Inactive [MECH/ADMN] HideLogin v1.11 - Hide Login/out Messages [1.0.1-R1]

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    Hide your login/out or
    remove the messages altogether
    Version: 1.11
    • Hides login message from player logging in
    • Allows players to hide their login/out message from everyone
    • Allows admins to toggle login/out messages on/off for the server
    • /hideme - Hides player's login/out message from everyone ('hidden.hideme')
    • /showme - Shows player's login/out message to everyone ('hidden.hideme')
    • /hiddenlogs - Shows the players (all OPs) currently hiding their login/out messages ('')
    • /togglelogs [on|off] - Toggles login/out messages for everyone ('hidden.toggle')
    • /fakelog - Mimics a logout ('hidden.fakelog')
    To do:
    • Need something? Post below!
    • 1.11: Updated for CB 1.0.1-R1
    • 1.10 : Updated for CB 1317 | Code cleanup and bug fixes
    • 1.9 : Updated for CB 1060 | Added fakelog command
    • 1.8 : Updated for CB 1000
    • 1.7 : Updated for CB 953
    • 1.6 : Updated for CB 935
    • 1.5 : Added different nodes for all the commands, changed commands slightly, now blocks logout messages as well as the original login messages
    • 1.4 : Permissions is supported, but not required
    • 1.3 : Allows a full toggle for login messages
    • 1.2 : Players no longer see their login message
    • 1.1 : Fixed error with loading of names from config.yml
    • 1.0: Initial Release
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    :D thanks so much! And the new /showme helps, lol (I wondered how to do that before)

    Uh... I think you linked us to the wrong file. Is it called 'Prevent Damage' Now?

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    Would it be possible to add a command to toggle off the viewing of all other players joins and quits. On large servers its quite spammy, people constantly leaving and joining.
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    EDIT: Fixed it. :)

    Sure, I'll get on that. And I completely agree with you.

    Version 1.3 Released. This version allows use of the /togglelogins [on/off] command which toggles everyones' logins either on or off. This command can be issued either
    /togglelogins on
    /togglelogins off
    The blank parameters will simple toggle it to the other option.

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    To clarify it toggles all users login messages off for the user, not for everyone. Also please add permissions support, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the quick update :)
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    Version 1.4 Released. This version has Permissions support, but will default to OP if Permissions is not found.

    The node for allowing the commands is 'hidelogin.use'

    Sure thing, see Version 1.4.

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    Great, would it be possible to do a node per command. I mainly want to give my users access to block all logins and log outs without blocking there own form everyone. Also dont forget to update your todo :)
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    Sure, I'll get on that.

    So you don't really need the features that llama wanted. You want more of an anti-spam feature, yes? If so, that's easy to do, just give me conformation.

    Version 1.5 Released. Please review the commands, as they have changed slightly to encompass the ability to block logout messages as well as the login messages. Also check the Permissions nodes, as they are all different. Players can now hide their login/out from others or hide others' messages from being sent to them.

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    Absolutely correct :D
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    Well then, check Version 1.5. :)
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    Title tag needs to be ADMN - no 'I'

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    Thanks. :)

    Updated to Version 1.6 for CB 935.

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    Lol, love the work you've been doing. (Now, if only pistons didn't ruin my Multiplayer world :mad:)
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    Thanks! :D I'm currently building a new computer right now, so I haven't had any time to play Minecraft in 4 days: I'm having withdraws haha.

    (I have everything assembled and plugged in, but I am troubleshooting my monitor not receiving any video >.> )
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Sorry; been incredibly busy. Updated now.
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    Works great! One request: Hide from /who list?
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    When someone toggles login messages i want some groups of people to be sean when they login/logout

    ie anyone in the group VIP will still be seen regardless if they have toggled or not

    and for the mods i want some way to toggle certain groups on and off (different permission node)
    like /toggle guest on or /toggle vip off

    i also want each mod to be able to set a default for themselves, so they don't have to go typing /toggle guest on or /toggle guest off, every single time they login or logout

    and i want this default to have permanance (basically surviving server restarts and plugin reloads)
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    I will implement these changes soon.
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    How about custom join/leave messages? those would be awesome
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    There's a bug where if people crash in a certain way their logout message shows when it's enabled to hide everyones. Otherwise very good and simple plugin.
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    Great plugin, but is it posible to hide all Login message. that nobody can see if somebody come only on the hole server?
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    If I remember correctly, change the 'hideall' node in the configuration file to 'true' to accomplish that. If that doesn't do what you need, I'll make a change for you. :)
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    you should change the thread title to [1000] :)
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    Whoops; thanks for that!
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    I'd love a feature which would show that someone loged in, but now who did :)
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    Maybe add a feature were you can type a command and the chat box will say that you logged out. However, you're still in the game, watching the newbies. I assume that most people grief and cheat and what not when no admins or mods are online. It would also be nice if when you said this command, and if you have a plugin that added a player list to the game (essentials, commandbook, etc) you would even appear offline if you used that playerlist command!

    Just an idea,
    - Grug
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    Your first request is doable and will be complete in a few minutes.
    As for your second request, I'm not sure if this is possible.

    Version 1.9 complete.

    See the commands section for the new command.

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    Hey! I'm having some trouble with your plugin.

    I'm using the Job's plugin and i think that the prefixes are messing the things with your plugin.

    First of all, when someone logs in the message is [ A ] has logged [ B ] , it dosen't replaces the [ A ] and the [ B ] (also, what do you mean with "the 'direction' of the log"?).

    Note: I used extra spaces here cause [ B ] without spaces its the bold tag.

    And in second place, when i use /fakelog, the prefixes are visible and the message it's white.

    I uploaded two screenshots so you can see what happens.

    And this is my config:

    #    === Config for HideLogin === #
    #    hiddenplayers are the players who are hiding their messages
    #    nomessages are people who don't want to see messages
    #    hideall is if you want to stop messages altogether
    #    log message is the message that gets displayed to people on login/logout
    ##        <White><Yellow><Red><Green> will be replaced with the respective color
    ##        [A] will be replaced by the name of the player
    ##        [B] will be replaced by the 'direction' of the log
    logmessage: '[A] has logged [B].'
    hiddenplayers: []
    nomessages: []
    hideall: false

    Great idea BTW! Just what i need to avoid the questions when i log in.
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    Hello. I'll look into this and create a fix for you tomorrow after classes. Thanks for downloading. :)
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