[MECH] AZP v1.2 - You are God! Control the Weather (and morph mobs by lightning) [740]

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    AZP - Be god! (Aeolus, Zeus, Poseidon)
    I - Introduction
    AZP, can change the weather in your worlds fast, and easy. It also include a Thunder Arrow!
    Here is a quick list of its possibilities:
    • Change weather You can make it rain, and/or thunder in your world!
    • Thunder Control Morph mobs to another type when they hit a Thunder Strike
    • Thunder Arrow Shoot thunder at a player, or in a radius, or aim with your an arrow.
    II - Download and ChangeLogs
    III - Installation and configuration
    • Move all the files inside the zip file into your "plugins/" folder.
    • Permissions is NOT required! If you don't have it, it will check for OP.
    • If you use Permissions: Check the Permission nodes below:
      • Code:
        weather.strike /weather strike
        weather.rain /weather rain
        weather.thunder /weather thunder

        weather.click Allows to use the Thunder Arrow
      • Edit the Thunder.yml file
      • Click HERE, to see the Entity names
    IV - Usage
    It is really easy. Just type /weather, and you can see all the commands!
    If you have the 'weather.click' permission, you can also use the arrow.

    V - Final note
    Suggestions, Questions or bug reports: Post them in this Thread!
    You can also post, what you want to be updated first. That would also really help me :)
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    Cool, thanks : )
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    The Plugin WeatherGod is already existing. :D
  3. Rofl, I made this for my server, and released it here. This kinda looks like I copied his. xD
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    Ya ... ;D
  5. But this is still version v.01 :p
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    Oh god another one... -_-
  7. >.>
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    CraftBukkit + WeaherGod + Lightning = Epic win. Totally just smashed my users with lightning command and they've got no clue whats going on : D
  9. Haha, I did the same :p
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  11. I'm aware of that problem, but for now I don't really want to change the name.
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    I don't want to either.
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    Could one of you not use the name Thor. People would interpret it the same way.
  14. ChangeLog v1.1
    • Added a Morph option!
      • You can change every Entity, when they get hit by Lightning
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    And that's what makes your plugin Different! <33
  16. Oops, I see a bug. It sets the mob on fire, we don't want that. :p
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    Oh right! I just noticed, just cancel the event and you're set :D
    But you'd probably know that hehe.
  18. WHAT? That would totally ruin the effect. haha :p
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    Hehe, lol. :D
    BTW I still feel really honored for using my video for your iZone plugin =3
    I love your Plugin! And I didnt find any bugs in 6.0 yet! :D
    Could you look at my first plugin and give a feedback?
    Thanks. :)

    - Unscrewed
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    Oh I just love it when all plugin threads look the same so I exactly know where to look ;)
  22. np, Thanks for moving it :)
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    So if I understand this correctly, Weathergod doesn't morph creatures, but this does?
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    /weather off would be useful
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    where can u get permissions and how do u use it???? PLease help!
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    Whoa whoa! Calm down! Find the permissions plugin in the Plugin Release section...Read the thread, instead of immediately asking for help.
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    I cannot see any command other than "/weather <storm|sun> [duration]" when I type /weather, and only get 2 of the same thing when i type "/weather help".

    Is this what is supposed to happen?

    Edit* HAHA, MEGA derp. I didn't even have the plugin installed >L<

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