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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Acrobot, May 10, 2012.

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    I was talking with TnT today and I thought about the absence of file "indication" icons, like on

    For example, I can mark a build as a beta/alpha, but many people can miss it - it's not coloured or anything.

    For example, look here:

    Beta builds are highlighted in yellow, recommended - in green. (Also, broken - in red)

    We need something like that on BukkitDev, so people know that this build is a "beta" build, and that one is a "release" one.
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    Me gusta this idea.
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    Great idea. Would be much easier to see in which state (how buggy) the plugin is.\\
    However, I guess that curse has to implement this and not the bukkit team?!
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    I agree. :D
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    Yes, please.

    In the past I have had to delete old builds for my plugins due to (sometimes pretty severe) bugs that were found later. This alos deletes download count any any history, so just being able to mark it as "broken" (and prevent downloads) would be nice.
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    Deleting a file doesn't affect the download count. In fact, deleting a file doesn't even really delete it, it just removes the link from the overview and download pages.
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    Files get soft deleted by default. We can also mark builds as Alpha, Beta, or Release already, but I would like to see if these can be made more noticeable.
  9. Well, I myself note all known bugs of the specific release in the known caveats section of the file, so people can know what to expect.

    But I agree, there should be more color !
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  11. ShootToMaim
    Yes one can simply add more color, unless you have a specific reason why one can not, which you obviously didn't specify. :)
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    I have to mark it next to my downloads which can be time-consuming.
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