Inactive [MECH/ADMN] ModDamage - Change damage mechanics on the fly!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by KoryuObihiro, May 20, 2011.

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    We've moved to BukkitDev!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm one of the devs that is taking over for Koryu.

    That build is actually fairly old. Can you try with the latest #138?

    I'm also on #ModDamage on which might be faster if you like IRC.
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    Feel free to join #ModDamage on Espernet here, and talk it out with us. I'll attempt to help you fix any problems you may have. Alongside ricochet1k, I'm also one of the developers taking over in Koryu's absence.
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    Lol ok, first, I knew you and @Spudstabber were involved with the project, I spent ages on the forum, Wiki and the Dev page, took a few seconds to look at the Right hand side of the Dev site to see the 4 people listed, I'm glad y'all are active in it, never saw any posts in this thread.
    Second, Ricochet1k, your Build #138 worked PERFECTLY, not a single problem on reboot.
    My server host is under siege so I can't play with configuration more, but thank you for helping!!!!
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    Awesome stuff, glad you like it! :D
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    @Spudstabber Nice talking with you on irc thanks for your help.
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    No problem, glad you like MD.
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    We're working on ModDamage 1.0 now, with lots of nice new features! If anyone wants to help test and iron out any bugs, feel free to join us here!
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    isMoving check
    Stun routine (prevent movement on some check) -similar to mcmmo's archery skill Daze, but no forcing to look up or down

    Just putting these here since I saw no developers on IRC (can't blame them, its 3:11 am for me.)
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    @ KoryuObihiro

    HI ! Howdo I to write the config file in order to increase damage in a worldguard region? I read a lot on your bukkitDev page but I don't know how configure that.
    Thank you.
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    Have you tried checking the ModDamage wiki? We have pages detailing both damage and WorldGuard region detection. It should be easy to combine them both.

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