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    Plugin category:

    Fun, Economy

    Suggested name:


    What I want:

    Well i don't know how much of the Minecraft community is even legal to buy a real lottery ticket or gamble at that but there is no real lottery ticket plugin out there! When i purchase a lottery ticket i am allowed to pick numbers or lines. That is lost in almost all lottery plugins on the site right now. That is why i am reaching out to the devs of the bukkit community to help with this!

    Also looking to make sure there isn't another request for a lotto plugin like this i thought it might be cool to create signs that display prize pot for the winner. Or even be able to setup a Custom ticket Vender like a Villager to sell ppl tickets. But a display sign would be cool.

    This plugin is supposed to be like irl Lottery Games. If you don't have the numbers you don't win. If you have some of the numbers you can get a free ticket or even win up to some of the cash. (Hopefully configurable in a config file)

    Ideas for commands:

    Because MCLG would be the name of this plugin and its a lottery plugin i don't see why we can't use /lottery. But if any one takes this task pick what is best.


    • /lottery
    • /lottery help - Configurable help would be amazing. Shows Ticket Prices.
    • /lottery buy lines <#NumberofLines> (Cost of a Line can be configurable in config) (this would be more for players that don't know what to do)
    • /lottery buy <number> - This will be a copy of lines just shorter alias
    • /lottery buy numbers <#1,#2,#3,etc.> (How many numbers there are can be Configurable in config)
    • /lottery check ticket - Displaces tickets with numbers/ lines
    • /lottery prize - shows prize size

    Well those are some of the command i can come up with. If someone does take this on. Add commands that will help plugin/ users.

    Ideas for permissions:

    • mclg.check
    • mclg.prize
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    dont forget you need lucky dip :)
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    If who ever takes the tasks knows what that is sure! I just really want to see a more realistic type of lottery system.
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    Hmm, I'll see what I can do, doesn't sound too difficult :)

    As for the price and prize, I plan on using Vault. Is there a specific economy plugin it should be compatible with?
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    I normally just use essentials for ecomony but if this is the next lotto plugin then it should some how work with most eco plugins
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    im having a go but running into a few problems i have the lottery calculation and most of the code only thing im struggling with is how to store the numbers was planning on using a HashMap but thats proving more difficult then it seemed
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    Wow thanks for trying. I really surprised that there are ppl actually trying to build this plugin for the community!

    I don't know much about how to store data, but what if you test storing the numbers/ tickets on player.dat files for now. Then optimize it with a better system later?

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