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    Category: Fun

    Suggested name: "Player-Owned Houses" or "RPGHomes"

    What I want: I run a medieval RP adventure mode server and am always looking for unique ways of improving the gameplay. I love the originality of the Minecraft Realms server and was inspired by their way of controlling player-owned houses. I'd like to see a plugin that does that, with a bit of a twist. In general, I want to be able to define a door which will teleport players to their own personal "plot" (house) when right clicked with the appropriate item. When I say plot, I mean defined structures which will be generated per-player.

    In short this plugin will give players the ability to obtain pre-set protected houses in a realistic way while not affecting or "claiming" in the main world. I want to create the effect of owning a house in the main world, when really players all have their own version of that structure in a separate world.

    Here is where I will get more in-depth and detailed. If you are still reading I assume you are interested enough to want to know more. I am using my phone now but will add pictures when I get home for clarity.

    1. Admin defines an area to generate as a House, using a wand item to select two points. When the points are selected, he can then run the command /poh define <House Name>

    2. Admin then defines the door to be used as a portal with a command and a right click. /poh <House Name> door

    3. Admins can then spawn in "House Deed"s (Renamed Paper with a lore of the house's name) which can be used to sell houses. /poh spawn deed <House Name>

    4. Players purchase House Deeds and right click them on the corresponding door to finalize the purchase and to receive their house Key (a configurable item renamed to say: "<House Name> Key" with a lore of the player's name.)

    5. When the player right click's their new shiny key on the defined door, they are teleported to their House. If any player attempts to open that door without a key in hand, a message tells them that "The door is locked"

    6. Once teleported to their house, players cannot build or break (configurable) but can interact with any chests, levers, beds, enchantment tables, ect... I believe the easiest way of doing this is for the plugin to generate a new world where only the defined Houses spawn (and far enough away to be out of Far render distance of each other) Im not sure how MCRealms does it, but if you have a better idea let me know!

    7. To leave their house they simply open the same door and are teleported back to the main world in front of the portal door.

    * Keys and Deeds are not droppable, tradable, or pickpocketable (I use RPGTrade & Pickpocket)
    * If a player loses a Key, he can craft a new one from 1 Gold Ingot (crafts configurable key item) and shift+right click on the defined door to make it correspond to that house
    * If a player loses a Deed, he can craft a new one with 1 Paper and the appropriate Key
    * Players are unable to use other players' keys
    * Keep in mind, players should be teleported to the inside of their house to give the effect of entering.
    * Players can own multiple houses

    If you have any suggestions/concerns/questions please leave a comment!

    Ideas for commands: I don't like using commands as it makes the gameplay seem too artificial, but there are some necessary admin commands...
    /poh define <House Name> - Defines a schematic of the two selected points as a house
    /poh <House Name> door +RClick - Selects the door to be interacted with by keys for that house
    /poh tp <Player Name> <House> - Teleports admin to said player's house in generated world
    /poh spawn deed <House> - Spawns a blank Deed for that house to be sold to players
    /poh spawn key <House> <Player> - Spawns a Key for that players said house
    /poh delete <House> - removes a house and a door
    /poh list - Lists all defined houses
    /poh list <House> - Lists all players who own that house

    Ideas for permissions:
    poh.own.(House) - perm to own defined house
    poh.(command) - for the rest of the commands, I guess

    When I'd like it: My server is currently closed for maintenance. We plan to re-open in about a week, so by then would be great! But whatever your schedule permits is fine!

    I have a few other ideas for additional features, but would really appreciate it if someone took up at least this much (which I know is asking alot, so thanks again in advance!)
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    I actually love this idea. This would be a perfect answer for avoiding main worlds that are simply full of houses. I will do this plugin for you. :) Hopefully I can get it done in a week and maybe I could even get a chance to see it work on your server.
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    Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to using it!
    And sure, hop on the server anytime! If you need help testing, let me know. IP should be in the link in my description :D
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    So should there be any way of letting players visit your home? I thought dropping keys would server this purpose, so you could share keys, but you don't want dropping.
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    I'm not entirely sure how I want this to work. This is one of the additional features I was pondering. I'd rather there not be a command (like /poh invite <Player>), because that is unrealistic. I guess we could allow players to trade keys, so they don't risk getting picked up by others. But all chests and such should probably still be protected within houses.

    Edit: Actually, if you could add some kind of item, like a piece of paper renamed "Invitation" with a lore of:
    From: <Owner>
    To: <Invitee>
    Where: <House Name>

    The player then right clicks their Invitation on the door of the appropriate house and are teleported to the inviter's house. Inside the house, they can interact with everything (chests, ect...) The inviter takes the risk of thievery, however, if we could optionally enable PVP in the housing world, that would be awesome.
    Players can craft Invitations with a piece of paper or something!

    Home upgrades are another feature I had in mind. Let me know what you think of it:

    After purchasing a new home, it is completely empty. The owner of the home can craft or purchase pieces of paper called "Upgrade: <House Name>" which allow them to obtain features of their house such as chests, which an admin has defined the position of. It would be great to have a lot of customization features for this, but if this seems too hard of a task, I can definitely do without it.

    Also, would it be better to create individual world files? As opposed to one massive world?
    And thank you, Rprrr

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    Yes, the invite paper is a good idea.
    For upgrades, it is possible. Although the way I would probably go about doing it is the admin defines a house, takes blank "upgrade" papers, and then right clicks on all the things that he doesn't want to show up in the house. When the player purchases the upgrade, it will then be moved into the house.

    [edit] Perhaps there might even be a method that would allow the player to make the home unique. No building in the home, but with an upgrade paper, they right click on the ground and a workbench (or whatever the paper is for) could go there. This would allow the player to organize it as they wish.

    Individual world files, would probably be a bad idea. The problem comes when you start getting several people on your server. More worlds generally are more lag. On the other hand, a simply big world filled with one house every once in awhile could easily be managed.
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    I like your thinking! Customization is good, however I would still like it to be admin defined. Here is my idea:
    Admins create per-house upgrades which can be purchased by players. The upgrades can be packages, not just individual blocks. That way there can be either/or packages, to give players a bit more of a choice. For example, players can purchase a package upgrade that allows them to choose between either a brewing upgrade or an enchanting upgrade. If they choose brewing, a brewing stand and a cauldron appear in a pre-set area in their house. If they choose the enchantment, an enchantment table and some bookshelves appear where the brewing stand would have been.
    The main reason I want it this way (pre-defined and per house) is so that I can make more expensive, larger houses have better upgrades.

    However I had some ideas for individual customization:
    *Players can put any kind of plant in Pots
    *Players can place and remove items in item frames
    *Players can change pictures in their house by right clicking them with a Picture Frame
    *All chest's, furnace's ect. say "Player's Chest" in the top right on the GUI
    Also, once a player uses an upgrade, they are obviously not able to use it again.
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    Yes, that could work, it would have to work in a specific way though. Are you still okay with the admin selecting the blocks via a piece of paper?
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    Great! And yes, selecting the blocks with paper is fine :)
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    Are you still making this?
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    Williscool98 Yes I am, although it's being slowed down due to the fact that I do have to do things away from the computer.
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    Don't feel obligated to rush it out on my behalf. I have also pushed the opening date of my server to June 14, so there really is no rush! Thanks again :)
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    Williscool98 Fire_Feather
    I felt like I should give an update of my progress on the plugin.
    I have, in essence, finished the project.
    There are a few things that will be polished and improved, as well as a few more items that need to be added in.

    It works in a very similar fashion to what you wanted with a few changes.
    These small changes are mostly in command structure.
    I will be sure to go over any changes once it is finished. Thank you for your patience.
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    You Should have this plugin hooked into the api for villager shops
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    So that the villagers could sell the deeds?

    [EDIT] From what I have found thus far, there is no clear villager trade api. Such functionality has a chance of breaking with every new build until it comes out. For this reason, I've decided not to add in villager support just now. Perhaps this could be added server side via some other existing plugin.
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    Awesome! I can't wait! I will shoot you a message with my server info, ect.

    I am not sure exactly what you want when you say "Villager Shops". I was planning on selling Deeds and such via Shopkeepers, if that is somewhat what you were looking for.
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    You are correct, XD yeah the name of the plugin had escaped me when i was replying to him
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    Okey :) And Shopkeepers itself supports meta data, which basically means you don't have to make your plugin compatible with it, it will automatically work. At least I'm pretty sure that's how it works...
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    Any updates on this?
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    First release should be out soon :) I believe he has finished it, but wants to polish it up
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    Sorry for the delay mate, I didn't realize that people other than fire here were interested in this plugin. As of now it's in much of the same state as it was before. I do need to polish it, and that should be done soon. I had put it on hold for another plugin I was working on (also for feather), but I'll go ahead and finish it now that I know more people actually want it.
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