[MECH] BigCatch v0.7 - making Fishing more interesting. [818]

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    BigCatch - Fishing, Made fun:

    I dont have much time for MC, or coding for fun. So i am going to have to throw in the towel. Anyone is welcome to Pick up the plug-in if they would like. I am just to busy for this kind of work. Here is the source <3

    by: Spoonikle
    with special thanks to...
    Yurij - great code
    FullWall - Good advice, and spotting big problems before they hurt my head
    darknesschaos - Words of encouragement
    Edward Hand - great code
    and to Samkio - For his Tutorials and helping me when my head hurt
    the most.

    Version: v0.7

    BigCatch, adds to the Fishing mechanic in Minecraft. With random catch events, and making it easier to get a fish, even when the server is laggy. Using the plug-in is simple, just throw it in your plug-in folder. when ever a player starts fishing, its working!

    All events are simple, there is no gold - or unobtainable items - in fact most of the fishing events created in BigCatch are well balanced for any traditional survival server.

    BigCatch Makes a great and FUN addition to any server!

    • Added random events, such as catching a leather hat, with a fish inside.
    • Added the BIG CATCH, where a player gets 4 fish for the price of 1!
    • Events range from Saving a drowning Pig, to catching a Squid!!
    When a player has been fishing for 10 seconds, and fails to catch a fish he is then given a 45% chance to catch a fish, and then a range of other random events.

    but, if a player has been fishing for 5 seconds or more, and catches a fish, they will receive a BIGCATCH - 3 additional fish.

    The Drop Table (open)
    "item" - "chance"
    dirt and failure - 2 in 30
    Leather boots - 1 in 10
    leather boots and a fish - 2 in 30
    a fish - 5 in 40
    a leather hat - 1 in 10
    a leather hat with a fish - 1 in 30
    a fish and a bone - 1 in 30
    a fish and 2 bones - 1 in 30
    BigCatch (3 fish) - 1 in 90
    nothing - 1 in 10
    a squid - 2 in 60
    a squid with a fish - 1 in 90
    String - 2 in 30
    A skeleton - 0.333%
    a near miss with a skeleton and broken bones - 2.997 %
    a pig - 0.666%
    The pig drowns and you get a piece of pork - 2.667%

    Planned additions:
    • More random events.
    • Configurable parameters
    • Configurable events, and event messages
    • Even more, cooler Fishing events! Keep sending them to me!
    known bugs:
    • Event catches involving mobs do not work properly (minor)
    Download BigCatch! v0.7 for Craftbukkit!

    Source Code


    Version 0.7
    • Made the migration to latest CB-RB
    • Ate your Cake, it was delicious.
    • fixed DropFish bug - again
    • increased the distance away water can be from a players cross-hair and still be considered fishing. (now = 20 blocks)
    • reduced time required for BigCatch and Catch Event calculations
    • Fixed bug that stacked 3 fish in the inventory instead of 3 separate fish during a BigCatch
    • Tested method of catching radioactive woolly Mammoths with new quantum entanglement tangle angler and uranium 238 tackle box, to make space holes - failed
    • redesigned the Miscast, improper fishing line use, check.
    • Conformed to new ItemPickup standards
    • Ignored government regulations that apply to human testing
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed a bug where players fishing at the same time, would interferer with each-others event calculations.
    • Fixed a glitch that would occur when you cast a line at dirt, then reeled in facing water.
    • Fixed a glitch that would allow the generation of an insane number of timer threads by anyone with a large amount of fish.
    • Added miss cast checks to the fishing rod.
    • increased the overall efficiency of the program
    Version 0.4
    • Major Bug fix, warranting new version number. Fixed Major exploit.
    • Added wooden Bowls and gold to the table. (A tribute to my new plug-in project)
    Version 0.3_1
    • Fixed minor bug - Skeleton spawning instead of a pig :p surprise!
    Version 0.3
    • Removed TSLPC
    • conformed to new Drop item event standards
    • BigCatch! event confirmed to be 100% operational!!
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    really? MCMMO? what is that? can you tell me the author, i would like to contact him.
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    Well when I tested it, I only had MCMMO and BigCatch installed.
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    i have MCMMO with BigCatch installed works fine except strangely events r quite bugged when u fish in the water sometimes u dont get an event and after that u throw ur rod to a wall and u get the event... doesnt seem to happen if u throw it to the wall first
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    very strange... I have confirmed that MCMMO is not in conflict with my plug-in

    I am aware of this bug, I have a release that fixes it. but i was waiting till i could fix player variable cross pollination.
    I will release the new version now.
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    I just tested again, and it works. Weird.
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    New version v0.5 Has just been released

    MCMMO is not in conflict with my plug-in, that is straight from the author of MCMMO.
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    I found the conflict. MCMMO levels don't display when you type in "/whois Player"
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    do you see any error message? this is really weird. I don't mess with messages of any kind nor do i change data, i only react to the data.

    I will keep looking into this, as it is very mysterious.

    so you tested with just BigCatch and MCMMO... i will talk with the author some more.
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    No error message.

    I found out the levels don't "not display" but rather, the levels just reset as a whole. Otherwise, it works.
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    Something that I am curious about. Is there any way to make lava a fishable area?
    It could open up a whole new realm of possibilities for catching stuff.
    Before I start throwing out possible things to catch, is it even possible?
    As it stands, lava is not fishable, but the lure goes in and acts as if you can reel it out again, but it does not come back up on the other side.
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    Thats most likely because he is inspecting players without permissions for skills, it won't show skills unless the target player has the permission. - norro50

    yes, i can make lava fish-able. making fish shoot out of the lava would be hard, as i have not done that even with my plug-in.

    as it stands my plug-in can fish anything i want it to fish, and i could have it run separate tables for each fish-able surface.

    the real question is... what would i fish out of lava...
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    Cooked fish. Cooked pork. A bucket? Um.... glass? Stone?
    All I'm thinking that makes sense is like... stuff that normally requires a furnace.
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    Great plugin! Please add 'permissions' and 'properities' file! It will be great.
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    Tried this on 556 but it seems to work for a few minutes when the server starts but then randomly stops working with no errors or apparent problems. The text and fishing events just stop...
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    Humm, dropping a fish causes the plug-in to stop for 1 min, to prevent exploit... is this what you encountered? If not, i will look into this error right away.

    of course, i have no idea what changes occured from 531 to 556.
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    Idea : make an event where someone is i dont know swimming or something underwater or even on land and you shoot your fishing pole and the player has to break away or something
  21. Just for info, I'm currently on bukkit #560, unfortunately, this plugin breaks if you go higher - hopefully author will update - this is a good plugin !!

    21:44:39 [SEVERE] PLAYER_ITEM loading BigCatch v0.4 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PLAYER_ITEM
    at com.hotmail.spoonikle.bigcatch.BigCatch.onEnable(BigCatch.java:50)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:118)
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    The latest build of BigCatch is v0.5, and the latest recommended build of Bukkit is #556.
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    i think that they have started making changes to the PLAYER_ITEM event after 560. I will look in to this.

    I may have forgotten to update the version number in the download, but even going back to version 0.1, nothing has changed with how i register the onPlayerItem() method. But i believe Bukkit plans to change it.

    I would suggest using the recommended builds, and not the latest builds, as they tend to have changes and bugs that developers are not prepared for.

    ** here is the change - Add PLAYER_INTERACT, remove BLOCK_RIGHT_CLICK, BLOCK_INTERACT and PLAYER_ITEM (commit: 49976e8ef36e565b7a8f550c83308258923131d1) (detail / githubweb)

    This affects CB build #561+, and breaks my plug-in with the force of a planet sized meteor.
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    Yes, for now people should be sticking with the recommended build, or at least, builds before 561 due to the mentioned changes.

    Have a fix ready, though, for when a build past 561 becomes recommended!
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    the fix is rather a simple one, I have it all worked out in a separate workspace.
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    Here is a great idea: Make it so when you catch nothing a dialog appears saying "Fail." that would be so funny when someone doesn't catch anything :D
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    Any chance that when someone receives a big catch, they won't get 3 stacked fishes? I love the concept of this plugin, as fishing right now is absolute hogwash when compared to simply hunting pigs, but I also don't want fish becoming a stackable commodity on my server. Besides that, I really like the plugin, but the stackable fish is a major drawback.
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    I have noted the fish stacking... Bukkit likes to stack things... a lot. I would like to change this. I have not noticed being able to stack the stacks... so players only end up with a stack of 3 raw fish - not much utility in that. I will try to work out a fix, I didn't like this when it happened either.
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    Great. Appreciate the hard work.:)
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    fyi - The changes in the latest RB seems to have broken your fun plugin. I've tried both [600] and [602], and both throw a NoSuchFieldError for PLAYER_ITEM.
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    Hey there, love your plugin, but i wonder why it suddenly stops working after 1-2 catches ?
    I'v tried waiting 2 mins (to remove " cooldown " thingie), but still without result :S
    Think you can look into it ? :)

    Running CB 556, no errors in console at all.

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