[MECH] ClayFlow v2.0 - Flowing Water turns to Clay when touched by Lava [1060]

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    ClayFlow - Flowing Water turns to Clay when touched by Lava:
    Version: 2.0

    This plugin changes the way Minecraft handles the collision of a Lava Block into a Water Block.

    Instead of you getting Cobblestone from the Water Flows you now get Clay.
    So whenever Lava touches Flowing Water you will get Clay but when Water touches Lava you will still get Cobblestone (useless ObsidianFlow is enabled (Sister Plugin)).

    So this can be used to make Clay structures from Moulds a lot easier and faster or collecting Clay easier.

    There is also a configuration file so you can change the conversion from Clay to anything. (Yes, Diamonds can be made from Water and Lava!)

    • Flowing Water turns to Clay when touched by Lava
    • Flowing Lava turns to Cobblestone when touched by Water (As Normal, unless ObsidianFlow is enabled (Sister Plugin))
    • All Water blocks directly under a Water block that has been changed to Clay will also change to Clay
    • Configurations file to change the conversion from Obsidian to any block in game

    Source Code

    1. Download the Jar file from the Link below
    2. Copy Jar to Bukkit's "plugins" folder
    3. Restart/Start Minecraft Server with Bukkit
    4. Mould!
    Requested By: Fugensnot @ (Didn't ask for Clay but its configurable)


    Version - 2.0
    • Changed to FromTo Event from Physics Event
    • Added Changed Side blocks option (Requested by Aaron_Merric)
    • Added Liquid movement prediction to prevent Cobblestone (placing water/lava directly next to its opposite may still trigger cobble until Bukkit BlockPlace Event is released) (Requested by Xordaii)
    Version - 1.1
    • Added Ability to Toggle the Changing of the same Block below a recently changed block (Requested By CowMan24)
    • Better Config reading and writing
    Version - 1.0
    • Init Release
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  2. do you mean "unless" instead of "Useless"? that really confused me
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    ... unless he meant useless ...

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    lol sorry guys shit at spelling...
    Hopefully you like the plugin though.
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    Brilliant idea!!! Great Mod! :)
  6. I still like the mcmmo's gravel to clay more, I don't really see clay as a lava thing.
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    Im on his side, mcmmo did it better :p
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    Any ideas on what I could change it to?
  9. Well, mcMMO's way is to pour water over gravel and the gravel turns to clay... as much as I like that is still a problem when doing paths or when shutting down water flows in caves that have gravel around :/
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    Well you cant walk on Lava... or can you ;)
  11. Still, clay has nothing to do with lava :/

    Hmm, found something about clay on wiki (not MC wiki):
    See if you get any ideeas.
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    You no lava is molten rock and iron...
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    Doesnt work with my cobblestone generator. Generates clay where it shouldnt. You should've used the method notch uses in the actual code.
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    where can I find your cobblestone generator?
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    wow, completely sorry I totally spaced that I posted here. I designed it myself so I don't know if its anywhere on the internet.I'll draw you a picture.


    this is a vertical slice of the generator. These are lined up with complete stone slabs on either end. The lava is placed first, then the waters (you might want god mode on) you walk along the trough breaking the cobble with your diamond pick (otherwise you have to go slower) and as you break it the water falls down into the trough (contained) and pushes the other cobblestone cubes that are floating around a certain way. the lava turns the water to cobble after a short pause (cause it takes longer to flow). It's purpose is mass distribution, I have a place on my server where I have this and people can come up and get the cobble, more than one at a time and virtually no limitations on the number. (it can always be bigger) I tried to use your plugin to replace it will lightstone but because of the nature of the way you replace it the water that falls becomes a pillar of lightstone, which is kinda weird. After it makes it that the water hits the lightstone and runs into the lava, which then turns the water source into lightstone, breaking the generator entirely.

    Sorry for the extremely slow response and also sorry for being rude in the last post, I was having a particularly bad day.

    I solved this problem on my own however I did it by actually modding bukkit (downloading all of it, chaning a bit, then recompiling all of it.) and it worked, then the version changed.

    Thanks for your hard work on this plugin.

    come to think of it this could be solved by making changing the block below configurable.

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    cool design mate!

    so is the problem that the code changes all blocks of the same type (eg water) into clay or lightstone in your case that is directly under each other?
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    Thank you! :D

    yes, and to my understanding that's how its supposed to work. but I was hoping that could be toggleable. Other than that great mod!
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    I will look into toggling the blocks under the changed one for you. (i have set a reminder on my phone so I don't forget like i did to check Bukkit forums :p)

    ETA to next update: within 12hours

    Updated to 1.1 as requested by CowMan24

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    This and the sister plugin are both working great! Thank you for the plugin! I made both clay and obsidian generators, and these work well together :)
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    Your welcome! I will try and keep this updated for all the upcoming Minecraft & Bukkit updates.
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    Why not combine the clay and obsidian plugins and make a config to handle both..?
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    I didnt want to do this as a love modular systems and hate wasting performance for a feature not required (eg someone who wants Clay but not Obsidian or via versa).
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    2.0 Released!

    Please let me know your thoughts on the update :p

    and bugs... :(
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    Repeating this here for the benefit of those who don't use the sister plugin.

    No bugs! And no cobblestone.

    Setting both block below and block to side to false makes only the one block generated at a time. Doesn't break the gens, and the people only get the intended block. Wasn't really worried about the cobblestone and extra clay, but you fixed it!

    Thanks a million, Zeepal.
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    Works fine with 1056.
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    all water changed to clay sniiiiiiifffffffffff
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    Still working flawlessly on 1597. No console errors, using both ClayFlow and ObsidianFlow together.

    @Graberboy, you need to change the config settings, to not side and not below. I have both settings on false in my configs for both plugins. Works the same as vanilla if you use both plugins and have both configs that way, but instead of cobblestone you get clay.

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