Inactive [MECH/ADMN] HideLogin v1.11 - Hide Login/out Messages [1.0.1-R1]

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    Hide your login/out or
    remove the messages altogether
    Version: 1.11
    • Hides login message from player logging in
    • Allows players to hide their login/out message from everyone
    • Allows admins to toggle login/out messages on/off for the server
    • /hideme - Hides player's login/out message from everyone ('hidden.hideme')
    • /showme - Shows player's login/out message to everyone ('hidden.hideme')
    • /hiddenlogs - Shows the players (all OPs) currently hiding their login/out messages ('')
    • /togglelogs [on|off] - Toggles login/out messages for everyone ('hidden.toggle')
    • /fakelog - Mimics a logout ('hidden.fakelog')
    To do:
    • Need something? Post below!
    • 1.11: Updated for CB 1.0.1-R1
    • 1.10 : Updated for CB 1317 | Code cleanup and bug fixes
    • 1.9 : Updated for CB 1060 | Added fakelog command
    • 1.8 : Updated for CB 1000
    • 1.7 : Updated for CB 953
    • 1.6 : Updated for CB 935
    • 1.5 : Added different nodes for all the commands, changed commands slightly, now blocks logout messages as well as the original login messages
    • 1.4 : Permissions is supported, but not required
    • 1.3 : Allows a full toggle for login messages
    • 1.2 : Players no longer see their login message
    • 1.1 : Fixed error with loading of names from config.yml
    • 1.0: Initial Release
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    Is it possible to turn the [A] has logged [ B ]? Could I just delete it from the config?
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    This plugin does not work with b1185. Login message comes up as [A] has logged . Also, logins and logouts are not hidden.
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    Could this plugin please be updated?
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    Certainly. Update incoming.

    Updated to Version 1.10 for CB 1317.

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    Could you add in support for Spout?
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    What do you want added?
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    Sorry, I meant Spout and Spoutcraft support... the ability to hide login/logout when people are using Spoutcraft.;)
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    Sure. I'll look into it. I have yet to delve into Spout, but I will very soon.
  10. @Celeo When someone does /hideme and he logs out than log in will anyone see the person who did /hideme in /list ?? Hope I'm specific enough...
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    Yes, you will. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that I can do about that.
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  12. That sucks! I suppose you should get a plugin that hides /list or /online or /who :D This plugin is still useful though
  13. Hmm are u working on a update to this plugins, that make so u can,t use tabt to see hide players?
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    As I've mentioned many times in this thread, there isn't any way for me to log someone out and not have them show up. I can block the login/out messages, throw a fakelogout, and clear up your screen, but I cannot take a player out of the game without kicking them.
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    Hm.. is there a way to keep the login /out messages i had before? They were from mChat..
    Also, is there a command to reload config on the fly?
    Would be nice for testing.
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    Bukkit Build #1393
    HideLogin #1.10

    No errors in logs.. at chat i see "Login/Logout" messages, can you update to newest build ? :)
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    Hey,great plugin is there any way that you could customize it for me? It would just be 2 things the logged in and logged out message?
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    When a player with a capital B in their name logs in or out, it is replaced by the variable. Is it possible to change the variable to something that doesn't naturally happen in a name?
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    Very handy plugin when you have a good flow of player although it isn't working for me anymore.

    Please update for latest bukkit builds.

    Thanks !
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    hey can u add option that disable for a user message that he just logged in ?

    for example if i join server i would want to disable option that i see ZeroX4 join the server but every one else would see it normally

    and so for other players so they dont see their login messages when they join ?

    do u understand what i mean ?
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    have this compatible with spout would be amazing :D
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    I want to disable Logout Messages but not Login Messages
    Can you make this separate?
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    wirtd but no effect on my 1.0.1 serv

    can you make /hideall ? players join/out mesages

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    Does it work on CB 1.1?
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    - Make it so we can either disable Logout messages, or Login messages.
    - Make a delay on the message time, so for example if someone relogs, (happens here because of trapdoor way up) noon sees it in the chat, because this way chat is filled with login and logout messages sometimes here.
    Please make it this way ;)

    So for example, delay logout message IF player logs in again in x seconds, do not show logout / login message again. This might help perhaps.
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    Would it be possible to show a custom global login message when new player joins the server as well as separate commands to toggle logins and logouts separately?
  28. Any chance for an R5 update?
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