[MECH] AcidRain v1.2.7 - Create damaging acid rain [1060]

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    AcidRain - Create damaging acid rain
    Version: v1.2.7 - Download
    Created by request, AcidRain allows you to set a chance that normal rain could become acid rain. Watch players flee as it burns skin and withers plants!

    • Adds a chance that rain will become acid rain
    • Damages players when exposed
    • Armor slows the damage based on its strength
    • Multiworld enabled
    • Superperms support
    • Pail support for settings
    • Affects blocks exposed to the rain
      • Grass, Farmland -> Dirt
      • Crops, Tall grass, Flowers -> Dead shrubs
      • Leaves -> Air

    • /acidrain (world) (duration)
    Default world is the same as the command sender with a duration of 12000 ticks.

    • acidrain.immune - Player is immune from acid rain damage (Default = false)

    Chance to dissolve block (0-100): 5         # Percent chance for a particular block to be dissolved
    Acid rain chance (0-100): 25      # Percent chance rain will become acid rain
    Broadcast message text: Acid rain has begun in <world>    #Message broadcast when acid rain starts (<world> will be replaced with the world name; to change color add the code to the end)
    Broadcast message: false         # Broadcasts a message to the world when acid rain begins
    Rain dissolves blocks: true       # True if acid rain will affect exposed blocks
    Acid rain damage: 1       # Damage exposure causes to players
    Damage interval: 1        # The interval (in seconds) between player damage
    Worlds enabled (separate with comma): world   # Worlds in which acid rain is enabled
    Settings Interface:
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    Github (Bug Reports | Wiki)

    • Disrupt redstone current on contact
    • Destroy trees after their leaves are gone
    Version 1.2.7
    • Pail support for settings
    Version 1.2.6
    • Superperms support
    Version 1.2.5_1
    • Worlds in config are now separated by commas
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    Version 1.2.5
    • Crops are farmland turn to dead shrubs and dirt, respectively.
    • Some refactoring
    Version 1.2.4
    • Added multiworld support
    • Rewrote config (settings.yml can be deleted)
    • Fixed startup NPE
    Version 1.2.3

    • Enabled color support in message
    Version 1.2.2

    • Added the ability to customize the broadcast message
    • NOTE: Please delete your config file when updating
    Version 1.2.1

    • Leaves and plants are affected by rain
    • Performance tweaks
    Version 1.2

    • Added the ability to kill grass.
    Version 1.1

    • Added commands
    Version 1.0

    • Release
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    Well Coool!!!! :D
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    I had a quick glance at your code and want to suggest using
    public Block getHighestBlockAt(Location location)
    from the World class instead of iterating down to the first non air block.
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    Duur thanks, completely forgot about that. Added to the next version!
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    Dead link =(
    But this plugin is very interressing !
    (excuse my english beacause i'm french :s)
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    The link works for me, are you talking about the download?
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    When Wearing a Full iron Suit make the person safe from the acid rain.
    Damage the Iron Suit after awhile.
    Make Exsisting water pools / sources dangerous
    Make water dangerous to drink.
    make it break boats / minecarts
    dissolve wooden structures. stone is the only safe building material
    make leaves dissapear
    make iron doors *rust* and not open on random
    make redstone short out if touched by acid rain
    make torches turn into redstone torches * burnt out simulation *
    kill all animals. make sheep drop wool and die
    make cows drop leather and die
    make chickens drop feathers and die
    after armor hits a certain damage percentage make it fall off and expose player....
    make glass turn into obsidian * to mimic melting*

    BTW if you want to collaborate on this project of yours just pm me...

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    Excuse me finally the link works.
    I'll try the plugin now!
    (google translation is my friend = D)

    Tu peux fournir un fichier zip avec le fichier de config dedans ?
    Car AcidRain ne le créer pas automatiquement !

    Ho excuse me !
    You can provide a zip file with the config file in it?
    For Acidrain does not automatically create it!

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    The plugin should create the 'AcidRain' folder and config inside the first time it loads. Delete the folder if you have it and reload the plugin.

    @chernobyl360 Thanks for the suggestions, if I need help I'll be sure to let you know. Once this gets approved I'll start rolling out more features.
  10. I see a dangerous game to be played with the 'dissolve block' chance. Set that too high and you're dancing on bedrock. Could you perhaps work in a way to make it only do acid rain in particular areas? (I suggest tying in with namespaces or worldguard if at all possible)
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    Add customizable message please !
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    Currently it only turns grass into dirt, and doesn't actually remove any blocks. If more dangerous things are added, I'll be sure to make them controllable individually.
  13. *nods* Another good angle on that is determining what it can wash away and what it can't. (IE ~ Grass, Sand,Dirt, yes, Stone, Cobble, etc, no.)
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    You can add customizable message please ?
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    that's cool but acid doesn't effect glass. that's why glass is so commonly used in chemistys instead of plastic.
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    ah ok cool catch :D
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    Plus people need somewhere to hide without their houses melting :p
    Maybe I'll end up having different "levels" of acidity from environmentally unfriendly to flesh-melting
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    You can make a French translation of the warning phrase at the beginning of acid rain? Or be able to customize?
    thank a lot !
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    As of 1.2.2, you can now customize the message that is broadcast. Just be sure to delete your config file and allow it to regenerate with the new option.
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    Thank you so much!

    And with color? :p
    Thank again :)

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    Would the Acid rain only affect chunks that were loaded?
    I can imagine going exploring, only to find forests of leafless logs :p
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    This is amazing! Thank you for filling our request so quickly :D
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    You are correct, only loaded chunks.
    No problem!
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    I know I annoy you:p.
    But you can added the colors in the message customizable please?
    Thank you if you add the colors !

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    You can now change the color by adding the appropriate code on the end.
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    Thank !!!
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    L0l Gonna test this right now ! Will be fun (especially with my friend's house made out of leaves)
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    Can you add multiworld support please? So I can only have this in one world.
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    Ask and ye shall recieve (1.2.4)
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