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    Could someone make a plugin where you can get married or some thing funny like that

    comment if so THANKS [^_^]
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    Sure we can, how do you imagine a mariage to happen?
    Give us an overview of what you are expecting ;)
  3. It'd be cool if their iConomy accounts would merge into one, and they're display name would change to have a common lastname.
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    maybe like you can give them a diamond and do a command that if she accepts then it says your married and the diamond would be like the ring
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    would be good to have certain players as preists or something and they would be the ones to do the ceromony. The players would have to respond /ido to get married after the priest has said all the stuff they say :D
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    lol yeah that would be awsome
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    I'm looking forward this plugin, great for RP servers.

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    thanks it should be a cool plugin

    "WEDDING! CRAFT!" lol

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    i think this would be an amazing plugin and should totally be developed (O_O)
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    Pretty cool!
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    Maybe if you got married then you could tp to that player :p
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    Well you could do that any way if you made the node but I like the idea
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    Developing the plugin atm, any ideas of stuff i can put into it?
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    This is nothing to do with this mod but i have a great idea for a mod message me if u can code and your intrested , the reason i ask is because i cant code!
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    When two players sleep in a double bed, when they wake up a baby is born (npc or something) :p?
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    Would require a client mod and a lot of coding.
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    lol that would be hilarious lol lol lo,.
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    On It.

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