[MECH] Block Crusher v.02 - A slight change to pistons [953]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Dingmatt, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I created a small plugin for my server but thought I might see if the community was interested.

    When extending pistons will crush blocks between themselves and a block of obsidian; if no obsidian's present then they will push blocks as normal.


    Config (open)

    Crush_Blocks: Lists the blocks the plugin can crush
    Spawn_Blocks: Lists which block spawns in the crushed block place (must have same index number as crush_blocks, AIR mean no block will spawn)

    Change Log (open)
    v0.2 - Added config to allow custom list of crush-able blocks and which block they spawn
    v0.1 - Release

    Latest (v0.2) BlockCrusher.jar

    @feildmaster for the block facing code.
    @krinsdeath for the config file code.

    Is anyone interested in this sort of plugin or has it been done before?
    Suggestions and comments welcome. :)
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  4. I really like the way this one uses Obsidian. If you can make it do the following:

    Smooth stone becomes cobble
    Cobble becomes gravel
    gravel becomes sand

    Then I'll definitely use it. Question, can it be set up with the piston above, and the obsidian below? Or does it have to be side by side?
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    I like that idea how about I add part of the config which would let you choose what gets crushed and what its crushed into?
    Currently it'll work with any configuration of piston and obsidian as long as there one block apart.
  6. Hot damn yes Sir! I'll keep checking back until it's done!

    I'm combining this with the 'gravel to clay' mod that's elsewhere on the forums. I now have a clay factory!
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    Released version 0.2 for download, see first post.
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    Very nice way to implement the pistons!
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    Nice plugin!
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    could we get a launch entity/damage players if they are crushed? as in we can set a piston "strength" and it will launch that player items or mobs that far as we have in the config? Elevators FTW.
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    It would be good if you could get the piston opening animation to fire when crushing - perhaps if you destroy the block and then allow the piston to open? Is there a way to trigger a piston instead of just setting it to the open position, or is it just the way it has to be right now?
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    Just finished my CobbleStone Generator with your plugin, Loving it :D

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    I don't think its possible through bukkit.

    I'm afraid thats what i'm already doing, I don't manipulate the piston in any way.
    I'm looking into a way of replaying the animation but i'm not sure its something bukkit can do.

    That's so cool, mind if i use it as a demo vid?

    I've just submitted the plugin (Block Crusher v1), the code is the same as v0.2.
    Any further discussion should be in that thread, cheers for everyone's help.

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