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    bLift - Simple elevators!
    Download: bLift BukkitDev
    If you like the work I've done, or would like to see more features and improvements, please consider donating!
    Version: v1.2

    If you are having issues with this plugin,

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    SECOND: If you can't find an answer, file a ticket:
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    3. Any error messages associated with the issue
    Otherwise I will most likely be unable to help you!

    Some simple elevator action. It's only called bLift because bElevator sounds weird.
    If y'all like it, I'll add more features like multiple floors and being able to put torches in your elevators!

    Simple 2-floor elevator:

    Multi-floor elevator:
    _____BOTTOM FLOOR________MIDDLE FLOORS_________TOP FLOOR______

    You can get fancy with it:

    Video: (NOTE: gold blocks are no longer required)

    • simple up-down elevators
    To use a simple 2 floor elevator, press the button to move between the floors.
    To make a 2 floor elevator up only, remove the button in the top floor.
    To make a 2 floor elevator down only, remove the button in the bottom floor.

    To use a multi-floor elevator, first initiate the signs by right clicking any one of them (this only needs to be done once).
    The top number is the current floor. The bottom number is the destination. You may fill in the other two lines with anything if you like.
    Right click the sign until the bottom number says the floor number you want to go to.
    Then press the button to go to that floor.

    [air] = air
    [iron] = iron block
    [glass] = glass
    [brownmushroom] = button
    [wood] = sign

    Simple 2 floor elevator format:
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /

    Multifloor elevator format:
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /


    • Now goes up to level 256!
    • Floors can now be smaller (one floor's ceiling can be another floor's bottom)
    • Added command: /blift [floors OR ends] [material] (uses permission "blift")
    • Hopefully fixed a couple of glass disappearing problems
    • Added multi-floor elevators
    • Fixed glass disappearing
    • Removed gold block requirement
    • Initial release!
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    does it actually move or does it just tp you to a floor above?
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    How about some pics so we can actually see this? The whole format thing leaves a lot to be desired
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    It actually moves you up and down (it's kinda fun, haha). I would probably make the speed (as well as other factors) configurable if people take a liking to it.
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    Can you add actual screenshots?
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    Really dude?
    Jeez, gimme a sec.
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    Lol I didn't read the op
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    There ya go, screenshots added.
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    I'm sure this has been asked before but could we have a video to show case it? I'd like to see the way it lifts a player. And also could you put options like a 3x3 elevator? A lot of my buildings are based around such configurations.
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    It lifts the player by adding vectors, like constantly being pushed up. Its actually pretty cool, download it and give it a try.
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    Ooooooo, I like it! :D
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    This is just great. A friend who plays on my server asked for this. So now we can build realy cool buildings. Looking forward for the updates you mention.
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    Great plugin! Looking forward to those updates as well, really appreciate having something prettier than a fat set of stairs.

    One more thing: I get a series of messages when using an elevator that read "Not Inside Elevator!". Get about over 30 of these in sequence.
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    can u make more than one floor?
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    Awesome job. So good you got my first response in the forums. ;) I made an elevator from the top of a mountain my house is on all the way to the bedrock level. I rode it quite a few times. Would love multiple floors.
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    I neeeeeed this lol the players on my server are building a 1:2 replica of Kanto from Gen I of the Pokemon games. I'd like multiple floors (perhaps using signs to select floors, much like some of the portal plugins), and a way to make wider platforms (maybe use a fencepost on top of each corner to designate the size?). I would also need a Permissions compatibility of some level before I use this.

    I know, it's a lot. If you implement Permissions I'd be willing to test it for you though :)
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    Started using this yesterday and its exactly what my server needed!
    It would be great if you added multiple floors too though!
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    Haha honored, sir.

    Ah yeah that's a little debug message that got left in there from when I was testing. I didn't know if people would like the plugin so there's a couple of artifacts in there.

    Well I'm pretty sure everyone wants multiple floors, haha. Now my original idea was just up and down buttons, but this doesn't scale very well. It would take a while to go 10 floors up. Having a button for each floor would just be space-consuming.
    My current thought is perhaps a sign that has a floor number on it. As you hit or right-click the sign, the number will change. Then when it says the floor you want to go to, hit the button and you're off.
    Another option is a command. Something like "/floor 7" to go to floor 7, or even "/floor up 2" to go up 2 floors.
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    i can't get it to work after i installed the plugin..plz help
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    Maybe you could have two signs that say something like


    I don't know, just a suggestion.
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    Actually, I like the single sign idea. Takes up little space. Would only take up a single block. Would it be possible to use different clicks? Right-click for changing floors and left-click to go? The top line could show current floor. Second or third could show the destination. I like in-game interfaces better than /slash commands. Especially for something that is meant to be stationary like this.
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    Hmm, well ive placed them as the diagram suggests and it doesn't work for me...
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    I'll Be watching this, I have a massive store house structure that currently uses sign lift, efficent, however not as awesome as having an actual moving lift. Once multiple floors are implimented Ill be sure to give it a go

    Keep up the good work
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    Demonstration video.
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    This seems best, but it should be on a block on the other side that holds the sign.
    Also there should be a setting so there is a default level or something that it gets set back to when someone are done with the lift
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    Hey, Permissions disabled itself. I don't understand why!
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    the elevator up is so smooth. im fucking in love with it.

    some suggestions
    more than one floor in the same elevator
    being able to configure the materials. its kinda costy on a legit server.
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    if someone disconnects while the person is in transit up or down the elevator, the glass will not come back. please fix? :D

  30. This is an excellent plugin - just one request though, could you make the gold block and the iron block configurable please - we find it a little expensive for doing multiple elevators. Other than that, Great plugin - thanks for providing it.

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