MC 1.3.2 incoming thursday!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bordensize, Aug 14, 2012.

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    This freaking better fix all the server high ms bug thingy...
    If it doesn't I think ill go ballistic..
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    This is effing dandy.
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    This better fix server issues ...
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    But weren't those server issues caused by Bukkit? I don't hear or see many issues with regular Minecraft servers.
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    Yes even vanilla minecraft servers have the lag issue. Very high ping on all servers except ports that arent 25565 for some reason..
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    Because 99% of people use Bukkit.
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    1.3.2 pfff:mad: is that all they fix? tis a joke
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    Good thing I've been waiting...
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    Hopefully it fixes client crashing when mining at low depths. Anything below y:24 and i have players that will randomly crash from breaking blocks.
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    They're just going to change the number and not actually do anything :p
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    1.3.2 client isnt going to fix any server side problems
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    I hope they release a new server with fixes to strange crashes and lag issues. They really did a terrible job with the server code this time. Honestly, Mojang needs quality control as half the stuff they produce is more bugged then 90% of the stuff out there....
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    Yea your right... They said they improved server performance but in reality it turned into pure shit. Im telling you.. if this doesn't fix it I might just throw my laptop and start raging.
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    haha no joke. They said they improved performance in the client too and before 1.3.1 I was getting 500 frames now I'm getting ~150-200 (granted that is really good against most people, but I'm sure some people went from 30 to 10 and that MUST suck and I would hate to be them)

    That's a HUGE decrease. And then before the 1.3.1 update my server's ping was average 43 now it's average 187? Like what the crap/ Wasn't this suppose to be a PERFORMANCE increase. Turned into a PERFORMANCE DECREASE!
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    I have never seen an update as bad as this one. The shitty thing is that this is no longer a beta game, this is a released version they need to do testing prior to releasing this. I'm not sure we can expect things to go back to how Notch had them. It seems all the new staff and Jeb are only worried about adding their own content and not fixing or upgrading the wonderful features there currently are.

    On SMP I place or break a block, it looks placed or broke and when I leave and return half my house is gone or half the mine is back. If you ever notice you are getting stuck on something while mining or other its probably that issue. It's a plague.
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    Yep I have a server thats very popular with 50 players on average, and this is seriously pissing me off and all the players as well.
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    i get sound lag issues now when placing alot of blocks at the same time. never had that before
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    so from the sounds of it should i hold off on updating my server tommorrow to 1.3.2 i usally wait a few weeks and a patch before doing the big update, but sounds like i should wait?
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    I had these same problems with my server in 1.3.1 (block lag/sound lag/common disconnects) I just turned snooper off in the server properties and it fixed it. not sure if this is a fix for every server, but it worked like magic for me :)
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    I turned snooper off too. It fixed the sound / block lag but didn't fix the high ping
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