Inactive [Mecanics] [RolePlay] RWtorchLight (torchLight+ Based) (CB V = 1.2.5 R2 - 1.3.2 R0.1)

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    Light up your surroundings just by holding a torch

    Great for Hunger Games and Survival servers

    Created for my tekkit server: RWtekkit

    NOTE - If you like this plugin and want to help support it and my server, please donate. THANKS in advance

    Use a torch without placing it
    client side glowstone follows underneath the player
    No client side resources (like spout) needed
    tekkit Supported (planned)

    Any Permission Plugin

    rwtl.allow -lets the torch create the glowstone (admin only by default)

    Command to toggle the use of it Auto reloading to prevent the glowstone doesn't revert glitch tekkit

    Known Bugs:
    Blocks with high mach (mods only) like 60:48 or 10:995 create mini-client side chunk errors
    Sometimes glowstone fails to revert on the client (log off and on to fix)

    based of Lanturn 0.1 and TorchLightPlus+
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    so far, this does not work for me. ive tried and i cannot get a folder to generate once I turn my server on. any ideas as to what's wrong?
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    Well i would need to see an error log. Also could u explain a little better?

    Plugin Version:
    Server Version:
    Tekkit or Spout: (if unknown, write no)
    Do you use java 7: (try to update your java as this causes most errors for people)
    (if for some reason you cant, a java 6 edition will be out soonish)
    Error log:
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    Why does everything turn to glowstone? xD
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    It is a rarely occurring glitch with unknown origins. Most times logging off and on the server corrects this.

    Also, please, if you can, give me a list of your other plugins since i think this is due to plugin incompatibility

    I almost solved this error, but it will still help
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    Oh but I don't use this, I just saw it in your main thread and was like 'Huh, weird.'
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    Ok. Please remember that this is an older forum.

    Many of these were solved (unless u viewed the bukkit dev page which is up to date)

    I liked this error particularly: when chests try to change to glowstone, the client crashes

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