[MECH] AntiCreeper v4.5 - Creeper (and other explosion) controls [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Rothens, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Does this work with 1.8.1?
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    Yep works for me
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    Are we able to add a option to allow admin to explode TNT using permissions... i like using TNT but i don't want users using it...
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    The plugin do not work for me :(
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    Works with #1185 for me.
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    thanks for testing in 1.8.1 :) I was away for a few weeks, because of the university :) But I've returned ^^
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    Suggestion: Maybe add a permissions node to let users use tnt :)
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    I'll try, but a TNT doesn't store who had ignited it :) And there are soooo many ways to ignite a tnt (redstone, flint and steel, fire, lava) but I'll try to do something :D
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    I think you forgot to update the version when loading the plugin - Still tells me that 2.0 is loaded even tho i just got 2.5 :) But it works!
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    Thank you. Very thank you.
    Finally, I download this!!!
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    Im having troubles too, ive checked that my world name is correct but explosions still work?

    nerf_creepers: true

    nerf_ghasts: true

    nerf_tnt: true

    - 1.8 creative
    - 1.8 creative Nether
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    Could you also make it so that there is a configuration to allow explosions underneath the ground level? I might just mod it. But it's a suggestion here first.
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    Grammar Troll

    Update for latest RB?
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    Use-full plugin! Thanks, i am using it.
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    Does this Plugin work with Essentials?
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    Deleted user

    nerf_creepers: true
    nerf_ghasts: true
    nerf_tnt: true
    - SurvivalCraft
    When you set nerf_creepers to true, does it disable Creepers from damaging the player?
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    I think it works, but I've never tried :)
    No, it just stops environment damage :)
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    why i download, the server console says:
    [INFO] AntiCreeper v2.0 - by Rothens
    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling AntiCreeper v1.0 (Is it up to date?): while scanning a simple key; could not found expected ':'
    and my blocks are all being destroyed by the creeper?
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    could you send me the config.yml? :)
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    nerf_creepers: true
    nerf_ghasts: true
    nerf_tnt: true
    nerfed_worlds:3 world
    3 nether
    while world 3 is my world name and world 3_nether is my nether world
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    bumps on this
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    I'm working on a slightly different nerf creeper mod, to keep them still scary and dangerous they'll still damage blocks, but to avoid the world developing holes and unrepaired buildings, all the blocks that are damaged will be leftover. So people should be able to fill all the creeper holes even right after they died.

    Couldn't find your code on GitHub; was going to fork it. But will work from the decompiled class files.
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    Nice idea!! Although I think they're scary enough as it is, especially with the new explosion sound they make and I know I've died a few times recently from them :).
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    Well I'll download this and see if it works with Minecraft 1.0 I hate the 1337 version Out of date crap I say, Anyway, You are pro. Idk if you know if it works on this server build I think it's like 1409 or whatever. We'll see tomorrow though.
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    bumpy bumpy bump
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    Works, is simple. Thank you!

    Confirmed to work with latest devbuild (#1532 for now).
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    J P

    I have NO idea how to edit a .yml file. Im stupid.:confused:

    Just keep bumping it, soon will it get answered.

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    just edit it with notepad or notepad++ or any other text editor program

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