world>.
    • /commandsign alias [a:]<name> - Right-click on a block to set the alias of its location.
    • /commandsign alias <x> <y> <z> [a:]<name> - Set the alias of the location x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign alias <x> <y> <z> w:<world> [a:]<name> - Set the alias of the location x,y,z in world <world>.
    • /commandsign alias remove - Right-click on a block to remove the alias of its location.
    • /commandsign alias remove [a:]<name> - Removes the alias.
    • /commandsign alias remove <x> <y> <z> - Remove the alias at location x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign alias remove <x> <y> <z> w:<world> - Remove the alias at location x,y,z in world <world>.
    • /commandsign alias [a:]<name> [a:]<newname> - Set the alias of the location at <name> to <newname>.
    • /commandsign config - Lists all the configuration nodes.
    • /commandsign config <node> - Lists the configuration node.
    • /commandsign config <node> <value> - Sets the configuration node to the value.
    • /commandsign exec [a:]<alias> - Executes the command sign at the location pointed to by the alias.
    • /commandsign exec <x> <y> <z> - Executes the command sign at location x,y,z in the current world.
    • /commandsign exec <x> <y> <z> [w:]<world> - Executes the command sign at location x,y,z in world <world>.
    Syntax Summary (open)

    • [command] - use on the first line of a sign to define a command sign.
    • **[title] - use on the first line in place of [command] to customise the title of the sign
    • /command - runs a command as the player using the sign
    • /*command - runs a command as the fictional user &CommandSigns
    • /@command - elevates the player's permissions (using the permissions assigned to &CommandSigns) if necessary to run the command
    • @player/group - commands following (up to the next @) are limited to that player/group.
    • \message - prints the message to chat
    • \\message - prints the message to the player
    • <NAME> / <X> / <Y> / <Z> / <I> - replaced with the using players name/x/y/z-coord/current held item id on running.
    • $;<cost1>[;<costN>] where cost is <item id>,<item number> or <item id>:<item data>,<item number> - adds a cost to the sign
    • $$ - break evaluation of a command sign
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • commandSigns.use - Use a command sign.
    • commandSigns.create - Create, enable, or disable a command sign.
    • commandSigns.super - Create, enable, or disable a command sign using /*command, /@command, @player/group, or $.
    • commandSigns.super.cost - Create, enable, or disable a command sign using $.
    • commandSigns.super.elevated - Create, enable, or disable a command sign using /@command.
    • commandSigns.super.fakeuser - Create, enable, or disable a command sign using /*command.
    • commandSigns.super.restricted - Create, enable, or disable a command sign using @player/group.
    • commandSigns.default.<default group name> - A flag stating that the group is the default group.
    • commandSigns.config - Allows a user to manage the configuration.
    • commandSigns.alias - Allows a user to manage aliases.
    • commandSigns.exec - Allows a user to remotely trigger command signs.
    Reporting a Problem (open)
    The following bits of information are helpful to include when reporting a problem:
    1. Bukkit and plugin version.
    2. Excerpt from server log of the failed command usage, preferably with the debug configuration option set to true.
    3. Complete command sign text.
    4. Command sign configuration file.
    5. Name of plugin that the failed command comes from, preferably with a link to the plugin's forum thread.

    Recommended Plugins
    • With Annotate, you can have CommandSigns on practically any block with an almost unlimited amount of room for commands! They can even activate when pressing a button or a pressure plate!
    • With ScrollingMenuSign, your signs can look even nicer while allowing your users to scroll through a menu of commands!

    Download Latest Version
    MD5: 7f4076eea7198f2c0f17cde3f62f7c1f
    Download 0.8.1i - RB 803 and previous
    MD5: 72a60e16bfd775b3d15a03aca70e86e0


    To Everyone Asking For Redstone Support (open)

    Yes, I also think redstone support would be very cool. Unfortunately, there are some major limitations on what you can do with a redstone-controlled sign. You can read about those limitations in this post, and you can read a rationale about why those limitations exist in this post. Given those two limitations, I don't think redstone support is currently a useful feature to add, especially given what Annotate can do for you. (If you disagree, please post on the issue tracker on how you would use redstone support.) In the (not too distant) future, redstone support may will be added in a separate plugin due to the different nature of redstone command signs.

    Change Log
    version 0.9 - See Post
    • If PEX permissions work, this plugin supports it.
    • Economy redone; added Essentials Economy.
    • Localization support added.
    • Added new command: /commandsign exec
    • Events properly unregistered when plugin is disabled.
    version 0.8.13
    • Default groups should work for real.
    Older Entries (open)

    version 0.8.12
    • Added handling for default groups.
    • Added support for command aliases.
    • Added /commandsign config.
    version 0.8.11
    • Fixed @ directive.
    • Fixed '/commandsign disable' bug.
    • Added aliases.
    version 0.8.10
    • Fixed /@ permissions error.
    • Added exception handling for removing permissions from users.
    version 0.8.9
    • Added PEX and Permissions 3.0 support.
    • Added new placeholders: <N> and <I>
    • Fixed bug with regular / commands.
    • Added new directives: $$ and \\
    • Added additional debug messages.
    version 0.8.8
    • Fixed /* and /@ working without permissions support.
    • Fixed Permissions creating new users with the wrong casing.
    version 0.8.7
    • Fixed command sign creation permissions.
    • Added debug configuration option.
    version 0.8.6
    • Added Permissions checks to developer API.
    • Fixed enabling bug with /* and /@.
    • Updated to work with GroupManager and fake Permission plugins.
    version 0.8.5 - See Post
    • Fixed multi-world Permissions bug.
    • Changed @ group directive
    version 0.8.4
    • Removed support for Permissions 3.x
    • Updated to 818
    version 0.8.3
    • Fixed API bug
    version 0.8.2
    • Updated for Permissions 3.x
    version 0.8.1
    • Fixed GroupManager integration
    version 0.8
    • Added /@ to temporarily elevate a user's permissions.
    • Added developer API.
    version 0.7.1
    • Fixed item data bug - for real, this time.
    version 0.7 - See Post
    • Removed SignReadMore support.
    • Added Annotate support.
    • Added more granular permissions for advanced sign creation.
    • Removed a debug message that looked like an error.
    version 0.6.2
    • Fixed enable bug on sign creation.
    • Fixed item data bug.
    version 0.6.1
    • Fixed berating of users who can't create command signs but were just innocently putting up a sign.
    version 0.6
    • Added SignReadMore support.
    version 0.5.1
    • Can no longer place blocks directly on enabled command signs.
    • Fixed @ directive.
    • Changed fake user network code.
    version 0.5 - See Post
    • Added /commandsign commands.
    • Added finite-use signs.
    version 0.4.10
    • Fixed BOSEconomy support
    version 0.4.9
    • Supports BOSEconomy
    version 0.4.8
    • Trimming commands in hopes it fixes some problems.
    version 0.4.7 - See Post
    • Added cost signs.
    version 0.4.6
    • Hackish solution to 'items not showing up in inventory' bug.
    version 0.4.5 - See Post
    • Updated support for GroupManager.
    • Added configuration option to change the display name of the fake user.
    • Added configuration option to allow command parser to understand // commands.
    version 0.4.4
    • Fixed numerous bugs when not using Permissions.
    • Beginnings of an API for other plugin devs.
    version 0.4.3
    • Added configuration file.
    • Fixed chat command bugs.
    • Rearranged code for simpler maintenance.
    version 0.4.2 - See Post
    • BREAKING CHANGE - The fake user is now named &CommandSigns.
    version 0.4.1
    • Fixed for 740
    version 0.4
    • Bukkit team trying to break everything again
    version 0.35
    • Fixed conflict when using <NAME> in commands overriding permissions.
    version 0.3
    • Added NAME, X, Y and Z variables
    • Added permission filter
    • Allowed creation of signs that call commands user would not usually have access to
    • Allowed customisation of [command] to other text.
    version 0.15
    • Bugfix ("Insufficient Permissions" annoyance bug)
    version 0.1
    • Plugin Released
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    OK, having difficulties with this:
    i want to a sign to let people add them self to a town with Towny,
    /town add <NAME>.

    how would i do it ?
    cant get it to work.
  3. Fluff, I have signs like:

    /*time day

    However, even players without being in GroupX can use the signs...this is with 0.7.1, but I don't see anything in changelog for 0.8.1 in regards to this, so likely still broken?
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    If you don't want to give them permission to use /town, give the permission to the fake user and use /@town add <NAME>
    Yes, that sign basically does nothing to prevent anyone from using it. The problem is order. As you've written it, anyone can use the sign, and if someone can pay 600 then they will, but if not it's fine; they can still use the sign. You probably want something like this:
    /*time day
    This says: if the user is in GroupX AND the user can pay the 600 cost, then set the time to day.
  5. I did not realize order mattered, ty!
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    0.8.2 released.

    Updated for Permissions 3.x. 0.8.1 is still available for download for Permissions 2.x.
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    I may be blind, but is there a way to add variables so that players can type in whatever they want?

    Which would open chat, type "/dial " and sit at that prompt so that the player can type in whatever value they want? (this is for Wormhole X-Treme)
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    No. To my knowledge, the server cannot force a client to open the chat window. You might be interested in trying ScrollingMenuSign.
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    Ryan Phox

    Doesn't work with MC 1.6.5 running CB 815 for me, gives console errors of

    22:16:36 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to CommandSigns
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.<init>(Lnet/minecraft/server/World;)V
    at com.edwardhand.commandsigns.CommandSigns.runCommandString(
    at com.edwardhand.commandsigns.CommandSignPlayerListener.runCommand(
    at com.edwardhand.commandsigns.CommandSignPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    x.x I need this as WorldGuard region signs don't work yet..
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    Of course it doesn't. There's no RB for 1.6 yet, and I have no intention of updating plugins for every build.
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    Why update the plugin for builds that are not recommended, if they could very well break by the time a recommended build is released, it is a huge undertaking to keep plugins up to date for recommended builds only, let alone adding the many features that he does. It would be a huge waste of time to make sure the plugin is working for every build, don't be so selfish, when you update to a non recommended build, that is your fault, don't blame the plugin developers that work so hard to keep their plugins working.
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    Damn, and here I always thought we worked off of Release Builds. Thanks for the correction on the new naming scheme. Good luck finding support in the other threads for a less than 4 day old build that is just a dev build.

    Edit - darn it, I meant Recommended Builds and not Release Builds.
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    Interesting plugin, but doesn't quite match my requirements.

    Thanks anyway. Keep up the awesome work!
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    @MrPendulum isn't there an integrated list with dials? I believe that you can put a sign next to the button by using a command it would show a scrollable list and when the right one is selected you press the button and it opens to the right one.
    Found it: Wormhole under the spoiler "Video".
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    You are right, Nope. But I'm using the plugin quite differently from the original design. All the other gates on the server work as sign-dialers, but I have a specific non-sign-dialing gate set up for no other reason than nostalgia and awesomeness. Was hoping to be able to replace pressing t and typing "/dial " with a sign to put next to the dhd, then i could type in the destination.

    But that's my own silliness/laziness. Thanks anyway.
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    @Fluff does the \message show to you only or all players as were it chat?
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    It's a chat message. There is no syntax for showing something just to the player. However, this is something I've been thinking about. So...

    User Poll: How many of you use \message? Is it important? If it only showed the message to the player that activated it, would it be bad?

    Personally, I use \message all the time, but only for debugging purposes. I don't want to put a publicly-accessible command sign out there that someone can keep hitting, spamming everyone else on the server with messages. It's likely that I'll change \message to be a player-only message, with a config option to switch between the two behaviors.
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    What about doing \message for chat and *message for player only?
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    While we could use another plug-in to protect the signs such as OwnBlocks would it be possible to include a feature within this plug-in which prevents them from being destroyed by certain groups? And give them protection from TNT and creepers if possible?
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    I was searching long to find a plugin like this one and I really like the Idea of just clicking on a sign to make it day.
    But i have a Problem, so the sign isn't working

    My Problem:

    Could not pass Event PLAYER_INTERACT to CommandSign.

    Do you have any tips ?


    EDIT: I was just using the wrong version :D Sry
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    You should read this thread, then come back with some details, then, you might get some help.
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    Hey, just wondering when do you think this will work with 1.6.5 bukkit 815? I think annotate works with 815 but command signs 0.8.1 (because I am using groupmanager) doesn't seem to be working :(((

    Just looked at cmd, looks like I am getting the same error as Homegamer when trying to activate via Annotate pressure plates (step on plate, preform command), or by right clicking a sign... I am using 0.8.1 because I need to be able to use Groupmanager

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    @badbh222 :(, back to 1.5 Build 798 :/
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    0.8.3 and 0.8.1b released.

    The only change is a fix in the developer API. I did the hard part, and then missed the simplest part. I really don't expect any more changes to the 2.x Permissions version of CommandSigns.
  26. Link in OP points to non-existant: Plugins/CommandSigns-0.8.1.jar

    Hope that one stays supported, PEX is backwards compatible with PR2.7, unlike PR3.
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    it isnt working at all.....
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    Dont work with 1.6.5 and Bukkit b815
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    @Fluff it literally doesn't work on CB803 or CB816, I activate the sign, right click and nothing happens
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    Once again, you've barely provided any helpful details (though this is better than your first post). Consider posting the contents of the sign and your configuration. You might also reflect on the fact that several people (including myself) run this on 803 just fine. A more helpful attitude would be "what am I doing wrong?" rather than assuming that it's broken.

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