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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by soulreafer, Aug 3, 2011.

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    With this program you can watch items and blocks simply give a list. The basic idea comes from "too many items", however, was the concept of me updated. Since I find easier and user friendly minecraft if you can extend the client with something without having to patching or modding. From this idea came McHelper.


    Give a clear list of items which open when the inventory opens automatically.

    It does not matter whether you do this with / or item / give. The options are convertible During car in the game.
    (Advantage over "too many items" where you can change this config in only one.)

    Autoupdater for new items and blocks in v2 is fully functional.
    Once an update minecraft herrausgibt which includes new items, you only have to search for updates and the program remains always stood up to date without altering your original minecraft.jar.

    the program checks the stat of Minecraft is already running. if not, minecraft starts, too



    Video preview:



    - First Release
    - Auto updater added.
    Improved surface.
    Items are sorted.
    / Added to give way.
    130 lines of code to clean.

    Visibility rules.
    Drag and Drop function to allow independent sort.
    Performance !!!!!
    New name ...?
    make available for client Spout

    Pro - contra (against setting "too many items")

    + No ClientMod! No installation required!
    + Always the latest items without having to re-patch
    + Clear
    + User-friendly
    + / Give usable without starting new minecraft
    Slim + program (1.6 mb)
    + Design adapted to Misa HD Pack
    (Third graphics are subject to its rules and here are used freely by drawing winners averaging.)

    - Windows or machines which have the net framework 3.5
    - TAB key is defined as inventory ( Changeable in v3 ! )
    - The name


    Sometimes the inventory is gone. Please just press ESC and then open the inventory again.


    You like the program and want to support my work?

    Buy me a coffee

    ( sorry for that damn english! im an german member :) )
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    Version 2 Now finished.
    Can an Mod please Change the Titel to

    " McHelper v2 - Dont waste time with chat commands"
    Best Regards
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    what does this actually do? Your description is a bit lacking on what your plugin is actually intended for
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    -Its for multiplayer or singleplayer with integrated command funktion.
    -give or item permissions needed.

    -it works like an chatbot with an gui to make adding items more comfortable for admins or users with the permissions to use the commands of giving items themselfe or another player.

    so it has the same funktions like too many items but without clientmodding.​

    Preview of version 3:


    * smaler design.
    (the style of misas for this tool overloaded the form, i need more room ;))

    * New features are coming!

    * Drag and drop sorting of the items.

    * Maushover shows name of the item

    * Surprise function

    best regards
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