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    MumbleRoom - In-game regions to Mumble chat rooms
    Version: v0.2

    MumbleRoom lets you define regions using World Edit, then create mumble chat rooms that are tied to them. Walk into a MumbleRoom defined region in-game, and have your mumble client changed to the respective room.

    Read the installation instructions carefully, this is not for the non-technically adept server administrator.

    First, you need to change the way you launch craftbukkit. If you are using the -jar methor, remove the -jar and instead use this:
    -classpath "craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar;lib/*" org.bukkit.craftbukkit.Main
    Any other library folder is acceptable as well, for now lib should do just fine.

    Download Ice and put it in the lib folder you just defined in your startup.

    Next, you need to change your murmur settings.
    In murmur.ini make sure both icesecretread and icesecretwrite are commented out, not set to nothing, but commented out like such:
    Further, ensure that ice is set as follows:
    ice="tcp -h -p 6502"
    Finally, you need to ensure you have WorldEdit installed. MumbleRoom requires WorldEdit

    With that done, download MumbleRoom and start it up, currently only 1-server setups supported, but this will change in future versions.


    MumbleRooom will create a default config file with the following values set:
    track-mode: This option chooses which player tracking method to use; valid values are "player" and "server"
    • In "player" mode the plugin allows users to use /track and /untrack to enable/disable location tracking. This tracking is done via an async thread fired from onPlayerMove when players move a block in the x or z direction.
    • In "server" mode the plugin disables the /track and /untrack commands and instead handles all location tracking. This tracking is done via an async repeating task with a configurable repeat time (see track-server-time) that checks all online registered users for their current position.
    track-server-time: Time delay in Longs for track-mode=server
    • This value is ignored unless track-mode=server
    • This is the Long value delay in repeat. Once per second is 20, Twice per second is 10, and so on.
    • Registering:
      • Register your account on the linked Mumble server.
      • In-game, use /register <MumbleUsername>
      • You will recieve a code in Mumble to use to verify that you are the owner of both accounts.
      • Use /register @code to finish the registration process.
      • You may now at any time use /track or /untrack, to let MumbleRoom control room placement, or disable MumbleRoom room placement.
    • Creating regions/channels:
      • Use the WE selection tool to make a cuboid selection. Please note that Y is ignored by MumbleRoom
      • Use /create <Channelname...> to create a channel in the Mumble server with that name, and link it to the region you currently have selected. This will set you as the owner of this room.
      • Use /create <Channelname...> owner <username> to create a channel as in the above command, but set the owner to whomever you specify
    • Deleting regions/channels:
      • Deleting the Mumble channel is not enough!
      • In game, or in console, use /destroy <Channelname...> You may only do this if you have permission or are the owner
    • Links places in-game to channels in a Mumble server
    • Bukkit Permissions
    • /register (<MumbleUsername>|@code) - Begin/end registration process
    • /track - Enable position tracking and MumbleRoom room placement
    • /untrack - Disable position tracking and MumbleRoom room placement
    • /create <Channelname...> [owner <MinecraftUsername>]
    • /destroy <Channelname...>

    nodes (open)

    • mumbleroom.* - Implies all others. (Default OP)
    • mumbleroom.userdefaults - Imples .track and .untrack (Default True)
    • mumbleroom.track - Allows a user to use /track
    • mumbleroom.untrack - Allows a user to use /untrack
    • mumbleroom.create.* - Implies .create.self and .create.other
    • mumbleroom.create.self - Allows creation of channel with self as owner
    • mumbleroom.create.other - Allows creation of channel with other as owner
    • mumbleroom.destroy.* - Implies .destroy.self and .destroy.other
    • mumbleroom.destroy.self - Allows destruction of owned channels
    • mumbleroom.destroy.other - Allows destruction of any channels

    Download MumbleRoom

    • Allow parenting of all MumbleRoom channels to any user-specified channel
    • Find way to isolate a single server instance and allow user-specification
    • Add in translation support
    • Add in PermissionsEX/P2/P3 support
    • Add server track-type tracking exception
    • Fix all known bugs
    Known Bugs:
    • Destroying a channel/region in-game while still in that region causes it to return in the Mumble Channel list, but otherwise is removed.

    • Version 0.2
      • Changed checking code to first check your last known region.
      • Added track-mode and track-server-time configuration options. (Thanks @codename_B for the suggestion)
      • Small bugfixes.
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    MumbleRoom was suggested by @codename_B in a thread about a possible event. This plugin was made with that event in mind.

    Thanks to @SpaceManiac for helping me figure some things out along the way.
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    :) YAY! Credit <3
    This is an awesome plugin - well done. I sent a small donation your way.
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    Omg is this awesome :D

    Support for Teamspeak ;) ?
    (Our Server is using Teamspeak.. :()

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    Many thanks.
    Probably not going to happen, Teamspeak seems to have no RPC I can find, not to mention programming for any other RPC/Program is basically a total-rewrite. Sorry.

    Version 0.2:
    • Changed checking code to first check your last known region.
    • Added track-mode and track-server-time configuration options. (Thanks @codename_B for the suggestion)
    • Small bugfixes.

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    Nice plugin, very good job.
    Could you add Residence support, cause it is pretty much the same as WE/WG but with more features?!
    Have fun,

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    Sorry, I do not plan on adding any other region formats or hooks to this plugin, as it is a simple enough affair to simply select the same region again and register one with this plugin, which in the end provides more options and is overall more powerful.
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    I like this, but we only have 4 people with Mumble on my server, so... lol.
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    Perhaps it will provide an incentive for them to get on mumble.

    Give it a shot, see if you can't rouse your players to action. And I know that can be hard.
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    Hmm ;)
    a new plugin ONLY for Teamspeak ;) ?

    a new Suggestion xD ?
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    As I said, I can find no RPC for Teamspeak, which at the moment makes this very, very, hard. Sorry.
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    hmm :(
    Okay but thanks
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    Give mumble a try though! You just might like it; sure it's different but it has a most excellent voice compression codec which results in it being very high quality and low-latency.
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    jeah but nobody is using Mumble...

    in Germany i think is Teamspeak more popular xD
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    It seems really nice !
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    Many thanks, if you use this in a server please try both of the update modes and let me know which one works better!

    Well, I didn't say it was easy, but I guess you'll never know unless you give it a try!
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    I use mumble with a mysql database, can I still use your plugin ? And also, I use Towny, can you think about create channel per town ?
    If you want, I think I can help you (as you can see I'm a plugin developer)
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    Sweet! There are so many possibilities for this! And as Graindcafe said, could you integrate this into other plugins, personally, I would love to see this with Factions.
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    The database should be no problem for this plugin.
    I currently do not have plans to use other regions systems for this plugin. However, I will keep it in mind and if it could be reasonably added I will add it as an option.
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    I have to use Ice with this plugin ? I currently don't use it so I rather don't use it for this plugin
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    Yes, this plugin utilizes the Ice RPC to communicate with murmur. It was highly suggested over dbus for this purpose.

    Is there a specific problem that prevents you from you using Ice? It's just some settings changes in your ini
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    I just want to use the minimum services .. but I'm stupid, you have to communicate with murmur and the only way is use ICE.
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    Wow this is awesome! We have been running Mumble for a while, and we had issues with people using it to get around our restricted area chat on the server. Good job!
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    I haven't tried since that's a client mod. But the both of these combined would seem to be most awesome.
    Thanks, glad someone else finds this useful!
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    Confirmed working (better than ever) in CB1060
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    John McCarthy

    Wouldn't adding Teamspeak be a whole different type of programming. What am I trying to say, errr
    He writes code for plugins in Minecraft and Teamspeak is a whole different thing. I understand why it is difficult to add.

    Ohh and a question on the plugin is how to install it. It seems complicated. A video would be nice, if possible. I am not just asking you, the developer but also anybody who has been sucessfull with installation.
    I am sorry. I am used to "drag and drop the .jar and your done!" style plugins. I stupid :p

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  27. Might be an interesting option to allow the bridging of text based chat from in-game to mumble, especially for clients with text to speech.
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    were is the lib folder to put ice.jar in???

    i dont understand were
    -classpath "craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar;lib/*" org.bukkit.craftbukkit.Main
    Is at
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    This is a really sweet ass plugin. Too bad I don't have enough users on my server to justify switching over from using Teamspeak to Mumble.
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    You must create the lib folder in the same root path as your craftbukkit jar.

    The -classpath goes in place of your -jar command in your startup script.

    Thank you.

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