[MC1.4] New CraftBukkit build available; fixes crash exploit

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 19, 2011.

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    They work on it in their free time. Think of it as a dedicated hobby.
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    ROAR! *Hits F5*
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    My assumption is its a hobby kind of deal. If there was no pleasure in what they're doing then they wouldn't want to keep working on it. In addition to whatever they're doing I'm sure this serves as a bit of fun on the side, for the most part :p
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    I wish the update'd come out so i can have a fully functional server again.
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    If that is the case, and it is a hobby, chill. These guys are doing so much for us all to have these amazing features and services. Without them you'd be stuck with whatever MoJang gave you.

    Take your time, make it worth your while. I appreciate the hard work, Bukkit crew! :D
  6. Everytime I try to join no matter what I did, it would always say "End of Stream". If anybody else is getting this can you please help me. Thank you.
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    Id say we have a ID 10 T error on the part of some users.
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  8. ^ What's that?
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    Okay i probobly repeated what others say, but give me a quick repley of if its normal that when i updated to 680 or whatever curretn version of bukkit, other ppl can log in and play but i get stuck with the end of stream, minecraft bad packet id error, im the host, WTF
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    I'm getting the same error. I even created a whole new server (brand new, no plugins, no previous data, completely clean) and still got the error.

    So its the new minecraft beta 1.5 that is breaking it or something. Either way my server is un-operational til a fix it released. :'(
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    Snow Leopard

    That's because this update is for 1.4, and bukkit have not yet released an update compatible with clients using 1.5.
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    ooh ok thanks
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    Anyone who replies to this thread saying "ohhhhh my server doesn'ttt work Whyy? plox fixx"

    Read the thread. Devs are doing this for free, be patient.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm patiently waiting. In the mean time a vanilla server isn't so bad. :p It's not the end of the world, the gf's son and I make a game of it. To see who could do more with what was closest to spawn.
  15. :p I have a vanilla server up now for people who did update to 1.5 but everyone who is crying about updating should redownload 1.4_01 off a friend or a trusted source and go multi-client, I have 1.3_01, 1.4_01 and 1.5 on my computer, and have 2 servers running, 1.4_01 Bukkit server and 1.5 Vanilla server.
    I would upload my 1.4_01 minecraft.jar/.minecraft folder but its rammed with mods so i will restrain from doing that :S
    Also I still have 1.3_01 due some plugins bugging the 1.4 Bukkit server so they went back down to 1.3_01.
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    Cool story bro.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Ahahaha, that's funny. I'm an idiot for not seeing it sooner.
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    So is my server still good? It's not corrupted or anything provided the info I gave is correct.
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    It's most likely fine...
    If you were to login with 1.4 or 1.4_01 you'd be able to get in.
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    Uhm... please... read the goddamn thread once in a while, I know you're maybe new to this but i found out everything by myself. Replacing jars, permissions, etc.. It's not that hard!

    What is the title of this thread?

    [MC 1.4] New craftbukkit...

    When craftbukkit is updated for 1.5, just replace the .jar.
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    So it's just a matter of finding a older MC client. thanks.
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    So guys, minecraft isn't working for me.
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    Seriously? Nothing's wrong here. Nobody has mentioned any problems in this thread at all. You should go try logging in a few more times.
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    because of the new update the bukkit server is out of date so they need to make a new up to date version of it.
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    Indeed, In the future everyone should always backup their Minecraft/Server when they have a stable server running in case of something like this '1.5' that breaks their stability. Tell your users to also do the same with the Minecraft client so in case you do update by mistake (or wish to just update to test out the new version) you can always go back to that happy place of the build that was running fine the day before.
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    For all those wondering about why your servers won't work or why you can't connect to a server, receiving the "end of stream" error, it's a very simple problem and an even simpler solution.

    This is a classic case, the error is between the keyboard and the chair. Professionals refer to it as an ID 10 T error.
    To solve this simple issue, all you must do is read title tags such as [MC1.4] and your problems are solved.

    Thank you for your time, and remember, RTFM. Or in this case, the OP.

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    Except that error can also be caused by problems concerning the Minecraft.net login servers, I get it very often when I try to log in repeatedly. It also happens sometimes when the server itself is experiencing performance issues.
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    So totally treu bro!
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