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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Adelin, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Mask - Mask your rank to inferior ranks.

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin which is masking your rank when you type command /mask. It will unmask your rank when you type /unmask. My permission plugin got some commands for that but I don't want to give perms to players for these commands... What I want is: the plugin will execute one of these 2 commands for the specific command. When the player is typing /mask , the plugin will execute /manuaddv. And when the player is typing /unmask , the plugin will execute manudelv. Also , I want some custom messages in the plugin for /mask and /unmask. If the player got no permission for /mask and /unmask, he won't get the Member prefix.

    ... ( I don't really need config.yml or something like but If you want , do it. :) ... I can modfiy the messages in the plugin source if you don't create config.yml. ).

    /manuaddv <name> prefix &7Member - Change your current group prefix to Member. - /mask
    /manudelv <name> prefix - Remove the prefix member and get your main group prefix back. - /unmask

    Ideas for commands:

    • /Mask - Mask your rank to [Member] rank.
    • /UnMask - Get your custom rank back.

    Ideas for permissions:
    • /Mask & /UnMask - use.mask

    When I'd like it by: Take your time but don't waste it. :p
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    cant you change it in the config
    Or is there a alias ??
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    @Adelin To do a plugin-specific command if there are conflicting aliases, you can type /pluginname:command, so for this case it'd be /mask:mask. You can also set which plugin gets the default in a file called commands.yml in your server root.
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    How can I set the default ? .. I mean, what do I need to write in commands.yml ?.
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      - "mask:mask"
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