Mature, Established Minecraft Server seeking Developer / Admin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fysics, Dec 27, 2011.

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    I own a server called Phantomcraft. One of our admins and developers is joining the military soon, so we'll have an opening for... you guessed it, an admin / developer. We are a 16+ server, with mostly mature players. We are a midsized server established in May of 2011. As a rough estimate, we have around 60 regular players and 20 players online for our bigger peaks. (We have topped out at ~65 simultaneous players online once.)

    We have been featured in two Team Avocado (see edit below) videos, and as such, we get a lot of attention from griefers and hackers. Many of our plugins revolve around detecting and minimizing the impact of malicious players without diminishing gameplay for legitimate players. (i.e. We do not section people off into designated building areas or force them to "invite" other players to build with them.)

    We have a very laid back culture, and above all else, enjoy having a good time.

    I may be willing to pay a small amount for a good developer, but I'm hoping to find an experienced developer who enjoys experimenting and needs somewhere to test out their plugin ideas. We also already have several ideas for plugins, and two existing in-progress plugins, so if you're strapped for ideas or need a starting point, we have those too.

    If you like what you hear, either post here or PM me, and we can talk.

    EDIT: A certain word gets autocorrected to avocado on the forums, so I'm forced to post a link to a video in order to show you what I mean:

    The city destroyed in this video is currently saved in a schematic file on the server in its complete glory.
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