Inactive [MECH/ADMIN/SEC] NoSplosion 1.0 Save Your world from creepers, TNT and every explosion! [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Now on bukkitDev!!!!

    New version 1.0 updated to 1.3.1 and stops endermen from greifing!​

    After looking at other TNT and explosion related plugins on BukkitDEV this is the most advanced plugin to date with features that prevent EVERY explosion in the game from destroying the environment while at the same time maintaining their damage to players/mobs! As of v0.9 Endermen cannot grief anymore! Version 1.0 released! Version 1.1 will include command toggles to select which features are active!

    NoSplosion Disables that nasty explosion that leaves craters all over your server! While NoSplosion disables the creeper explosion it lets the creepers still dish out the explosions damage to players and mobs leaving the danger of creepers still there but minus the world destruction! As well as guarding against creepers NoSplosion has been adapted to stop any kind of explosion from happening on your server. Also you can set TNT to only be placed by certain groups with permissions! Now in version 0.4 fire wont destroy blocks but will damage players/mobs and spread as usual! As of version 0.9 Endermen do not greif anymore!. Nosplosion even works on tekkit servers as well!

    Version: 1.0

    * Disables the creepers explosion
    * Creepers still deal damage to players and mobs
    * TNT only Damages players and mobs
    * Ghast fireballs don't explode but still cause damage
    * use permissions to set who gets TNT
    * permissions support!
    * Fire doesn't destroy blocks but only damages players/mobs and spreads as usual
    * Endermen don't greif anymore!
    * Tekkit support!

    Permissions node
    *NoSplosion.PlaceTNT (default true)

    Todo list
    * toggles planned to be implemented in v 1.1

    Change log

    -Version 1.0
    *Bug tested

    -Version 0.9
    * Endermen no longer greif!

    -Version 0.4
    *Added new fire feature

    -Version 0.3
    *Added Permissions support

    -Version 0.2
    *Fireballs dont explode but cause damage
    *Added TNT Blocker Functionality
    *TNT does not damage enviroment

    -Version 0.1
    *Initial release!

    Any Questions Comments Concerns or Wanted improvements feel free to post a comment or PM me!

    On BukkitDev!!!

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    Another Anti-Explosion plugin.
    i'm lovin it !
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    Yea this is my first released plugin everyone has to start somewhere
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    There are lots of plugins like this one. But like you said: "everyone has to start somewhere", well good luck with plugin development!
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    Best of luck to you also.

    The next version will be up within an hour and will include permissions support

    Version 0.3 is released and has permission support!

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    Thank you, it will be very useful for me.
    Otherwise it will be possible to make similar for Endermans ?
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    Waos Ill look into it let you know soon

    A new poll is up on the bukkit dev page! please vote.
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    <<Should a feature be added to stop fire from destroying blocks but keep the damage it does to players and mobs?>>

    My most crazy dream!
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    Ok so in the next update I will be including a feature to stop enderman from picking up blocks and fire from destroying blocks but still causing damage to players and mobs.

    An example of what the fire would do ingame with this enabled is: Player has flint and steel or a fire charge and ignites any combustible material the material will ignite BUT unlike how this would work normally the material would remain on fire for the duration a normal flame lasts and will not destroy the block.
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    nice plugin btw
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    umm can you a feature to kill certain type of mob if somebody spawn a bunch of squids at my server spawn?
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    Im sure I could implement that ill look into it.
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    v0.4 is now released and pending bukkit approval!

    V 0.4 has been approved by bukkit and available for download on bukkitdev!

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    Is there a way to use configuration so you can turn on certain explosion? Such as TnT, because I'm puttong this on a griefing server but I don't want creeper explosions.
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    Thats planned in a future release.
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    looks good, I think I'll try it! Since you claim that the plugin will adapt to stop ALL explosions, I'm going to use it on my Tekkit server to not only stop vanilla explosions but also for explosions from nukes and reactors and machines!
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    Im back i took a break from Programming but will resume now. Also I really mean ALL explosions even TEKKIT.
    Also if you get errors update your java please...
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    Can u adjust the setting so that ONLY CREEPERS don't explode and everything else does what it is sopposed to do
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    Ok v0.9 is here after the long wait I added in the long awaited feature that prevents endermen from greifing!

    V 0.9 is updated to latest version of bukkit and v.1.1 will include toggles!

    Version 1.0 has been released! There are no bugs and it is entirely stable!

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    Aprovado !! plugin muito bom os creepes não danificam nenhum bloco só os jogadores e outras coisas mega legais

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