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    Because One is never enough!
    Backpack is the ultimate salvation in inventory management. Your standard minecraft inventory has 36 slots in it, just enough to be handy, but terrible for long journeys or mining expeditions to the other side of the map. Backpack nonatuples your existing inventory space. (For those of you not familiar with latin, that's 9x the space).
    How is this massive inventory boost possible? The mouse wheel. (Thanks to Edward Hand for the idea!) Sneaking while Scrolling through each of the quickslots switches you to a new inventory page. This gives you freedom to scroll through NINE different pages. Scrolling without sneaking allows you to scroll through your inventory like normal.

    If you don't quite get it, I've made a short video demonstrating:
    Is there a way to change the number of pages? I only want certain users to have x amount of pages.
    Yes, see the next question down!
    Is there permission or group manager support!
    Nope! There is however a configuration file (aptly named "config.xml") that is created on the first run and allows you to customize the amount of extra inventory pages, and who gets to use them.
    Are your inventories saved between logins and server restarts?
    Yes. Backpack saves the inventories in the same file notch does, in the "player".dat file.
    Updating all those files must be slow/I heard that I/O operations are slow.
    They are. Backpack is multithreaded, so if you have more than 1 core, you won't notice any lag.
    This mod doesn't have anything to do with Minecarts, why the Minecart Mania dependency?
    Minecart Mania offers a useful interface for a lot of things I needed in writing Backpack, and 70% of the code is actually in MM. If you really hate Minecart Mania, you can just install core, and disable all of the features from it's configuration file.
    • /open <page number>
      • Opens a dialog with your current inventory, and the inventory from that page so you can easily swap items between pages. Quick slots are numbered 1-10, with 1 on the leftmost side.
    • /backpack
      • Toggles your backpack on or off.
    (Permissions is optional, but will be used if installed)​
    • backpack.toggle
      • Allows the use of the /backpack command
      • Allows the use of the /open command
    • backpack.saveactionbar
      • Saves the action bar in-between pages
    • backpack.maxpages.# (where # is a number 1-9 [e.g backpack.maxpages.6])
      • The maximum pages allowed for the players
    • Version 0.10
      • Initial Release!
    • Version 0.11
      • Swapped the role of sneaking around
    • Version 0.12
      • Player death is handled correctly
      • When your current inventory page is full, nearby items on the ground will be added to empty slots in other inventory pages.
    • Version 0.13
      • Added a first time login message. Only is triggered once for each player.
    • Version 0.14
      • Added customizable amount of inventory players, through XML.
    • Version 0.15-0.20
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 0.21
      • Added /open command
    • Version 0.23
      • Reduced I/O operations from being continuous to once per minute
      • Fixed a bug which could cause player inventory pages to be lost if the server shut down in such a way that MM unloaded before the I/O operations finished.
    • Version 1.0
      • Fixed lag caused by I/O operations
      • Player Data now saves correctly, and will not become corrupt during server shutdowns
      • Improved Error Handling
      • Improved Console Log of Information for admins
    • Version 1.0a-1.0g
      • Bug fixes
    • Version 1.1
      • More robust inventory backups
      • /backpack command
    • Version 2.0
      • Supports MC 1.4
      • Action bar no longer switches with new inventory pages
      • Backpack saves with rest of inventory in player.dat file
      • Other plugins can access and correctly see a player's larger inventory w/o being Backpack Aware
    • Version 2.0.1
      • Backpack's work correctly after death
    • Version 2.0.2
      • Small Backpacks work correctly
    • Version 2.0.3
      • Players can choose to save the action bar or have separate action bars via the config
      • Bug fixes
    • Version 2.0.4
      • Improved Error Handling
    • Version 2.0.5
      • Fixed /open command crashing clients
    • Version 2.0.6
      • Fixed item duping on death
    • Version 2.0.7
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 2.0.8
      • Permissions Support
      • Efficiency Changes
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 2.0.9
      • Updated to MC 1.5
    • Version 2.1.0
      • Minor fixes/Cleanup
    • Version 2.2.0
      • New saving system
      • Lots of cleanup
      • Lots of bug fixes
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    I have the newest version of both craftbukkit, minecraft mania core and backpack. Whenever a player with only 1 active inventory (which is full) picks up and items, it seems it becomes store in another inventory. It is dropped when the player dies. Is there any way to resolve this?
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    Steve Cole

    Im just going to assume that you forgot the rest of your post. Saveactionbar is set to false, if its set to true the inventory pages act like you would expect them to. if set to false the bottom row of the inventory(the one above the actionbar) becomes the actionbar of the next inventory page.
    If you don't understand I'll be more then happy to draw a picture.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <!--Users not explicitly added to this list use the default settings-->
                <!--Whether the action bar should save between inventory pages-->
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    Thought you wanted to revert switching, apparently not. And why bother including sections that aren't important, it's a waste of space. Unless you don't understand why, then I'll be more than happy to draw a picture for you as well, and correct your grammar.
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    I'm having the same problem with the bottom row of the current page being the action bar of the next page.
    SaveActionBar is set to false, and it needs to stay that way, .
    It could be that the data is still stored 3 rows per page, and so when it goes to load the action bar, its loading a row a row from a nearby page (don't know how the data is structured, so can't say exactly)

    I hope this get's fixed, some players find it too tempting to duplicate items and I can't turn on saveactionbar

    Thanks again
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    I am seeing some strange things also.
    I plan to upgrade to the latest version tomorrow and see how it goes.
    I finally got CB617 and am way to tired to upgrade to it at this time.
    I prefer to just have each page have it's own quickbar so I can make pages for different kinds of tasks.

    I would however like to see an option on the pages to enable that if I have 4 stacks of cobblestone in the 9th slot of that page that it would auto load the next stack. I think that would be way cool.
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    hmm, you can still /open 0

    something tells me you shouldn't be able to do that =)
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    Items are stored in one large array, and when you switch pages, it shifts the whole set of items up or down by 36 (or 27, it you have save action bar on).

    Can you please post a reliable way to reproduce the problem?
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    Steve Cole

    i just ran my server (CB617) with only the backpack(latest 2.0.6) and the MM suite(latest 1.08b) in my plugin folder still had the problem
    so if you can't reproduce the problem doing that i can upload my server folder so you can download and run it and see if you get the problem then? but thats the only sure fire way i can think of to reproduce the problem.

    i used to use quickbelt but quit when i started using this because it would give an error about the inventory not being 36. you can try using this with quickbelt and see if that causes the error.
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    I am also seeing duplication. I normally put certain items in my tool bar. Pick Axe Shovel and axe.
    I have lost items so many times when I upgrade that this time I put everything into chests.
    I was putting tools into the different pages. I did the first page and then went to the second page and placed the 3 tools in it. I went back to the first page and it had put the same 3 tools in the bar right above the 3 in the bottom tool bar. I repeated this on the 3rd page and it put the same 3 tools on page 2 above the ones that were already there.
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    @Badzilla & @Steve Cole

    I don't doubt the existence of the bug - I just need a sure fire way to reporduce it. I'll try what @Badzilla posted.
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    I just updated to cb617 and the currently posted Backpack and MM Suite with all but Autocart.
    This for me at least is very repeatable. Page one seems to be the only page I can place items into the bottom toolbar and not have it duplicate.
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    Linux server (ive used 2 different linux machines, i have no windows server powerful enough to do this)
    Windows client (1.4) I can update if you think it will make a difference, but I can't see it doing so.

    brand new server
    downloaded minecraft_server.jar from
    downloaded the RB of craftbukkit.jar
    downloaded MinecartManiaCore.jar and Backpack.jar
    ran the server once to create config files then shut down

    command line:
    java -Xmx786M -Xms786M -jar craftbukkit.jar
    (I don't have a ton of memory, but this seems to work well for me.)

    edited the backpack config file to remove the secondary username and leave just the Default user

    set SaveActionBar to false

    started the server again (same command line)

    logged in and connected to server.
    moved out of protected area and collected some sand
    the sand showed up in my action bar (normal behavior)
    I hit 'i' to bring up my inventory and moved the sand up one spot to the bottom row in my inventory (still normal)
    I then type /open 2 (this is where normal behavior flies out the window)

    you will see the sand in the top row of the top section, and in the bottom row (above action bar) of the bottom section
    if you move the sand from the bottom section to the top row of the top section (any square but the square the sand is already on) you will see two sand blocks up there, hit i to close the pack
    now switch to page 2 (shift 2 or shift+mousheel;)
    you will see 2 sand blocks in your action bar
    the one that was in the original spot is the bugged sandblock
    the other one is the original item
    if you pick up the bugged sand block and then right click on an empty square, it will let you place another sandblock
    you can do this many many times (ive never run it out of sand)

    Let me know if you need more info. I'll check back and read over what I said to make sure I didn't miss anything (tired)
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    Updated to 2.0.7, now requires CB 669. Should fix all the bugs.
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    CB669... i can confirm that the bug i reported on is fixed in CB670 though all the weird infinite items still work, ill probably just have to nuke those and hope no one else has any
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    Steve Cole

    yep works fine now and seems to work a little faster too. thanks
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    I think this plugin is causing some serious problems for me on my server, sometimes when I login I keep dying as soon as I respawn, to fix it I have to delete my accountname.dat file from the world folder =(
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    An old version had this effect - but 2.0.7 should be working.
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    Players on my servers are reporting dying over and over with BackPack installed :(
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    Yeah, that happened in 2.0.6.
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    I installed the latest one I think..

    name: Backpack
    main: com.afforess.backpack.Backpack
    version: 2.0.7
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    Still getting it with the latest version I'm afraid..

    name: Backpack
    main: com.afforess.backpack.Backpack
    version: 2.0.7

    I was AFK in my house for about 20minutes, came back to End of Stream, then I logged back on and kept dying.
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    Do not use a plus sign in the RB version, you should state the latest tested version.
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    When you get to feeling better and have the time, you need to fix this plugin. I am still loosing items and they keep moving between tabs/pages. I just lost 2 pages of stuff and I didn't even log out and stop the server!

    Sir, I totally respect you and love your plugins. When you are up to it just let me know what you need from me. I did not get any errors in the console log. It just lost the items!
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    If I die, then accidentally click Title Screen instead of Respawn, when I log back in, and click respawn, I get stuck in a dieing loop like these other people have mentioned. (I die immediately every time I click respawn)
    cb 670 with backpack 2.0.7
    mcmcore 1.09c(happened on 1.09 too(don't know if mcm would affect it though))
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    Hope you get well soon Afforess,

    but how about adding some MultiWorld functions to this plugin?
    Like Slots per World configurable and the for me more importand thing, limit inventories per world, so player would have one inventory for world x,y,z and an other for worlds a and b.

    I would test an other plugin out that has this multiworld support, BUT i would not like to risk any conflicts between the plugins, so if yours would do this too it would be realy nice.
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    2.0.8 is up!

    I added (optional) Permissions support. If permissions is used, the config file will be ignored. Read the OP for more details.

    I also fixed the infinite death loop. That was a nasty issue.

    I've also done some rewriting, to avoid using onPlayerMove, which should make things faster.

    I'm still a little lightheaded from this cold - so I could have easily added new bugs by accident, so please report them. As it is, it 2x as long as it should to update this plugin...
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    Backpack is still Loosing items! No errors logged. They are just gone.
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    Please post a step-by-step way to reliably reproduce it.
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    I use all 9 pages. I always put at least 3 items on each page. Pickaxe, Shovel and Axe. These are always in slots 2,3 and4 of the quickbar. I also on most pages put torches in slot 7 of the quickbar. The rest of the pages and slots variable items depending on what the page is for. Mining, General play, Construction of tracks, Construction of buildings etc. So far what I have seen is pages either moving around or the items are moving around. What I have seen several times today is page 8 and page 9 I am not currently using but just put the tools on them so it is ready to go mine items. These have lost all of the tools several times today and sometimes, I didn't even log out.
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    No bugs to report, just an extreme High Five for a great plug-in! I started a server up last week for the family (for now) and I am using your mods cause they all are very adept and I have had no kind of conflict with them. Keep up the good work.

    (Wish I could figure out how some of these plug-ins are actually compiled for use with the server. I'm picking up on java now but have no idea how to compile for the server.)

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