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    NOTE: this was not made by me but by nighteyes604, but he gave me permission to make it public here.​
    This is compatible with 1.5/1.5.1!
    ItemStay - Create displays here to stay!​
    Version: 1.4.2​
    ItemStay lets you make displays that people cannot pick up and will not despawn.​
    • Create displays that nobody can pick up and will not despawn.
    • Delete displays.
    • List displays within 5 blocks each way of you.
    • itemstay.create - Lets you create displays.
    • itemstay.delete - Lets a person delete displays.
    • itemstay.admin - Lets you do both of the above.
    • itemstay.reload - Lets you use the plugin's reload command.
    The download can be found on bukkitdev, which the link for is above.

    • /itemstay - Create a display.
    • /itemstay list - List displays within 5 blocks of you.
    • /itemstay delete [ID] - Delete a display. The way you find an item's ID is by doing /itemstay list.
    • /itemstay reload - Reload all displays.
    Changelog (Only recently started back up again):
    Version 1.4.2
    • Compatible with 1.5, 1.5.1.
    • Fixed: Items on ground not reloading when adding new item.
    • Feature: If the player is closer to an item than 0.8 blocks (and 2.0 blocks vertically), player item drops are cancelled to prevent player item loss (due to minecraft item merging).
    • Feature: If an item is dropped on the corner of a block that is the neighbour of the ItemStay block AND minecraft merges the original item to the player's item, the item is still unpickupable (the item would become unprotected with ItemStay v1.4).
    ScreenShots (open)

    I do /itemstay and

    Then I drop it and

    And, as you see, I cant pick it up.

    Then I do /itemstay list and

    Then, I do /itemstay delete 0 and
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    Screenshots probably
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    feedback much appreciated. added.
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    I have a question this time around.

    Will having lets say, 100 of the entities "ItemStay'ed" will I experience any memory leaks as a result. I know from experience with the ShowCase plugin that if you have to many item/block icon entities loaded that it can cause some bad memory leaks that crash the server.

    I was just wondering if you have tested that in ItemStay as of yet.

    In anycase it is a really nice plugin and I hope that it is approved.
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    going to test look for bugs

    you coded this good cause no bugs and is so sick

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    Gonna have to ask nighteyes604 on that one, because, as I said above,
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    I have not tested the plugin but while it probably does something similar to what Showcase does, there shouldn't be any sort of "leak" - having tons of items will just make it more laggy.

    I will look into making the plugin more memory efficient and update it probably tonight.
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    Just PM me when you do ;)


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    Yeah, It does make it more laggy for people with slower computers. But server wise Im fine, 16gb allocated to the server and 4 gigs burst so No need to worry about that. Its just something about narrowtuxlib that likes to cause problems with other plugins and cause leaks.

    I had to remove my NPC skinning plugin because thats what was interacting with NTL crashing the server in 10 minutes flat

    Anyway congrats on getting approved. I sure will install the plugin on the iKingsSGC Test server oon :)
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    Cool! I hope you like :D
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    On the latest Beta build I'm experiencing the items despawning! All the messages read successful and I can still see the displays in the config file but when coming back to the location the itemstay items have gone!
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    Do they come back on reload? How long does it take? How far away do you go?
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    Hm, make a new itemstay then do /itemstay list while you are standing next to it and make sure it is on the list. Once you have made sure it is on the list, then see if this bug persists.
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    When I type /itemstay it says that the next item thrown on the ground will be made into a display but once I throw it nothing happens and I can pick the item up. The console says that the" Task of 'Itemstay' Generated an exception."
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    A side note, I am using a slightly older bukkit version and I can't update for a while.
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    Which version of bukkit are you using? I'll try to make it work for you but it may take some time.
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    Not cool with the LOLSUP spam when a itemstay stand is broken ...

    Is there a way to turn that off?
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    I don't see that code in the most recent version (I think) but I'll upload a fixed version tomorrow for you just in case. Sorry about that!
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    It was in frozenitem.class Thanks a bunch :)
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    This seems to be working great, you should try having the drops save after restart and maybe some more features.
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    Great plugin, but I am having a problem. When I use "/itemstay" and then drop an item it will put it on display, but if I log out then back in, the items become drops that I can pick up. Does your plugin not save the data or is this just a random problem?
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    The plugin should be preventing you from picking it back up, and it definitely saves the data. You personally log out or the server restarts and you can pick them up? I'm releasing an updated plugin later today so try that when it's up.
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    It is when I personally log back in. For some reason it's only with newer placements, the older ones I placed are fixated still. I am an Admin and OP, I dont think that should effect it but just in case im letting you know. When the updated version is out I will retry.
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    Hi :)
    Love this plugin ... but my items keep despawning and only come back when the server is reloaded... the config files are all there and i am using the latest bukkit beta build... can't work out why it's doing it :( any suggestions as I don't want to have to keep reloading over and over .... thanx
    oh and i also updated to your newest update but hasn't made a difference...also getting reports people can pick up items too :(
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    Ooops, nope. Its still taking back the items I put down whenever I log out and log back in. Other players can pick items up also.
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    If you two don't mind, can you tell me which other plugins your server is using? There's probably conflicting plugins I need to check for, because the plugin itself works when it's the only one.

    Thank you and hopefully I can get it to work for you :)

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