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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mrchasez, May 19, 2013.

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    I tried visiting a plugin page and google chrome blocked it for malware. Don't do this on the whole site, but i figured i would post this anyway just incase.

    Here is the image:

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    Mrchasez I just checked, and it is blocking the page for me as well. Must be something wrong with this so-called "" which has been hacked.
  3. Mrchasez click go back then go back to the page again
    It shouldn't appear anymore, don't worry about it, it happened to me a couple of times
    edit: I use firefox, it's kind of better, never got a fake malware response
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    Google chrome is better. I wasn't worried about it, was just reporting it.
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  5. Report it to google I guess
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    Mrchasez Let the web browser wars begin...
    Firefox is superior.
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    There is enough of that on youtube. By that i mean stuff proving google chrome is overall better =P

    No. Was reporting it to bukkit.

    Im done posting here now.
  8. lols, they can't do anything on my best guess, it's a glitch with google, it happens to other sites too
    What ever floats your boat though
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    Neither browser is better, they are both good.
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  10. Eh, Google chrome was good for me then I went and used firefox, google chrome caused my ping to go up by like 50 for some reason, and it was becoming pretty slow for me, I switched to firefox and it's pretty fast, I don't know about the google chrome it may be with my internet but I don't know p;
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    It's probably an ad on the forums that's giving that error. Is it still giving you that message, or has it already been resolved?
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Probably simply an image gotten from that website, I had a warning like this on DBO too. Turned out to be the 'donate' image, so I just replaced that. All good now! (Not sure if it's all good on the forums, but I can't edit anything on here anyway).
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    meh I use internet iexplore with kaspersky no problems only when a url call looks malicious when its not it still can block it, but ie is not the safets browser though:p, I didn't know chrome blocks sites for 'malicious' is it new?
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    I personally use chrome, I find no actual internet speed improvements in it, I just find that firefox freezes up quite a bit on a mac.
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    I just use Chrome because I find it nice to not have a big bar above my webpage, like FF and IE have.
    Plus, I don't want to IE in the first place, because the plugins you can use are quite handy.
  16. who uses internet explorer
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    People still use Internet Explorer?
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    Just to contribute to the great debate:

    Mozilla is the only company that I trust to preserve my freedom, and to keep fighting for an open, accessible web.
    I only use chrome because it syncs my bookmarks, history and plugins across all my devices.
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    Chromium is open source, which is what Chrome basically is.
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    Open source is different from Open-Source spirit. Mozilla has a history of standing up for openness, but Google is responsible for some of the biggest privacy violations around the world!
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    Biggest privacy violations? Like what? Using your information to index your searches better?

    Totally a violation of privacy when
    1. It's automated
    2. It's private to your account.
    3. It's god damn useful.
    Something tells me you also think Microsoft is the best company ever.
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    Maybe just a mishap? Well, even if you like google tracking you in all sorts of ways on a confusing 'opt-out' basis for the purpose of their advertisements, I certainly think that this is unacceptable:
    As for Microsoft, I hate them with a passion. I think that if they never came into existence, all software would be open, much like the early days at the homebrew club.
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    It's almost always a image-host.

    funnyjunk for sure get's flagged.
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    There's a lot of articles around the internet about how Google was caught red-handed doing something wrong. But let's not start a flame-war here and move ahead; what Google did in the past stays in the past.

    Anyways, for OP,
    If the problem persists, you can always get something like AdBlock or find a plugin/extension that allows you to only allow resources from the website you visited.
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    You can always use telnet to browse the web it you're worried about privacy. :p
    GET / HTTP/1.1
    User-agent: Timatooth Explorer (Mozilla Compatible); DOS 6.1 x86_64
    //make sure you opt into do not track :)
    DNT: 1
    Cookie: bukkit_username=Timatooth
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