[MECH/ADMN] PVP-Plugin v0.1 - teamed PVP mod [1000]

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    TeamedPVP plugin - allows for teamed combat:
    Version: v0.1
    This plugin allows for people to have teams, and team HQ's. you have a home warp (/sethome), two free warps (/go), and 1 team HQ warp (/team sethq). if someone is near you, and you attempt to warp, you need to stand still for 10 seconds (this is to ensure people don't warp away from fights). For information on the team aspect, see /team help in game. Alternatively, use use /help ingame for more functions.

    admins can use the following commands:
    • /god to enter/leave godmode
    • /rain to stop rain
    • /unban [playername] to unban banned players
    • /mod [playername] to make a player a mod
    • /demod [playername] to demod a player
    • /kick [playername] to kick a player (admin/mod)
    • /tp [playername] to teleport yourself to a player
    • up to 4 warps players can have
    • teamed combat
    • team headquarters
    • clantags around your name when you speak (your teams team name)
    Download The Test Plugin

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin
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    So, essentially this is a warping plugin? I don't really understand the game.. Can you explain it a little more?
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    I'm gonna just post it here, all your plugins are missing name and version in the title
    also section tags (like FUN) have to be uppercase

    read the guidelines the version is after the name not at the end, I'm not editing that since you have many plugins at once

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    is it prevents kills between same team?
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    Yes, you can't harm your teammates.
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    what are the permission nodes?
    also it's not compatible with ichat
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    Oh yes! I love this plugin!
    Here are 2 tipps for you:
    1. It would be really nice if you make a warp list (/go list).
    2. And if someone is near you, and you attempt /spawn, you need to stand still for 10 seconds, too!

    When these 2 things are in the Plugin, it is one of the best PVP Plugins ever!

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    Im having one issue with this great plugin sadly I wont use it unless it can be resolved. When i install the plugin everything works great except my essentials help menus. Before its installed i see about 15 pages on /help but once its installed i have just 1. oh it also disables my TP commands to teleport players with the essentials commands. Is there some way to fix this?
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    This plugin was designed to be an "all in one" plugin for the simple server hoster. It's not really compatable with many other plugins.
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    i cant make a clan how do you do it i tried everything

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    Great plugin!
    Are you going to be making a Version 0.2 of it? It would be awesome if you added a feature that did not allow players to use/set their warps/home within a certain block range of spawn
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    Hey there, is there anyway to edit the config? A file isnt generating for me!

    I only want players to be able to join one of two teams? Is there anyway to make it so they cannot make end-less amounts of teams, but simply join one of two.

    Also, is the colour of the teams always pink?

    Please reply! This plugin looks perfect for my server!
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    Erm, could you update this plugin to 1.3.2 this looks like a great plugin

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