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    Annotate v1.2.4

    A fork of Milton's excellent SignReadMore plugin, this allows you to put messages practically anywhere!

    Feature Summary
    • Put an annotation on almost any block.
    • View annotations just by right-clicking on them.
    • Annotations now support color!
    • Annotations can be text entered in-game or files that exist in the Annotate folder.
    • Restrict annotations from being seen to only certain users or Permission groups.
    • Restrict annotations from being edited to only certain users or Permission groups.
    • Remove annotations without destroying blocks.
    • Annotations on a button can be viewed by pressing the button.
    • Annotations on a pressure plate can be viewed by stepping on the pressure plate.
    • Easily migrate from SignReadMore to Annotate.
    • Developer API available for easy integration into other plugins.
    • Permissions-friendly

    User's Guide

    About The Developers

    Want to ensure your bug or suggestion isn't lost in the thread? Post it on our issue tracker.

    Command Summary (open)

    • /ann file <filename> - Associates the next block you right-click on with the file.
    • /ann line[1-10] <text> - Associates the next block you right-click on with the text. For example, use /ann line1 Hello! to add Hello! to the first line of an annotation. To add something to the second line, use /ann line2 <text>.
    • /ann remove - Removes the annotation from the next block you right-click on.
    • /ann addeditor <player> [<player2> ...] - Adds editors to the next annotation you right-click on.
    • /ann addviewer <player> [<player2> ...] - Adds viewers to the next annotation you right-click on.
    • /ann removeeditor <player> [<player2> ...] - Removes editors from the next annotation you right-click on.
    • /ann removeviewer <player> [<player2> ...] - Removes viewers from the next annotation you right-click on.
    • /ann users - Views the editors and viewers allowed to use the next annotation you right-click on.
    • /ann view - Views the contents of the current wand. For example, it will show you what text is currently in your line buffer if you haven't right-clicked on a block yet.
    • /ann cancel - Cancels the currently selected wand.
    Permission Nodes (open)

    • annotate.view - Allows the player to view annotations.
    • annotate.ann - Allows the player to create and edit annotations.
    • annotate.override - Allows the player to view/edit any annotation, regardless of in-annotation permissions.
    Color Codes (open)

    Color codes must be in lowercase.
    • &0; or &black; - Black
    • &1; or &darkblue; - Dark Blue
    • &2; or &darkgreen; - Dark Green
    • &3; or &darkaqua; - Dark Aqua
    • &4; or &darkred; - Dark Red
    • &5; or &darkpurple; - Dark Purple
    • &6; or &gold; - Gold
    • &7; or &gray; - Gray
    • &8; or &darkgray; - Dark Gray
    • &9; or &blue; - Blue
    • &10; or &a; or &green; - Green
    • &11; or &b; or &aqua; - Aqua
    • &12; or &c; or &red; - Red
    • &13; or &d; or &lightpurple; - Light Purple
    • &14; or &e; or &yellow; - Yellow
    • &15; or &f; or &white; - White

    Recommended Plugins
    • With CommandSigns, you can have your annotations do more than just display text to the player!


    Migrating from SignReadMore
    1. Copy the contents of the SignReadMore directory into the Annotate directory.
    2. Optionally, delete plugin.yml from the Annotate directory if it exists.
    3. Change the name of "SaveCustomSigns.dat" to "Annotations.dat".
    4. You're done!

    Change Log
    version 1.2.4
    • Color support for annotations.
    • Fixed multi-world migration bug.
    version 1.2.3
    • Fixed setting lines to associated files.
    • Fixed zero-arg bug.
    • Fixed error when directory structure did not exist.
    Older Entries (open)

    version 1.2.2
    • Multi-world support added.
    version 1.2.1
    • Updated to allow files in subfolders of Annotate.
    version 1.2
    • Fixed line deletion syntax.
    version 1.1
    • Fixed security issue.
    • Prevents placing of blocks when right-clicking on an annotated block.
    • Annotated blocks can only be destroyed by their editors.
    version 1.0
    • Initial release.
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    Suggestion: Can you make Annotate run a command when hit by player's Arrow and Sword?
    I want to make Shooting range and Training ground so when a player shoot the block and Annotate display a Score :D
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    This might be out of scope for this plugin, but it's a pretty cool idea! Did you search the forums for Shooting Range plugins? There might already be one.
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    I haven't found one but I think this kind of plugin might already been made.
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    Is there a reason that buttons, when annotated and used as a commandsign (using commandsign plugin), only work for most players when right-clicked, but work for admins (permissions = *) when either right or left clicked? If so, is there a way to make it work on right and left click for everyone?
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    Would be great to have a more effective way of deleting individual lines
    maybe /ann line# @@. I do /ann line# leave this part blank, and i get an internal error command...
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    I was wondering how I can get this to work with command signs?
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    Hello, everyone !
    I have made a Plugin that regroup Annotation and something like CommandSign in one plugin !
    I have totally rewrited it... so don't expect having you're old configuration file working with this...

    Also you'll certainly need to update to permissionsbukkit or PEX ! Perm3 is NOT supported and won't be supported !

    I will release it this week certainly ! it looks like everything is working, I just need to adjust some little things !

    Edit: I actually named it ScriptBlock... but if you have a better idea for the name ! feel free to submit it to me ; )

    EDIT2: First version of ScriptBlock is now released ! ScriptBlock Project Page .
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    mhh i need help i try to use /ann on my server but i cant see a massage oranything in the console ?? rly need this plugin.. pleas helpme!

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