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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by bwfcwalshy, Mar 22, 2015.

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  1. Hello, have you made a thread and it has been solved or your request has been filled? Please mark the thread as Solved/Filled so that others don't try to help and fill the request also. This will make the forums cleaner, nicer and will stop a lot of unnecessary reading of threads.

    Why should I mark my thread as Solved/Filled:
    As stated above you should mark your thread as solved so that others don't click on the thread and help or fill a request which is no longer needed. This will help keep the forums cleaner and will make it clear who to help and who not to help.

    How do I mark my thread Solved/Filled:
    If your issue/request has been resolved you can mark the thread as Solved or Filled depending on the section. To do this you need to follow the guide below. There may be a different prefix depending on the section but the green one is usually the one you want.

    Go to the top of your thread, click Thread Tools then click on Edit Title, (here you could have a prefix already if you don't it will say the word prefix. If you do it is the same steps) then click Prefix and change it to Solved or Filled.
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    @bwfcwalshy Agreed. It's very annoying when you read something and at the bottom it's already solved.
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    @bwfcwalshy +1 You've earned a follower!
    Yes I totally agree with you!
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    I agree! It's very annoying when you want to help, or as @nverdier said you read to the bottom and they no longer need help.
  5. This post is now stickied, it is important information which can keep the forums nice and tidy, and of course stop the annoyance of clicking a thread which no longer needs help on
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    Great job walshy, hopefully the new members will know to mark their threads as solved now.
  7. Added locking of threads.
  8. @bwfcwalshy
    I do agree with this. However, I do also believe that people should have the right to continue the discussion if they have something useful (or just generally on-topic) to add, so locking the thread would in my opinion be bad and cause more spam (new threads about the same problem/question) than not locking the thread.
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    I agree. I was just thinking this.
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    If a person's question has been answered, there is no need to continue that thread.
  11. @teej107
    So if you were to solve another person's problem, I'm not allowed to come in and suggest a better solution? Seems kind of silly to me. Or what if the OP wants to continue the discussion? They find out that your solution didn't work after all, what then? A new thread?

    Edit: My point is that instantly locking the thread is unnecessary.
    Edit 2: I don't know if this was just added or I didn't see it earlier, but apparently you can request an unlock. My point is still the same though.
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  12. @Assist If the thread doesn't need to be continued it can be locked. If you do need to do something such as report a big you can always request an unlock.
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    In my opinion, the OP decides when his question/problem was solved because not all solutions might work. I think the OP has every right to request an unlock to continue a discussion if it is still relevant.
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  14. @teej107
    Sure, but the thing is, I don't see any good reason as to why the threads are being locked without the OP's request. I was scrolling through the threads today and saw a few of them being locked by moderators when they thought it was solved, no request from the OP (unless they reported the thread, in which case moderators should say it in the "lock post").
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    @Assist Well they are clearly solved... No need to wait for the OP to request it to be locked if it's already obviously solved. They can always request an unlock for whatever reason.
  16. @nverdier
    This is going nowhere... You don't seem to get my point: There is no reason to lock the thread unless the OP so desires. If someone decides to necro bump it months/years later, then lock it. If someone wants to continue the discussion even after the OP has solved their problem and they have something useful to add, is it for the OP or for anyone and everyone, go ahead.

    This didn't seem like a problem before, did it? But now mods are locking the threads when they think the thread has been solved - that's going to cause issues. Unnecessary work for the community and moderators.

    Edit: I've made my point clear now. This thread should probably be cleaned up a bit.
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    Why wait till the act happens to counteract it, when you could prevent it in the first place?
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    Yes, I don't think mods should lock threads just for the reason that they think the thread is solved. However, if a thread is prefixed as solved, don't you think that it is a little obvious? Why would a conversation even continue after a thread has been truely solved? It would not be on topic to the thread's purpose.
    Think of this thread as a PSA to help keep the forums cleaner.
  19. @teej107 @nverdier @Assist The entire point of locking threads is so that we can keep the forums clean and avoid necro's. If the thread's prefix is Filled or Solved that means the request has been filled and it works or means the issue is solved. If a bug does arise after the prefix has been set then they can always request an unlock. I am trying to keep the forums cleaner and avoid the necro bumps.

    If you have any more concerns please do say but we intend to keep the forums clean. The thread will be locked if the prefix is set which should be when the issue or request has been sorted.
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    Is there a function that could be added such as a post automatically gets locked or reviewed if it isn't solved/filled and if it is in fact solved/filled then an administrator can put it as solved and/or lock the thread?
  21. @MajorSkillage If you see a thread which is filled or solved then please use the report button and we can mark it and lock it.
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    No absolutely not.
    Requesting a lock is something that the OP has to do.
    Old Threads will automatically get locked once the System is setup and filled or solved Threads will remain unlocked until their time to die off has come.
    If you try to change our rules, then please discuss this with us first.
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    @bwfcwalshy Well I used the report button for a thread that was solved. And my report got rejected. I did everything you said.
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    That is because you should never request a lock just because it is filled or solved. That is up to the OP.
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    What are you confused about?
    The Post you quoted was a reply to walshys post...
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    @mrCookieSlime Well two mods are saying completely opposite things....
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    Where is your problem then?
    Walshy made a mistake, I corrected it, so what are you confused about?
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    @mrCookieSlime I see. It probably wouldn't have been as confusing if Walshy acknowledged that because then the two of you would have been saying the same thing.
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  30. Oh good! Another sticky for people to ignore! ;)

    These two statements kind of sound contradictory to me. I'm not sure exactly what the value is in requesting that the OP request a lock. To me it just seems to add unnecessary work for both the OP and the moderation team. If there's a system to automatically lock posts after a certain amount of time, why not just let that system do its job? Having the OP request a lock just seems a bit silly - as mentioned above, they might decide they need it again. I know that they can go through the whole request to unlock it again, but that seems like wasted effort. If the thread hadn't been locked in the first place, then they wouldn't have needed to do that.

    The automatic locking should prevent future necroposts as it is, but with less work for everyone involved. Allowing OPs to request a thread to be locked early is fine, but I don't understand why they would be encouraged to do so when they're finished when there's an automatic system to do it. If necroposts are happening before the automatic lock is kicking in, then maybe the system needs to be reviewed and not discouraged from use. :)

    But those are just my thoughts I guess. Maybe there's some logic to this that I'm just not seeing.
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