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  1. Hello.

    Plugin Name: McField (sort of battlefield)

    McField! (like battlefield) you have 2 teams: red and blue and you have 1 spawnpoint for each team and 4 capture points across the map, you need to stay in a radius of 10 blocks from the capture point and stay there for 10 sec and after that the beacon changes to white and after a nother 10 sec. to your teams color (when it isnt captured it is white) and then the other team needs to capture them. When you captured the capturepoint there will be a sign at the main spawnpoint to tp to the capturepoint. When you captured all 4 capturepoints you won or when the time is up (20 min).

    Commands and Permissions:

    /mcfield start
    /mcfield stop
    /mcfield info ( a short infomation thing )
    /mcfield join (team)
    /mcfield setcapturepoint (name capturepoint like apha or bravo)
    /mcfield setspawnpoint (red, blue)
    /mcfield switchteam (maybe with some sort of autobalasing so not 1 vs 10)


    Additional Comments:
    none :)
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