Inactive [MECH] Blacksmith v1.0.3 - Repair your equipment [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by retsrif, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Um.. this plugin only supports economy currently :p The materials version is the one that's in the works so you can use mine as iconomy already.
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    I mean for armor. Your plugin works perfectly for tools!

    I'm using your plugin for tool repair, but have to use mcmmo's repair module for repairing armor. Unfortunately it only supports material repair, so I'm waiting for your update to disable the mcmmo and just use your plugin for iconomy based tool and armor repair.

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    Oh well it's in the works :p It's almost done really.. just testing
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    how goes material version :) really looking forward to that!
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    For some reason, it doesn't take materials from you... I'll see about this
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    Why it costs 0 ? :( Where i can change it all!! ?
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    the config file....
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    iron-base: 30
    wood-base: 10
    diamond-base: 50
    stone-base: 20
    gold-base: 40
    btw - CB 677
    And i am using iConomy
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    if the armor repair for money part is working but the repair for materials isn't, can you just release the version that just does tool and armor repair for money? i dont care about material repair =D
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    i know the users on my server really like this plugin though the only gripe they give me is it doesn't provide per item repair. the reasoning behind this is that a pickaxe and much more expensive to make then say a shovel yet costs the same to fix. so a feature request is per item fixing if possible.
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    Looking forward to further development of this plugin. Keep up the good work.

    Per item repair costs would be great.
    I imagine having a chest that players could place their damaged items into, a sign attached to the chest would display the cost to repair (say 3 pieces of iron, gold, diamond, and 500$), and they could click the sign to do the repairs and remove the items again.
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    I didn't add armor yet, I was just testing the material version, wihch I still can't find the problem with :(

    I'm going to add per item after I fix the material version and add armor support.

    Source released! :D

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    Please make a support fo item like SignTrader:

    Setup sign:

    It will repair your diamond pickaxe for 5 slime balls. My server need it! :)
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    thanks for releasing the source code, i'm new to the bukkit modding scene, where did you go to figure out how to develop this cool plugin for bukkit?
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    I see you have permissions support. What are the permissions nodes? I looked through all comments and didn't see them mentioned once.
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    @retsrif This is looking shaping up to be really really cool...can't wait until next release!!
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    icomeinpieces: i started out with samkios basic bukkit tutorial then just read some source code.
    branvan: i don't i'm still trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with materials!
    Thumm: It's gonna take a while, I really can't figure out the problem...
    if any other coder could take a look at my source and figure it out? :p
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    Here's a list of some bug-fixes I have submitted-
    * Numerous non-static references to static objects/variables
    * BOSEconomy support has been fixed
    * general code clean-up and removal of redundant checks

    I'll take a look at the materials concept and submit the solution soon
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    Make an update please.

    Materials version (testing tonight)
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    Ah... I've just been so busy... I'm really trying my best here... I'm able to get the most work done on fridays and saturdays so hope for an update... I really want to release one too... sorry :(

    After a busy time, I'm back and better than ever! BOSEconomy fixed and personally tested to ensure it, and added material version... knock yourself out! :D

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    I don't seem to get how it works... I set it for iConomy etc. When I click a sign, it repairs the item but it doesn't charge for it. What am I doing wrong?
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    Have you set use-iconomy to true? What's your repair sign setup like?
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    Ah err nvm all working now my bad :)
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    Ok good to know
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    armor repair for cash soon? love this mod!
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    Thanks and yes armor repair, computer and connection issues currently so this one will have to wait a few...
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    yay. it's refreshing to have one of these new, useful plugins pop up and actually get continual support. i get a little depressed every time a neat plugin goes abandoned.

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    Well I don't want to abandon this, but I also hate to be forced to update.. The only problem is actually opening Eclipse and my server XD I know thats just a few button clicks but that makes me lazy sometimes :p
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    Hey, I have only tested this in iColony but it seems to be working well.

    I altered your code a bit to add Armor, Flint and Steel and Fishing Rods.
    I also changed the formula for cost to take the amount of blocks used to create the item into consideration.
    (e.g. Iron Chestplate cost eight times as much as an Iron Spade and four times as much as an Iron Sword)

    Jar File:

    Source Files:

    I put leather armor and fishing rods into the same category as stone.
    Flint and Steel is in the same category as iron. Let me know if I messed anything up XD
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