[mcMMO] An alternative to the 'locale_en_us.property' file.

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Mike_Roper, Aug 23, 2011.


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    Recently I've been using the mcMMO plugin on my server and a few people were complaining that the Chat no longer looks simple and tidy, as my server is all about being simple yet effective I needed to change a few things in the 'locale_en_us.property' file. So I spent a bit of my time to perfect most of the property file and replenish the simplistic tidy chat.

    I've uploaded this property file for anyone to use and try out on there own server (if you care about perfection in plugins) and also increase your logic with mcMMO. It's amazing how changing a property file can completely change the way you experience leveling in Minecraft.

    A new download link​
    will be added once I've​
    updated it.​
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    adf.ly isn't allowed D:
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    I'll remove the link, thanks for the heads up :)

    Edit: Removed.
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    I have a new a cleaner version of the property file and I'll be uploading it within a few days so if anyone could test it for me when I re-upload it, that would be great! :D
  5. I will probally use this, thanks!

    Why not use Dropbox or something so we wont have to wait 45 seconds to download ?
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    Thanks for the feedback it means alot, I'll add my newest version of the property file to DropBox when I have the time.​
    Once again, thanks for helping :)
    EDIT: DropBox link added.
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  7. @Mike_Roper
    I'll add this to my bookmarks :D
    Dropbox makes everything easier! :)

    EDIT: Make sure you put the file in your public Dropbox folder, noone can acces it at the moment o:
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    Thanks, I've never used DropBox before and I'll put it in the Public folder right now.. ;)
    Check in in a few minutes if you want to download the latest version..​

    EDIT: Added Public folder.
    Can you tell me if it works now please.. :)
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    Okay, great!​
    I hope you enjoy the updates that are still to come!​
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