MC 1.5 is here, and Bukkit's break again :P

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pomme72, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Portal 2 for sure lol, When Notch released 1.5 he was 'afk' from twister for a good while before posting again. So if their are any bugs/glitches in 1.5 that is stopping Bukkit they have to wait until Notch fixes them until they can move forward or find a way around the bugs and glitches which takes even longer.

    Everyone is saying blah blah how it only took Bukkit a few hours to get it up an running after 1.4 came out. Not all updates are the same, and every update changes the game differently. The 1.4 update did not having anything that broke Bukkit to a point where it took them hours or days to fix. So its safe to assume this update has broke a lot of Bukkit code that needs to be fixed. 1.5 has brought a ton of changes to the game. Just sit back and wait it will come.
  2. Like the patch notes say, you have to update server to play 1.5. And there is the official one:
    Works just fine for me even for achievements. Consider it temporary fix until new bukkit?

    edit: And don't even think about making plugins to work with it :p
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    Im wondering why it is taking so long for them to update CB? it has been over 14 hours (where i live anyway) since Beta 1.5 was released. Over 10 people from my server (containing over 20 ppl total) is getting a bit upset to why it is taking so long.

    That is NOT true! before 1.5 (during 1.4) i had over 10 ppl on my server and it wasnt even eating 1GB of my RAM.
    And if u say its a horrible game then why are you playing it?

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    Tell them to be patient and play SP for a while, make some nice youtubes of SP's, give em idea's lol, fuel thier boredom with ideas instead of saying "sorry waiting on updates" :p

    My server was down anyways, we are "remodelling" so this isn't any prob for me heh
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    First off, if you don't like the game, then DON'T play it. If it looks like a concept, and you think you can do better, DO IT. If you think you can code better, DO IT. Everybody has way better things to do than sit around and listen to you complain.
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    and fyi i just want to tell u i am extremely patient and im able to wait atleast another 12 hours, but I am worried about others feeling annoyed by waiting this long (others as in other ppl not just my server)
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    I think it's a great idea for the CB Team to wait for 1.5_01

    There is going to be a lot of code changes with Bukkit now that there is a client and server update, not to mention the amount of things that have changed to core code. Who knows, The team could be discussing new hooks for the added content or they could be playing Portal 2. Or maybe they just are like, This update is a pathetic excuse and was released by Mojang way too soon. I personally will not be updating my client until some of those rail bugs are fixed.

    Regardless of what's going on behind the scenes, we've got to credit the CB team. Because they do a lot better job at developing and keeping us in the loop than Mojang does. Even if they've been a bit quiet on this one. Have some patient and play Vanilla or Bukkit 1.4 for the time being; and if you eagerly updated your client without reading the Changes and Bugs list. Then it's your own silly fault isn't it, and it's certainly no reason to start flaming and trolling and demanding updates.

    This team isn't paid for what they do, they do it because they enjoy it. So you certainly can't come in and bitch that there isn't an update yet and people are getting pissed. It's what happens with 3rd party mods. Either way, the updated and fixed server will be out, When it's out. All though I do hope that there will be some news on the feed or twitter some time soon, It's nice to get a bit of feedback. Even when it's negative.
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    Does that come with a complimentary reach-around? Hundreds of servers down for a week or two? Everyone does their share and it works out. If bukkit isn't done, plugins can't be used or updated, and we can't get to configuring our servers. Servers will suck. How about we don't encourage all of multiplayer minecraft to shut down. I'm being patient; they can play their portal game, but come on. 1.5_01?
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    Well considering they do a little code cleaning and suddenly some people are getting double the fps, I would say its a bit reasonable to complain. Personally I agree with him, and it goes to show how fun minecraft is that its so popular despite all its issues.

    Dont forget too, when you complain about not wanting to have to read someone complaining, your just adding to the issue.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't look at my post as a complaint. I look at it as a simple rant about how people think that it's okay to run their mouths when they can't do any better. I'm not adding to the issue, I'm making it stand out. I'm not posting anything like " Oh no! I can't stand this or that, " I'm saying that it's not right to say that. We're all one and build up together as a community, and it's people like that that push us over.
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    For all we know, 1.5_01 could be tomorrow. That's what they did with 1.3_01.
    I do find it extremely annoying when people in charge just go quiet. If you have popular project, you should always take the time to at least say "Hey, we're alive." Yesterday I saw on the bukkit twitter that the bukkit team was hoping to beat their 4-5 hour record, so they could have at least been like "Well, we won't be beating the record this time..."
    I mean, I understand things get in the way and theres nobody forcing them to do bukkit. But it just causes problems when you leave so many people completely in the dark and these problems are easily avoidable by taking 15 seconds to go to twitter and type a quick message.
    But I'm not really posting to complain about bukkit, it's just hard to wait =p
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    Just though I would throw my two cents in here, but if your that concerned about running your server for 1.5, run it vanilla. It's what I did on my server and saves alot of complaining to people who don't need it. I knowing some basic coding know how amazing it is for the CB team to be working this fast, so don't push them.

    Added: Also them waiting for 1.5_01 is smart and saves time. This way they don't have to waste time recoding for a patch.
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    I have several people who have accidentally upgraded and can't play on my 1.4 server, and I still think it is a great idea for them to wait until 1.5_01. Otherwise, they will have a working server, which will end up with more bugs than before, for about a day. Overall, great choice Bukkit. You have my support.
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    Hi everyboddy.I have a very big server, (with 50+ player constantly online) , but, it can't start on 1.5...When the update is gonna be start?I REALLY want to play..When?
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    Its recommended to advise your players to stay MC 1.4
    Nobody have to update, our Minecraft launcher is asking - choose "not now"
    You should consider to update later, when its done. ( perhaps 1 week )
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    My website news page has DON'T UPDATE TO 1.5 posted on it 3 times and oddly enough not a single person did. Just warn players to never update unless told to do so (not that it helps you now)
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    There is always the other major server mod...
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    Nathan C

    And that is?
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    My Server provides a tutorial for rolling back to 1.4
    Rolling back needs about 2,5MB und 5 minutes.
    You only have to replace the bin folder.
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    Ok,ok. How i can Downgrade my Minecraft to 1.4 ?
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    Maybe it's already been said, but seeing the popularity of bukkit servers, they should try to contact noch an to see with him for the server side changes before the updates go out.

    It would benefit noch, because the delay for servers to be online again would be very little (so better publicity for him) and everyone else because they could have the servers running nearly with no delay after the update is release.
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    It took alot longer to get it right~ Build 612 had issues.
    And this time it will take longer anyway, all the devs are playing portal 2!
    Except me. ;.;
    Damn my frugal "I'll get it later on sale" nature!
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    give them some time this is a big update you know?... i bet adding the new items and rain and stuff to the server takes alot more time then just the single wolf in 1.4 so it probably will take alot longer.... so just have patience... i just run a vanilla server with my friends until there is an update we have quite some fun there untill bukkit comes back :D
    so to the bukkit team : relax and work on so we can have a stable build.. dont hurry to much so we wont have to much bugs! and i hope you can release it soon :D! greeting brandonvd.
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    BK Team .. just relax .. i'll be patient for new update and 1.5 suppo [diamond]
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    Ok good to know. I don't get what so funy whit portal 2?
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    I have a feeling we're going to have to wait for 1.5_01. From the bukkit chat room:
    I've had plans to make a Minecraft version selector for a long time. I should just get it over with.
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    really! i wish i could help you. but i dont really understand how.
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    Lunar Delta

    Honestly, I think this attitude is not only wrong, but even foolhardy. The vast majority of regular users do not know all of the ins and outs of Craftbukkit server software and plugins, or anything about compatibilities, update schedules, or anything at all about administration, really. Sometimes, the smart and responsible thing to do is to simply say "Look, this is how it's going to be, and if you don't like that, tough!". It has nothing to do with a God complex and everything to do with having a higher level of knowledge and experience than the people who are making demands.

    Personally, I never update my server until I am positive both CB and the plugins I need have reached a certain level of stability. People bitch, but it's for their own good, and even the ones who threaten to leave always come back in the end, acting like they never said anything at all.
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    Hundreds of servers down? My server didn't go down once. It stayed on the 1.4_01 CB with no issues; and many Server admins made the same choice. When ever there is an update, You should always test it privately before making it public to your members. I and the other admins did exactly that, found that 1.5 was way too unstable and told our members to stick to 1.4_01. Most of them did, Some of them had already clicked update but were lucky to have .jar backups.

    When has Bukkit ever taken a week or two to patch up for the latest version? and when has Mojang taken that long to fix the new bugs? It was said earlier in this thread that the #.# builds are often bug filled and in this case it's a good idea to wait for the _## patches.

    I don't think at any time will servers 'suck' from not being with the latest version of vanilla server. Unless it sucked before the update. My last note: No one in this thread ever encouraged multiplayer to shut down, in fact all that happened was that there were no news from the CB team, people were not liking the 1.5 update and so it was being announced to stick with the older 1.4_01.

    And hey what do you know, 1.5_02 is available now and the CB team is improving their updater. See it took what, a day and a half? Patience goes far.

    I commend all the server owners whom posted and spread the word to not update to 1.5.
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