[MC1.4] New CraftBukkit build available; fixes crash exploit

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 19, 2011.

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    A new CraftBukkit build (#684) is now available that contains a fix for a CRITICAL crash exploit that allows people to easily freeze and crash your server and has been affecting quite a few servers recently.

    There should be no breaking changes in this build so anyone updating from #670-#677 should have no problems. However, you should always be backing your server up before updating to be safe.

    Other notable changes include:
    • A new pre-login event that properly exposes the IP and runs in its own thread.
    • Exception handling within the CraftScheduler

    Download CraftBukkit #684 here

    To keep up to date on our latest Recommended Builds we have an RSS feed you can subscribe to:
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    Thank you!
    Goooooo BUKKIT! :p
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    yikes, are these all new exploits being found, or was there trouble fixing the original completely?

    ...also it's all fine as long as these aren't breaking any plugins! Hard to argue with the simple download and placement of a file XD Thank you for your diligence in releasing patches!
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    What about whitescreen/kick? Have you found the cause of the NaN?
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    Nathan C

    Wow, these bad hackers are hard at work.

    Thanks for the update, but I will wait until 1.5 comes out. Which may be i a few hours! :D
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    I get a craftbukkit snapshot.jar i don't think that works
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    with the craftbukkit snapshot.jar change the whole name to just "craftbukkit.jar"
    then it should work..

    Since i am on a macbook the code i use to run a server is:
    java -Xms1028M -Xmx1028M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

    this basically says that you run your server with 1028Mb of RAM
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    Sorry if this is a noob question, but how exactly does one go about updating your current build? Do you download the latest, then replace your craftbukket.jar file with the new one?
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    yeh thats correct mate ... you just download the new one and change the name of it and then just drag it to the folder and replace the original one :)

    [EDIT] by the way... before you update... you HAVE to make sure your plugins work or are updated with the new build otherwise the server will be messed ;)
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    Thank you, good sir. Guess I'll wait for the updates on my plugins, and install the 1.5 compatible build when its ready.
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    yeh no problem mate :)
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    What kind of results come from this new login thread and exception handling? Does that mean less lag, fewer crashes?
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    Thanks for the security update.

    It might be a good idea to specify what version of Minecraft bukkit releases are intended for, especially when a bukkit release happens on the same day as a minecraft release.

    Also if you're reading this, bukkit version on the downloaded file name.
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    Lol been waiting all day just as it comes out gonna get all my community members on and back to gaming, having some MC draw-backs, I sound like a dict... oh noes :D
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    omg! when is 1.5 update coming out
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    Wholeheartedly agree to both of these, would make things a lot easier.
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    common common common update! :p 1.5 is hia! >< any one played with the client yet?
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    the server is 1.5 but it launches as 1.4 helpp
  19. totally agree :)
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    I love it how I keep getting text msgs from my users with <server down> and I need to explain to them it doesn't get magically ready by the underpants gnomes... the ??? is a lot of hard work on part of developers to update their product :p Love you guys! Let me have some more downtime so that I can focus on my actual job.
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    This! I keep wanting to play mine craft with these mods w/ all my friends, and I've been letting my actual job fall into decline LOL. At least I can say I've caught up everything tonight :3

    I can get a lil ahead of my work and spend the next week playing MC again lol.

    Bukkit Devs, Plugin Devs, thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this! It's made a lot of ppl happy :D

    edit: typos
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  22. as soon as this comes out 1.5 comes out BS
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    Have the same problem ;P Really annoying that I have too explain every single time after every patch. Don't people learn?

    Also I agree with the love part : )
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    haha i can one up that. a few of my friends drove to my house where i have my server just to tell me it was offline. The look on my face when they knocked on my door and said "hey the minecraft server is offline" :D
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    Hehe my thoughts exactly. Ow well, all we need to do now is wait :D
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    xThe Son of God

    Does anyone know the timezone they are in, it's a possibility that they are asleep.
    For now, I'm just playing single player with Zombe's Mods.
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    I love it when the mod is down for a few days, it's actually quite relaxing. i just start a new singleplayer world and play the old fashioned way, i'm getting quite good, it's only been an hour and a half and i already have 4 diamonds :)
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    If craft bukkit is free how do these guys make a liveing? i know people can donate but that cant be enough.
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    whenever i try to join my server it comes up with end of steam?
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