Making Fake players for minigame testing

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by VortexGmer, Apr 26, 2015.

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    Can someone do What the title said?
    I need to test the minigame but it needs at least 6 players to start. I have one account. How can I make fake players that just act like players but do nothing but just stand around?
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    Invite some friends ?
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    I have freinds, They want to come, Just that all 6 of them don't come at once D:
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    Can not you set minimum players lower?
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    Yes but then I would have to change many many things, It doesnt work
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    If you're doing a game like hg or something like that, you should be able to change things like that on easy way.
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    it isn't an HG
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    @MaTaMoR_ I understand that you're trying to find a solution with a different method, but I can also support @VortexGmer in saying that it's hard getting beta testers for a plugin. Having to get mutliple on, and having to get them to cooperate. It's difficult.

    I'm also wondering how to do this.
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    1) include mobs into "player lookup"
    2) spawn mobs like wolves, treat them as players.
    3) they will move around, sit if ordered, attack other targets, few NMS hacks and they can be ordered to move specific location or attack specific target
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    What NMS hacks?
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    I heard of something named stressbots that get into your server, but i don't know how they could test your plugin. xD They will just stand there in your spawn...
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    I think it's not allowed (don't ask me why :confused:), but put your server in offline mode and join with some accs with a "cracked" launcher.
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    And also how do you add Wolf w = World.spawnEntity(Blah Blah Blah) to the player count?
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    Theres a plugin called HeroBrine something, that lets you troll players. I used it once, and it spawned a dummy hero brine player, but he would increment the server player count and would appear in the top player list area. If i were you i would, "accidentally rename the .jar into a .zip" and "accidentally peek at some stuff doe"
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    I might accidentally do this!
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    Because looking at complied bytecode is really useful.
  17. Your code is probably hard to maintain then. I suggest make it easier to maintain so in the future, you don't have to change 'many many things'
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