Inactive [MECH] CartDispense v0.11 - Dispense Carts On Rails Automatically [CB1.1-R4]

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    CartDispense - Dispense Carts On Rails Automatically
    Version: v0.11

    Dont you just hate it when you find a train track that you want to ride and you dont have any minecarts to ride it. You could build one from iron or you could spawn one if you are an admin. Not anymore! With this plugin there is no need for making or spawning minecarts, simply press the button and a minecart will be spawned on the track automatically!

    Updated to work with powered-rails and detector-rails!


    * Click the stone button beside the dispenser and a minecart is automatically placed on the track.
    * Works with standard rails, powered rails, and detector rails.
    * Works in any orientation but there must be a track infront of the dispenser and a minecart inside the dispenser.
    * Works with rails bellow the dispenser.
    * Placing another dispenser on the other end of the track will automatically remove the minecart and place the user out of the cart.


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    Hey, I just did a quick update for 1317, it will work only if your world is called "world". Another update will come soon, i've just been very busy with a project.

    BETA for CB1317:
  3. ahaha... cool. My world has to be called 'world' anyways :D
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    Version for CB 1337 pls :)
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    The beta doesn't work for CB 1337 :'(
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    Yep please ! Go update :-(
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    Updated please test it:
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    Yes thanks, this version works :)
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    I try now.

    Thanks you so much ! This version works for 1337 !

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    Deleted user

    Suggestion? 1. Update this...
    2. If you have a dispenser full of boats and its near water then it shoots out a boat it automatically deploys on the water?! :D
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    It's called BoatLaunch my other plugiN
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    Deleted user

    Sick, thanks. I have them both!
  13. with the latest RC of craftbukkit, putting an empty dispenser at the end of the track and riding into it does not work anymore as it should!

    EDIT: Well, i updated the plugin to work with the latest RC of craftbukkit and I fixed the above problem too.... Let me know if you want me to send the source to you. To everyone, I can't send it to you unless I have permission from the author...
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    Well since N4th4 has released an own update a few months ago I think there would be no problem when you share the updated version with us.
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    The author of this plugin vcazan hasnt been seen since Dec 24.
    If you have updated this plugin Pierre-Luc Marcotte just fork the project and start a new thread. Also please place this on the dev bukkit site.

    I too use this plugin and its minecart hell right now with 1000s of carts going around needing manual cleanup.
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    Hello, thanks for the fork/pull request, I have approved them both, just updating with jar

    You can also download it here:

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  18. Well, since it has been updated, I won't fork the project... thanks all!
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    WOOT, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    This is a MOST useful plugin.

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