[MECH] Archers v1.0 - Advanced Archery [1.5R0.1]

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    Archers (Reborn) - Made by [1337]
    I - Introduction
    Archers, makes archery way more powerful and fun! It has a big list of special arrows who can be enabled/disabled easily with Permissions.
    Here is a quick list of its possibilities:
    • Powerful Arrows Light things up with Fire and Lighting arrows, Blow things up with TNT arrows, morph monsters, and the mighty Nuke arrow
    • Fun Arrows generate new trees, make mobs fly up and teleport
    II - Download
    III - Installation and configuration
    • Check the Permission nodes below:
      • Code:
        archers.bow.(arrow name) - Needed to fire the bow
    IV - Usage
    It is really easy. If you type /arrow a list with available arrows will pop up, if you need more information. Just type /arrow (arrow name), and you can see what ammo it uses, and what you too enable it. Also if you dont have permission for a arrow it shows up red, if you do have permission it shows up green

    V - Final note
    Suggestions, Questions or bug reports: Post them in this Thread!
    You can also post, what you want to be updated first. That would also really help me :)
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    Ok then your the boss :p check skype I pmed you

    Ok your the boss :p check your skype btw

    I would just like to say this plugin is more techguard than mine so I was not being genourus (I can't spellz)
    If anythink tech is the genourus one not me (spelling again :)) oh and tech check your skype

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  3. Me no hasz skype message from u. (No serious, you're not even online)
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    Hey what about a iten stealing arrow? Like, you hit a player, then the iten on his hand disapear, and is droped where the arrow lands. Needs a pretty good archer to do that! Maybe add a % chance of this to happen on the normal arrow. Maybe this could be done on the tp arrow, u hit a player, then u steal the iten on his hand.
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    Seriously, you should stop arguing, it just spams the thread with decisions that both creators will decide whether to make or not. I would also like a more simple way of switching between arrow types, but just because some required blocks are just not practical. For instance, fire arrows require that you hit a fire block. That is plain nonsense. Why not change it to an easier lava block? I tried hitting fire. Can't do it.
  6. I fixed the clicking fire thing by clicking the block underneath it, and then it will check if there is fire above it.
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    Ok thankz :D
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    Ok, fire works now, but still uncomfortable to use it. It would be better to use a lava block. That way, it would be easy to have a storage of special arrows in your home, with all the required blocks placed in a row, where you could change to whatever you like when going out for an adventure. You can't do that with fire.

    Otherwise great plugin, keep up the good work.
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    Ok version 0.2 is set, with new web arrow, a description of the arrow when using /arrow arrowname and fixed the error people where getting, just need tech to recompile :D

    Ok i have started to add the Steal arrow that was requested,post your requests below, the chances are you will see them in Archers :D

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    this would be a great plugin to add spells into my private friends only server. can i request an easier way for changing arrows on the go? like typing /arrow change and the plugin looking for whatever is on the hotkey 9 and changing it until u use the command again, of course while still keeping the ammunitions cost.
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    Okay here we go!

    Water Arrow
    Places a block of water on the block it hits for 10 seconds. This could be useful for pushing mobs away ... or something.

    Distraction Arrow [Noise Arrow?]
    Mobs near the arrow are drawn to it for 30 seconds

    Do-not-want Arrow [Working title]
    Mobs run away from this arrow for 10 seconds

    Freeze Arrow
    Encases a mob in ice, stopping it from moving and exploding, for 10 seconds

    Smoke Arrow [Escape Arrow?]
    Causes mobs to ignore anything within a 2 block radius of the arrow for 10 seconds. This acts like a smoke bomb, allowing you to shoot it and you or someone else's feet and escape. Maybe lots of the particle effects that TNT uses could be layered on top of each other to create the effect, but that might cause huge lag.

    Passive Arrow [Working title]
    Makes a mob passive (permanently?)

    Fissure Arrow
    Opens up a large, deep hole in the ground for things to fall into and die. Lasts for 5 seconds or so. I'm thinking deep enough to cause significant fall damage and perhaps a more natural non-circular shape (a gash aligned with the line from the arrow to the player?)

    Call of the Ghast Arrow
    Spawns a Ghast somewhere in the (loose) vicinity of the arrow, which then moves to the arrow and reigns destruction down around it.

    Various weather related arrows that make it rain/snow/storm etc. for 30 seconds.

    I also have a request for the modification of a couple of existing arrows. SploderArrows has a nice 'tactical TNT arrow' function, which is really cool. Is there any chance of this being added to the TNT arrows? Also will we be able to change the radius of fire from the fire arrows? I think a 1 block radius (3x3 square) would be more useful.

    I know these are quite complex, are any of them possible?

    I think commands would kill this mod. They break immersion and just aren't fun. Just carry a couple of bows around!

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  12. Is it MultiWorld compatible.
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    The water fissure and ice arrows are possible but I dont think the others are, but I will look into the mob related ones :D
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    Oh and a few more:

    Deadly Poison Arrow
    Deals damage over time to the mob/player, eventually killing them.

    Beserk Poison Arrow
    Makes a mob hostile to other mobs.

    Anaesthetic Poison Arrow
    The stun arrow renamed to fit into the poison theme.

    Muscle Poison Arrow
    Makes a mob/player move more slowly for 10 seconds. Make a web at their feet that moves around with them?

    Tactical Thunder Arrow
    A feature of the thunder arrow, the same as the tactical feature of the TNT arrow.

    I'm particularly keen for the tactical features, they are a lot of fun!
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    Posion can be done, how often do you think the damage should be done and how much?
    The giant zombie arrow is already in Archers, its the zombie arrow :D
    Speed arrow could be done Mabye without the web I am not sure
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    Oh! I wondered what the Zombie arrow did! I think the deadly poison should be able to kill a zombie perhaps over seven seconds? You could always have three different strengths of poison, 'weak', 'strong', 'deadly'. Each could act over five seconds, do different amounts of damage and take a different amount of resources.

    Weak: 1 heart/second
    Strong: 2 hearts/second
    Deadly: 3 hearts/second

    Of course these are just numbers that sound good, they might need some adjusting.

    I think there are some bugs in your arrow-selection code. Make a 3-high stack of blocks so the bottom one is a log, the middle one redstone ore and the top one wool. Try selecting each block. The wool will always select fly, the redstone ore always selects fly and the log will mostly select normal and very occasionally select thunder.

    You could use light blue, dark blue and purple wool as the (default) block for the different strengths of poison.
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    Thats a weird bug :/ . i want to know how on earth you found out about that :D
    Those times sound good :D Who needs sleep when you can add new arrows ? :p
  18. @1337

    MultiWorld COmpatible?
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    Should be,Why would it not be? what does MultiWorld do?
  20. MultiWorld means seperate configs for Evry World.
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    Oh no its global,but you can make it so some arrows cant be used in some worlds using permissons,but damage and stuff is global

    Just thought i would let you all know how i am going about adding posion arrows.
    i currently have 3 posion type weak medium and strong.Each one does different amounts off damage.
    The bow will just be set the poison bow, but which type of poison will depend on what is in the 2nd inventory slot on your hotbar(the one that is selected when you press 2)the weak one will be triggerd by green dye the medium by orange and the strong by red.Does the requester think this is ok?

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    is there a 0.2 download link? or its on the main thread? The skeleton error is killing my logs :(
  23. @1337

    MultiWorld function would be greate for PVP worlds etc.

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    Wait a sec let me compile one,tech is away until the 6th i think:(
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    That sounds good, I like the idea! When you roll out config files for every arrow (I think you mentioned something about it before) would it be possible to add an option to define which slot you want the activator to be in? I'm not sure where would work best, 2nd slot, 8th slot or in the inventory and not quickbar. So perhaps it would be best to let the users play around with it and find their favourite.

    This is a bit out there, but the idea of an activator in a certain slot could be expanded to many different arrows, to make weaker and stronger versions of a single arrow that use different amounts of resources per shot. For example fire arrows burn in a larger area and for longer, thunder arrows strike more than once etc. I'm not sure how this would be implemented, just an idea for some eventual update!

    Yeah it's rather erratic, but the general rule is when multiple arrow-blocks are put on top of each other things get strange (I've got a little alcove in my home with a few of the arrow-blocks in it).
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    @anon http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8962011/Archers.jar :D i wish i could edit the main post D:

    That bugs looks like a job for tech :D, I think tech is working on config for all arrows, But when he does yep i will make it changable,what do you think would be the best slot?

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    I'd say maybe the top-right most slot of your inventory (not your quickbar), because quickbar space is so limited and valuable.
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    dude i love this especially the zeus arrow :D
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    That was my first proper arrow that i added :D Hope you have fun
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    thanks man and by any chance do u know if the flight plugin works if i make my flight-false in my server properties that way only people that have the command can use it?(i have it on true for now since i use the cheat :D)
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    The flight arrow?That will still work cause they dont stay up for to long :D to be able to fly with mods it needs to be set the false i think

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