Inactive [MECH] ChocolateFever v1.4.4 - Get CocoaBeans, GoldenApples, and Apples From Trees/Crops! [740]

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    ChocolateFever - Get CocoaBeans from trees and crops!
    Version: 1.4.4

    Don't want to generate a new world just so you can find cocoa beans in dungeons? Want cocoa beans to be more common so you can host cookie parties? Then this plugin is for you! When you break leaves or wait for them to decay, there is a chance that cocoa beans will drop. Also, you can get cocoa beans from crops!

    • Tree Drops: Cocoa Beans, Apples, Golden Apples
    • Crops Drops: Cocoa Beans
    • Configurable drop-rate for golden apples, apples and cocoa beans
    • Decide which trees you want each item to drop from (generic, birch, or redwood)
    • Reload settings in-game
    ConfigurationProperties (open)

    • drop-cocoa-from-crops: determine whether or not to drop cocoa from crops
    • cocoa-from-crops-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from crops
    • cocoa-from-trees-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from trees
    • apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of apples dropping from trees
    • golden-apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of golden apples dropping from trees
    • generic-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from generic trees
    • birch-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from birch trees
    • redwood-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from redwood trees
    • generic-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from generic trees
    • birch-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from birch trees
    • redwood-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from redwood trees
    • generic-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from generic trees
    • birch-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from birch trees
    • redwood-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from redwood trees

    If you are an Op, you can reload these settings in-game or in the console using the command:
    /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload
    Known Bugs:
    • Drop-rates are not acting correctly
    Bug Reporting:
    • Read the README.txt in the /plugins/ChocolateFever directory before reporting bugs
    • If you violate one of the rules, I will most likely ignore you

    Changelog (open)

    1.4.4 - made small tweak that may improve drop-rates
    1.4.3 - fixed NPE when leaves decay
    - removed debug message
    - added README.txt file in /plugins/ChocolateFever directory
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    1.4.2 - added ConfigurationManager class (too many config variables to handle in the main class)
    - added /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload command (can be done via console or in-game; you must be an Op to use it)
    1.4.1 - now comes with generated config.yml in a .zip file
    - switch statements are fun (internal change)
    1.4 - works with CB #726
    - accessor methods are your friend
    - added golden apples
    1.3 - added configurable apples drops
    1.2 - added ability to choose which trees cocoa beans can drop from
    - a bit of code clean-up
    1.1 - fixed configuration not working properly
    1.0 - Initial release.
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    Installed this on bukkit 733. when cutting trees the srver is flooded with this error. I'm not sure what it means other than it is an issue in the programming. perhaps I have something wrong? I did not change any of the settings in the configuration.

    2011-04-28 16:58:46 [SEVERE] Could not pass event LEAVES_DECAY to ChocolateFever
    at mn.aPunch.ChocolateFever.ChocolateFeverBlockListener.onLeavesDecay(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.BlockLeaves.g(
    at net.minecraft.server.BlockLeaves.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.World.j(
    at net.minecraft.server.World.doTick(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Hey, did you fix the config file problems i was having a while ago? :D
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    Seems as though minecart mania auto farm is causing a ridiculous amounts of items to drop from the trees, basically ignoring the config.
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    Answer these questions, please.

    1. What other plugins are you running?
    2. Which trees were you breaking when this error appeared?
    3. Did anything drop (apples..cocoa beans...saplings)?

    I will see if I can replicate and then fix this error if you provide this info.

    Yes, I believe so. Let me know if you are still having issues.

    Could you disable MCMania's auto-farm to see if it still happens? I don't want to go bothering the MCMania developer if I don't know for sure. :)
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    Nevermind, even when they punch them they get 5-15 apples per tree with the default config. I did a fresh install of the mod.
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    Do only apples drop more than you want them to, or do golden apples and/or cocoa beans also drop more than you've specified in the config? I thought I fixed this problem....grr!!
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    They are reporting 7 cocoa, 9 red and 9 gold apples from 1 tree.

    generic-cocoa-beans: true
    cocoa-from-trees-chance: 0.1
    generic-apples: true
    golden-apples-from-trees-chance: 0.01
    redwood-cocoa-beans: true
    generic-golden-apples: false
    redwood-golden-apples: true
    birch-golden-apples: true
    redwood-apples: true
    birch-apples: true
    drop-cocoa-from-crops: true
    apples-from-trees-chance: 0.05
    birch-cocoa-beans: true
    cocoa-from-crops-chance: 0.1
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    I fixed this issue, and possibly started a chain reaction of fixes. I'll release it later...I'm too tired right now. :)
  10. Allright, I was having some issues as well. As soon as one user logged in the console got spammed with errors. A bit strange I could post error logs if you want them but because you already have some error logs from other people I didn't think that mine would add anything to that.
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    I think you left a little debugging in the latest version of your plugin here. Whenever a block gets destroyed, I get console output similar to this:

    And while people are mining...


    I am running the latest version of this plugin, and RB #740. This behavior is experienced even if Chocolate Fever is the only running plugin.
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    Yeah same as with Killer.. if I tweak the config at all.. it goes insane.. punch 1 leaf block it spurts out a bunch golden/red apples and cocoa.. but then the rest of the tree starts exploding leaf blocks randomly blowing up leaving apples and cocoa
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    That has also been removed with the next version, which I'll be releasing shortly.
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    Alright, good business. We're waiting :)
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    Version 1.4.3 Released!

    -fixed NPE when leaves decay
    -removed debug message
    -works with CB recommended build #740
    -added README.txt file in /plugins/ChocolateFever directory.....READ IT BEFORE REPORTING BUGS!
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    Just downloaded and installed, works on a server with 733. Sorry, my bad. I had to restart the server, and it only worked the first start. After a second restart, had the block 0 error and lagged out the client side until the system shut it down. Only had two people on, and weren't building anything. Sorry for the wrong info.
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    Version 1.4.4 Released!

    -made small tweak that may improve drop rates
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    for me the drop rates are working correctly, I guess so!

    Little thing:

    Sometimes leave blocks get invisible until reconnect - I don't know if it's your plugin, a other plugin or a bug by craftbukkit or minecraft itself.

    Great plugin!
    Better then appletree :p

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    Very nice plugin u got here aPunch, i was just wondering if there are any plans to add permission support into chocolate fever?

    i have jobs on my server that work with permissions and i would very much like to give the special drops to farmers only.


    Ive hit a bit of a bug

    No matter what i have in my config file trees drop all of the items and alot of them something like 6 gold apples, 10 red and 20 cocoa per tree.

    im using bukkit 740 with minecraft 1.5_02

    this is my chocofever config file.

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    Did a fresh install with 740, no changes to the config and I'm still getting 7 apples per 8-10 leave blocks with 4 gold apples and 3 cocoa beans. Seems high still.
  21. yes i have the same problem. apples and all other stuff drop much too often ignoring the config file.
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    To all that are experiencing excessive drop-rates:

    I'm sorry. :S I really cannot find what the problem is. I'm trying hard, believe it or not. It's just getting frustrating not knowing what the problem is. It works generally fine for me, but for some reason my plugin is acting like garbage otherwise.


    I may add permissions support once I iron out the drop-rate bug. For now, all focus is on the drop-rates!
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    May i ask what you use to determine the drop chance? It could be the algarithm. Hope you get this working. ^^
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    I use Java's Math.random() function. I check if Math.random() is less than or equal to the double specified in the configuration. If it is, then an item is dropped (i.e. an apple, golden apple, or cocoa bean).
  25. Good luck with the drop rates! I know you can do it :D I'll just wait patiently until you have sorted it out.
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    Good to know thx aPunch

    and gl with the drop rate bug i too will w8, good work.
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    Not to sound pushy, but if you take a look at another mod I found still working in #740, AppleTree, you should find that their drop rate is actually about spot-on.

    Or just as possible, could you release a version that only adds cocoa beans as a drop? I'm not bothered by the cocoa drops - but I am by the golden apple spam I'm finding on my server.
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    Do you have all of the config settings in your file? I noticed if you don't have the gold apple settings in your config file, you'll get a LOT of gold apples.
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    Just a thought, could you add a debug option that would write a file that said what the random number was each time a leaf breaks, and what the numbers are it compares to. That could help us determine if its our config file that is messed up.

    I edited my config so it used unix endline instead of dos. which helped make this work better. I'm not sure if that was the problem, but I actually wasn't getting anydrops, made that change and I get reasonable drops. Its hard to say if its the right statistic without doing a lot of testing though.
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    Most definitely had the gold apples set to 0.0001, and only available from oak trees (same as apples, albeit they have a 0.01 chance, not that it seems to listen to that)
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    The config doesnt seem to effect the drop rate at all. I got 8 golden apples 8 normal apples and 5 cocoa beans from one tree. +3 saplings.

    [Edit] Sorry! You already know!

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