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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by unimatrix, Mar 14, 2012.

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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

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    Nathan C

    So that is it? MCbans is dead now?
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    I find telling people I don't trust them is a fantastic way to get them to want to volunteer their time for your service. ;)
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    Never saw that coming... lol
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    Given the design of your "coming soon screen", I will defiantly not be using this plugin, if you want to do what Bukkit did, you'll need polish, and a lot of it looking at your website. Also, if you want to make this big, I would switch the name, and make the forum post look professional.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    @ steaksauce , its a countdown script we placed there to force us to work towards the deadline, we had not planned for fire to do what he did and are not ready yet with our project and only made this post so no misinformation would be spread about our project.
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    This is a quick note in light of all of the staff being fired and banned from MCBans - they were not planning to come out with the project until a later date when it was closer to being ready.
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    In all honestly, first impressions are everything, and frankly, I'm kind of nervous to see the final product at this point. Mind if I critic it? :p
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    sure , we need input from the people who use bukkit and are thinking of potentialy using our project.
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    Im cleaning this thread up, please take personal matters elsewhere, not here.

    Anymore Accusations, Flaming or Insults and i will take it further then just removing posts..
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    Well, I run a (smaller) server, but I am a website designer and love to help whenever I find (smaller) projects, sorry if I sounded rude earlier, I'm on my iPad, and can't use the keyboard for the life of me so I kept them sort and to the point. Feel free to check out my website on my profile if you want to know. But I would love to *critic* your website and try to help anyway I can.
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    we can use help on the design coding , just stop by on our irc channel on freenode , even if not to code we are always open for suggestions.
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    As I said, this is a very young project and they were not planning to release anything yet

    As I said, I am not part of this project, but I am good friends with the guys running it. I'm sure any ideas or help you have to give would be highly appreciated though. :)

    Edit: Written before mod post - sorry if it goes against what was said (haven't read it yet).

    EDIT BY SILENTSPY: removed some personal stuff..

    Edit: My apologies Silentspy.
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    If you are developing a new global banning system we should probably talk. There is no sense in there being two competing systems is there ?
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    ofc not , feel free to drop by on our irc channel . We are looking for more devs. We will be using our experiance to create a fair banning solution for both servers and users.
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    Most of the staff are no longer with MCBans, but Firestar has stated that it will still be running and supported.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    This is not an mcbans gossip thread and I'll clean out offtopic posts.
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    Global banning solutions aren't... well, global, if there are too many of the same.
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    If most people are unhappy with an existing one, then they will move to a better one, but they can't do that if it doesn't exist - this is an alternative. The creators of mcBLOCKIT want to provide this sort of system but weren't happy about the way existing ones were implemented.

    Due to recent events, I am distancing myself from this project.
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    VERY very excited for this project. I'm excited to see Crashdoom shine, and I feel it will be good because these people came from MCBans and are planning to build off of what they felt was wrong and fix it. Good luck guys
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    This is very exciting, I can't wait to see what this could do in combination with SpaceBukkit <3
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    editted post with project guide
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