MC 1.5 is here, and Bukkit's break again :P

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pomme72, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hi !

    MC 1.5 is here !

    Now just hope for a quick Bukkit's update, and a quick plugins update...

    I'm maybe a little bit so hopeful. D:
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    Yes 1.5 is awsome. Hope bukkit will update soon. :D
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    Yeah, QUIIIICK :D
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    When can we expect an update?
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    When it's ready.
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    Never, bukkit project is shutting down.

    when its done
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    Bukkit needs about 6 to 18 hours
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    Guys, chill a little bit. Give them some breathing room. Just because an update comes out doesn't mean you immediately ask for an update ETA. Wait at least a few hours.
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    Yeah, i totaly agree with sliverX200. The Bukkit Guys do an amazing job! Let them time to build e new version and do something different in the meantime. It's not the end of the world ;)
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    This sounds about accurate, and as frustrating as it is to have to wait even 10 seconds, it is quite amazing that they can do this so quickly - considering how much code they have to go thru each time this happens. Keep up the good work bukkit team!

    *And since my servers are down for the day, I think I'll enjoy Portal 2 in the meantime! ^_^
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    It took 4 hours when 1.4 came out. :p
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    I just need to stay off the forums, I have a hard time fighting my rage at all the ppl that think 20 minutes is long enough wait to start complaining about a lack of updates :mad:


    Thank you Bukkit team for all your great work! [diamond]
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    Jim Chute

    I completely agree with you ash243x they are amazingly thorough, diligent and overall awesome.
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    If Notch was working with the Bukkit development team, topics like this would be understandable, but the developers get the update at the same time we do. It's not as simple as smashing the Minecraft and Bukkit files together and running a program :) If it was, we'd have an update.

    Instead, code has to be ported, Minecraft code changes need to be compensated for and adapted to, and so forth. THEN, at the same time as us, the plugin developers get the 1.5-compatible build, and will begin making sure their plugins are 1.5-ready. So, be nice to the Bukkit and plugin devs, please.
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    It's really a shame they don't put out some form of a preview build for developers; something that can't run as a server, but explains the changes. hard code a lan restriction or something so it's not feasible to use it on a production server.
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    Nathan C

    Yeh, be patient.

    We are lucky with how fast Bukkit updates, it is amazing. With hMod, it used to take days to weeks!

    Some people just starting a server don't realize how great Bukkit is. It is just leaps and bounds over any other mod there was before it, in everyway. We are just too spoiled by Bukkit. :p
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    Just be patient. :)
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    Why is your server down? Mine is running just fine its not 1.5 but at least we can still play till bukkit and all plugins are updated. I mean seriously is this your first patch day? It will take bukkit at least several hours to update and a lot longer for all the plugins to get updated there is no reason for servers to be down that long.
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    Anyone have a vinella server up... still want to do something while we wait.
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    cant play online on my server :X

    btw: when did the 1.5 got updated?
    (how long ago)
  21. 4 hours ago..
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    Wow realy quick responses here :D

    :p like 30 sec ? :p

    Thx basjuhh :)
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    huch hey guys, can't wait till it comes.. I'am still learning Java + C#
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    Running a vanilla server for all who want to join while they update
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    Just wait, and stay calm ! :D
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    i dont care when
    i love everything the way it is on my server with all my plugins.
    All these new minecraft updates are retarded lol
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    Meh, as far as Mojang seems to be concerned, as long as they get their code right then they've played their part. Or at least that's how it feels. Again the whole 'BETA' thing. It's not even had an official release so at the mo, the Minecraft devs have no reason (other than the thousands of Bukkit servers, which isn't a big deal to them (although it should be)) to release any other code or software that will help EvilSeph and his team.
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    C'est la vie I suppose.

    On a side rant, the very loose usage of "beta" with MC bugs me. If it's a commercial release (aka publicly available to anyone who pays for it) and your updates are fairly minor, you're basically keeping the term in your back pocket for when someone has an issue. An "official release" typically means that's when you're ready for prime time, and ready to sell it; which MC hit a long time ago.

    I get the indie gaming thing, but it's still poor management. </rant>
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    Well I am excited at-least, 1.5 is 0.1 closer to dragons at-least lol
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    Really? i thought it took about 2 1/2 - 3 hours
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