mcMMO add-on - Permission based skill caps

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    Plugin Category: Role Playing/Fun/Mechanic

    Name: Not sure, since its just an add-on that might be a little difficult for a good name.

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that hooks in with mcMMO and allows for an optional per skill permission-based skill cap instead of just reading from the one in the config file. The permission would have to be able to be set to any number(something like ???.skill.archery.1000 or ???.skill.archery.1433) and not just pre defined permissions.

    Commands: None unless you think there should be, maybe a reload if there is a config.

    Permissions: See above

    When I want it: Whenever someone finds time to make it.


    The mcMMO team recently closed both topics on this subject in the request board saying that it would not be implemented into the core plugin. A quote from one of them stated.

    So here I am asking for said plugin.

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