Inactive [MECH] BreedConfig v0.2 - Use a configurable item to breed all mobs! [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    BreedConfig v0.2

    Current version: v0.2

    BreedConfig allows you to breed ALL mobs with a configurable item. It has permissions so not every can breed animals with the item. There's also a permission that gives the person power to breed an enderdragon, when they do a message is sent to everyone on the server that they have done so. Perfect for repopulating a space with animals, etc.

    To Do:
    • Add individual permission nodes for each mob.

    bc.* - gives permission to breed all mobs and the enderdragon
    bc.breeder - gives permission to breed all mobs except the enderdragon
    bc.enderdragon - only gives permission to breed an enderdragon

    Change Log

    • 20/03/12 - Initial release
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    I tested this with the new 1.2.4 RB and works fine. :)
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    Approved, and changed title for you
  4. Can i cross breed?
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    You may not, sorry. That would require the client to be moded. This is just a server tool to help populate their servers with animals quickly.

    EDIT: Updated it to 1.2.5
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    DANG i was gonna breed a cow and a chicken

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