Inactive [MECH] ChocolateFever v1.4.4 - Get CocoaBeans, GoldenApples, and Apples From Trees/Crops! [740]

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    ChocolateFever - Get CocoaBeans from trees and crops!
    Version: 1.4.4

    Don't want to generate a new world just so you can find cocoa beans in dungeons? Want cocoa beans to be more common so you can host cookie parties? Then this plugin is for you! When you break leaves or wait for them to decay, there is a chance that cocoa beans will drop. Also, you can get cocoa beans from crops!

    • Tree Drops: Cocoa Beans, Apples, Golden Apples
    • Crops Drops: Cocoa Beans
    • Configurable drop-rate for golden apples, apples and cocoa beans
    • Decide which trees you want each item to drop from (generic, birch, or redwood)
    • Reload settings in-game
    ConfigurationProperties (open)

    • drop-cocoa-from-crops: determine whether or not to drop cocoa from crops
    • cocoa-from-crops-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from crops
    • cocoa-from-trees-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from trees
    • apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of apples dropping from trees
    • golden-apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of golden apples dropping from trees
    • generic-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from generic trees
    • birch-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from birch trees
    • redwood-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from redwood trees
    • generic-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from generic trees
    • birch-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from birch trees
    • redwood-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from redwood trees
    • generic-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from generic trees
    • birch-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from birch trees
    • redwood-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from redwood trees

    If you are an Op, you can reload these settings in-game or in the console using the command:
    /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload
    Known Bugs:
    • Drop-rates are not acting correctly
    Bug Reporting:
    • Read the README.txt in the /plugins/ChocolateFever directory before reporting bugs
    • If you violate one of the rules, I will most likely ignore you

    Changelog (open)

    1.4.4 - made small tweak that may improve drop-rates
    1.4.3 - fixed NPE when leaves decay
    - removed debug message
    - added README.txt file in /plugins/ChocolateFever directory
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    1.4.2 - added ConfigurationManager class (too many config variables to handle in the main class)
    - added /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload command (can be done via console or in-game; you must be an Op to use it)
    1.4.1 - now comes with generated config.yml in a .zip file
    - switch statements are fun (internal change)
    1.4 - works with CB #726
    - accessor methods are your friend
    - added golden apples
    1.3 - added configurable apples drops
    1.2 - added ability to choose which trees cocoa beans can drop from
    - a bit of code clean-up
    1.1 - fixed configuration not working properly
    1.0 - Initial release.
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    Thanks, I might try this on our PVP server and make it more legit. Say 2% and only crops haha.
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    this plugin does not work properly. Sure they drop from tree's but the configuration wont change anything. Example..
    cocoa-from-trees-chance: 0.00005
    drop-cocoa-from-trees: true
    drop-cocoa-from-crops: true
    cocoa-from-crops-chance: 0.00005
    drops the same as default amount, which is 10 per tree basically.. waaay too much xD but cool plugin i hope you fix it soon!
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    Version 1.1 Released!

    -fixed configuration not working properly

    Thanks for pointing out that bug @Jorrdan. Let me know if you find anything else.
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    Can you make it configurable based on tree type? Maybe birch can be set as cocoa trees? The idea is that someone could set one of the trees as cocoa trees allowing cocoa farms if you will
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    That's a great idea. I'm not sure if it is possible to differentiate between leave types, but I'll see what I can do.
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    I believe the leaf type is stored in the Block.getData() value on the leaf.. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's right.. I know that the data value affects what kind of wood a wood chuck chucks when a woodchuck could chuck wood.

    Rather, it determines what kind of wood the block is. :)
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    Thanks for the info! Yeah, I for sure will be adding tree-type configuration.
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    So i think there is something wrong with the config file, i have it set as:
    cocoa-from-trees-chance: 0.02
    drop-cocoa-from-trees: true
    drop-cocoa-from-crops: true
    cocoa-from-crops-chance: 0.02
    Which is 2% drop, but i just destroyed 4 trees and now i have 51 cocoa from them...
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    Sir Savary

    Did you check permissions to make sure you set it up right? Trollface.jpg
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    Can i Drop Apple too ??
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    Sir Savary

    No, use treehugger. Although, development was taken over. I don't know what the new plugin is called.
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    I have tested with 2% and it works fine for me. There was a previous version where configuration was acting up. Do you have v1.0 or v1.1?
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    Using V1.1
    Edit: Hmm looks like it decided to work as 2% now haha
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    I'm not sure what the issue could be. I'll look further into it and try to release a fix soon.

    I just tested again with v1.1 using your exact settings and I did not notice any problems.

    EDIT - Oh, just saw your edit! Good that things worked out for you.

    On another note, I'll be adding the option to set whether cocoa beans drop from birch, redwood, regular trees, or any combination of the three. This update should come later today or tomorrow.

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    Version 1.2 Released!

    -added ability to choose which trees cocoa beans can drop from (thanks to @minecraftworlds for the idea!)
    -a bit of code clean-up
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    I needed to test something using cocoa and I couldn't find any. So I downloaded this mod. I'm using Bukkit 612, which I think may be the problem, but I'd like to make sure before I update given that I'd have to check all my other plugins.

    But I set the chance of Cocoa from trees to 0.75 and I'm barely getting any drops of Cocoa.
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    Someone else was having problems with drop-rates not conforming to what he defined them as in the config. He then tried again later and it suddenly worked.

    Also, you should upgrade to build #617. That is the build I tested the current version with (and experienced no issues), though 612 should work with it because nothing essential in ChocolateFever was broken by Bukkit between those builds.
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    I can't seem to get this to work. Even when i put everything to true and 1.0 in config, nothing happens. No errors in console or anything, and it is loaded when I type /plugins, but no cocoa beans.

    Edit: At startup, the only message from it is this: "[ChocolateFever] version 1.1 is enabled!". Using CB #617.
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    Hmm, that's odd. I tested it with no problems at all. It's weird that many of you are experiencing these problems. I'll have to do some further testing and see what possibly could be wrong. I'm sorry that you guys are having trouble with this. :S
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    It's fine. Any chance of the source code once you get it working? I'd rather have one plugin for apples and cocoa beans than two separate ones, and the apple one doesn't let you specify the tree type.
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    I may add apples in the future if you guys really want it. It shouldn't be too difficult to add. But yes, I will be releasing the source code in the near future.
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    Can't you make us choose it by typing the data value in the configuration? So we can drop tnt or bedrock off trees xD
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    Well....that isn't the purpose of this plugin. My original goal was simply to make cocoa beans more accessible. The request to add apples is sensible because then you wouldn't need two plugins if you wanted apples and cocoa beans to drop. Making trees drop bedrock/TNT/any other configurable item could lead to griefing. It's a good idea, just not for my plugin, unfortunately.


    Just to clarify, ChocolateFever v1.2 does work with the latest RB build #670.

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    Also, such plugins already exist for altering any type of block drops you want.
    Thanks aPunch
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    If you are using a plugin that drops apples from trees and this plugin, that is most likely the cause of any problems. I will be adding apples to this plugin very soon, so there will be less chance of conflicting plugins.

    Version 1.3 Released!

    -added configurable apple-drops

    UPDATING TO v1.3 - Delete your config.yml so the new config.yml properties can generate!!

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    is there actually chocolate covered apples lol?
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    :) I don't think so.

    A user on my server brought up a good question. In regards to drops from leaves, will they appear through leaf decay, manual breakage, or both? I assume both, but I don't know for sure.

    Wow, I usually get on people's asses for not reading the first post all the way through. Some day I'm having! Very useful plugin. It's small, and lets users have a legitimate, reliable method of obtaining the items. Good job!
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    No, but there are apples now! I just said chocolate-covered to fit with the plugin title. :p
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    You've made a little mistake in your thread...

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