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    if anyone is bored enough,

    Make a plugin that lets u throw fireballs while holding a flower! :D
    (Like ghast fireballs)

    Pleaaasshhheee? :3

    We have a Mario themed pvp arena and it would be a great addition :D
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    Finished, I'll release it sometime soon.
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    Oooh, configurable item and permission node, please?
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    That is in the todo list :)
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    cool <3 Where's the thread?
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    I haven't released it yet, however, I've written the forum post (making an image and finishing a few other things first). Expect it soon.
    Here you go :)
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    Omg Omg Omg Omg I have totally forgotten about this as i thought it didn't get any replies! You are awesome :D Does it aim the fireball at the mouse coursor? Because that was something I couldn't figure out and didn't make it myself therefore :/

    Oh dang, your plugin.yml is messed up so it doesn't work because it can't find the class files :/

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    Sweet. I'll have to try this out. :D -pulls out flower and blasts helpless players-
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    I got it to work :

    @BR_ if your having problems with the plugin.yml file drop me a pm i'll help you :)
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    Dang, I'm sorry everyone! I forgot I renamed it from Flowers to SuperFlowers after I finished testing, and didn't change plugin.yml accordingly!
    It's fixed now (same link)! There are a few other changes related to the rename, so go ahead and redownload.
    Thanks for the offer, though :)
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    Hehe :) Seems like you got it covered! Any chance I could get the source code? I wanna see how u make it fly in the direction u point at so I can edit the rifts plugin i forked to replace snowballs with fireballs :D Anyways, awesome job here! :D Also, as an idea for that mario plugin, make it so once u eat glowstone u get invincible for like 5 seconds :p and the mario invincible sound plays as a midi :D
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    Sure thing! I'll be putting it on my Github when I release it.

    Why, thank you :)

    Good idea! I suppose this makes more sense as "Mario" and less as "SuperFlowers" - so adding things like glowstone, 1up mushrooms, 3up moons, and so on, would fit better. I should rename it again (and this time, remember to update plugin.yml!) and add this..
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    Haha ye! I always forgot to update my plugin.yml aswell :/ I like those ideas! Sounds cool :D Can't wait for it to be realeased :D

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