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    ChestSync v1.0.2 - Sync chests with each other, and access their inventory anywhere!​
    2.0.1 - 2.0 - 1.0.2 - 1.0.1
    New in 2.0.1: Fixed double chests. Creeper proof chests! Explosions will no longer destroy the chests, instead the explosion will simply be cancelled (it will still deal damage to nearby players). Furthermore, the plugin now changes signs into wall signs and attaches them to the chest they are synced with, meaning less clutter!

    Sorry! v1.x chests will not sync over to the new version, since the serialized form of the class is slightly different (and as such has a slightly different serialVersionUID). Your networks will have to be reconstructed. :(

    New in 1.0.2: Double chests! I know I said I wouldn't add them until hell froze over, but I got a wild hair on my ass and decided what the hell. I did a fairly thorough amount of testing on them, but with a sample size of only one person it's hard to get all the little things.

    • Spout​
    • CraftBukkit build 1000
    Optional (Recommended)
    • PermissionsBukkit 1.1
    Description: Link chests across any distance via Signs. Activating a chest creates a simple form of protection, as well, depending on your permissions settings. This plugin has no configuration file, but uses a file 'chests.dat' to persist chests across reloads and restarts. It's possible that the signs may get wiped due to the entity bug, but this should not affect the chest linking itself. Simply reload the config and it should fix it.​
    Permissions (open)

    This plugin uses the following permissions:​
    • chestsync.make.self - Allows the user to make synced networks of their own name
    • chestsync.destroy.self - Allows the user to destroy synced chests on their own network
    • chestsync.access.self - Allows the user to access chests on their own network.
    • chestsync.make.* - Allows the user to make chests of any network name
    • chestsync.destroy.* - Allows the user to destroy chests on any network
    • chestsync.access.* - Allows the user to access any synced chest.
    This plugin also defines the following nodes for convenience:​
    • - Disables basic chest sync options for this user - Unsets chestsync.make.self, chestsync.destroy.self, chestsync.access.self
    • chestsync.users - Allows basic use of the synced chest network - Sets chestsync.make.self, chestsync.destroy.self, chestsync.access.self - Defaults to true
    • chestsync.* - Allows all-access to every synced chest - Sets chestsync.make.*, chestsync.destroy.*, chestsync.access.*
    You can specify custom make/destroy/access values, as well. 'chestsync.access.common' would give the specified users access to any chest on the "common" network.​
    Place a sign with its back facing a chest. On the first line, enter "synced chest." On the second line, enter any string you wish (under 11 characters)
    setup (open)


    Click done, and your chest will sync up. If there's only 1 chest on the network, it will display a [no link] error.
    no link (open)


    Right now, only single chests are supported. If you place a new chest, and then follow the same instructions... the chests will link up.

    synced! (open)


    Any user without permission to make, destroy or access a chest will be notified. By default, users can make/destroy/access chests named their own name, and no one else can access them. Likewise, ops can access, create or destroy any chest they wish by default.

    • Double chests explode my brain, so for right now they won't work. The plugin will not allow you to place a double chest on a linked chest. Fixed!
    • As a result, don't place a sign on a double chest. It may result in item loss. Fixed!
    • Nothing else, but bug reports would be helpful!
    • Commands for users to toggle access to their chests for other users
    • in the FAR FAR FUTURE I may add double chest support Done!
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    Oh wow didn't take you long to release this. Will play with it thanks :D
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    Aww, c'mon this isn't hard, especially with BC.
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    double chests whould be good ;)
    but really nice plugin

    Command System whould be better than signs ;)

    and it whould be good if we can place the SIGN UNDER the CHEST ;)

    Double Chests :eek:
    and it whould be good if we can place the SIGN UNDER the CHEST ;)
    whould be good too ;D
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    Version 2.0 is now released! It creeper-proofs chests, changes how signs behave after being placed, and makes significant improvements to the handling of the inventories for the chests.

    Have fun!
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    One of my players can only sync chests using his username as the network name, if he tries "community" the sign shows
    I gave him these permissions
    - chestsync.make.*
    - chestsync.make.self
    - chestsync.destroy.self
    - chestsync.access.self

    Also, sometimes (quite often, actually) you can't open the chest after you setup a sign
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    Is this with the latest version (as of this post, 2.0.1)? I didn't encounter any errors similar to this. Furthermore, which build of craftbukkit (1000?) and permissions plugin are you using?
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    I'm using #1032 (it apparently fixes a Read Timed Out error I had), chestsync 2.0.1 and Permissions 3.1.6
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    Permissions 2.x and 3.x will not work with this plugin. It requires Superperms (so PermissionsEx, bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit only).

    1032 should be compatible well enough, and Spout's latest dev build should work properly as well.
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    Oh I didn't see that, my apologies!

    I'm waiting for only 1 plugin I use to support SuperPerms and then I'm switching over lol
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    Would syncing the DropChest values work?
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    @Timecpo - I'm not sure what you mean. DropChest values?
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    There is this plugin:

    To add chests, that absorbs items. It has a .txt file, where all the chests are stored like this:
    version 0.7
    #x, y, z, radius, World-Name, nothing, chestid;Suck-Filter;Pull-Filter;Push-Filter
    #Filtered items are separated by ','. Name the items like the names in org.bukkit.Material, e.g. COBBLESTONE
    So I copy a chest, past it anywhere and the plugin would automatically Copy the settings from the old chests, and past it with the new coordinates.
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    I hadn't intended to really make this plugin work like that. If the very first chest on the network were a DropChest, any items it picked up would automatically be pushed to all the other chests on the network. However, since I'm using a unified inventory (one inventory) for all chests, any chests that picked up items that were not the "carrier" for that network would lose the items. I didn't really anticipate combining this plugin with any others like that.
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    when i put spout on my server the plugin worked. but it only works when the other chest are in close range of the first one made. do i need spout on the client also? i dont think i can get all the players to figure out how to install spout on their client
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    It's possible the plugin won't work if the chunk the original chest is in is unloaded. This is a problem with showInventoryWindow(). I'll work on getting it fixed, but I'm on a couple of big projects at the moment so it's not a high priority. I'll get it done, though! If possible, could you submit an issue on my GitHub issue tracker?
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    Would be very nice to have a command to list all networks, as well as delete them with commands.

    Also, a deposit only permission would be awesome!
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    just installed spout client side still does the same thing :(
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    Having an issue with this:
    I set up initial chest. Sync it. Can access it just fine. Go set up another synced to first. Cant access it.
    Is this the chunk error?
    This mod would complete my server! PLEASE fix it!

    Had an idea that may fix the chunk loading problem though I am no plugin dev:
    MySQL database to save the inventory in synced chests.

    That's all I got.
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    How bout chests which are accessible by everyone but only with their personal items ?
    Like how it is in many mmorps.... you go in city A put items in the chest then you go to city B and YOUR items are in the chest.
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    Umn.... does this plugin work with the latest CB build 1185?
    Looks quite inactive =(

    I#d really love to have this plugin working on my server^^
    One more piece to complete my server >,<

    Thanks anyways for this plugin dude =)

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    Atomic Fusion

    Could there be a subnetwork system, or at least a way to allow players to have multiple networks without giving them universal access?
    Currently the best that I've managed is by using different capitalisations of my username, which is a rather awful way to do it.
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    Awsome plugin! Works like a charn too, unless I try to open a synced chest that has a synced chest in another world.
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    I was really looking forward to using this plugin as part of our 1.9 server - please tell me you're going to update it!
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    It seems that if you destroy a single chest in a network, you cannot create new chests unless you recreate ALL chests in this network.
    Could you please look into that matter? :p
    Also i never got any notifications of errors - with or without OP power.
    (I am using a combination of OP and Permissions as all i need "Permissions" for is to allow the usage of "public" synced chests)

    also does this plugin require spout, or spout + spoutcraft?
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    Update please... with multiple worlds support
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    I guess we can consider this as INACTIVE
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    Can somebody please update this plugin?! It was so useful! Please!

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