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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by negative_codezZ, Jul 12, 2014.

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    I didn't sign anything. But I do not go around releasing code that I said I could not. In addition, this is Slikey's code and I am not allowed to release it as he requested me not to.
  2. Erm... I hope I didn't start this by bumping it lol.
    I was just making a small joke. But yeah, a thread in the Resources section for making waves would be cool.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    How incredibly selfish you must be to ask the community for assistance and then refuse to share with others who want such help once you get it working. Why should the community assist you in the future if you refuse to give anything back?
  4. Woh. Stop the hate man, it's not his fault. It seems like he really wants to post the source code for it, he can't, do you want him to get fired and lose out possibly his main job? Put yourself in his shoes, you work for your server, this is your main source of income (I know him, I believe he still has/had school (end of school year)) and your boss tells you to make a plugin, expecting no source code to be released as it won't be unique anymore. You need help for something you need to make and so you ask the community. You don't get any replies, but a private message from someone with the code to do this, but he also wants to keep it private. Obviously you wouldn't want to post the source code as you would most probably be fired/seriously told off, and the person who messaged you with the code would dislike you. Yes, he did ask for help here, but he got private messaged the code, it wasn't his solution or a public solution given. It seems a few others already know the basic/advanced Maths to this, so it's their choice if they want to also publish it, if they do, great, if they don't, understandable.

    I'm not sure about Hypixel's developer though, it was his code after all.

    #Don't #Hate #Appreciate

    Edit: I liked your comment because I agree with "Why should the community assist you in the future" bit in other situations, but not in this one.
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    KingFaris11 Now what if someone actually had posted the source code to do such a thing? Would he not be allowed to take it from his 'boss' because it wouldn't make the plugin unique? I don't think so. Sorry, but your reasoning is rather ad hoc.
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    So because he's apparently being paid, we shouldn't ask questions? Bukkit dev community is a place for all bukkit devs new and experienced to come share and help others, you can say he wants to give the code but his 'boss' has him at gun point that he cant share code that he didn't even make? Then he shouldn't be requesting help here if he doesn't want to give back.
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    I think you shouldn't be asking for help here if you want to be selfish with the solution to what you requested.

    Seems a bit shady to ask for our help, then turn around after getting many people interested in the idea, just to say "Yeah I figured it out guys. Go on about your day. I am not telling you how I did it! Ha Ha"
  8. What do you mean he shouldn't be requesting help here if he doesn't want to give it back? You could ask him for help on it, he may reply, but you can't ask him for the code. Not only that, the description for this Plugin Development section is "Need help developing a plugin? Got a bug you can't squash? Ask in here!". It's not "Need help developing a plugin? Got a bug you can't squash? Ask it here, and once you get a working solution, share it with everyone else!"

    If you want to go back on that selfish point, I already explained it.

    For your point about the code he didn't even make: Not all code in a private plugin has to be your own, what if it's a library/resource? The developer of Hypixel is willing to share it with him, and him only, since I believe the code is Hypixels' developers. Not only that, but yes, he can't share the code since Hypixels' developer doesn't want him to, and it won't make the code unique/only a few servers have it. The idea may be public, but it's down to the developers that are good at maths to figure it and make it public themselves if they want to.

    Read my post already.

    Again, there are already other professionals at the logic and maths behind this, if they want to, they can post it.

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    And read my post...
  10. Your post doesn't argue back any of my points. It's just re-iterating what the other people were saying, and my post was saying how that's wrong.

    There's quite a lot of different types of the solution to this. His one would be unique in a certain way of the wave, different effects of the wave, etc. Also, what do you mean, "Would he not be allowed to take it from his 'boss'"? It wouldn't be his fault then, it's only when he posts the source code himself, that's when it's his problem.

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    Yeah, generally a part of this is, uh...writing it yourself...
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    Not sure why you come and ask for help from a community that is built on the idea of open source and sharing and then refuse to share the answer.

    Look at the stackoverflow community. There are tons of professionals asking and giving help and when a solution is found, it's not sent via a private message to the poster, it's posted on the thread for everyone to see that has the same issue or for others to comment and build on that solution.
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    I think everyone said what needed to be said, but in a nutshell:

    If you ask for a solution to a problem on a public forum but find the solution elsewhere, share it. It would be extremely useful for others who have the same problem.
  14. As I said previously, it's not his fault he's unwilling to post the solution. He wants to, he can't though due to another big factor that, if you've read my few posts on this page, you'd see this factor.
  15. KingFaris11 Hypixel doesn't have a capital p :)

    And besides, why is negative_codezZ being paid for Silkey's work anyway? And Silkey's response still qualifies as spoon-feeding anyway, no matter what "it was their idea" argument you choose to make.
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  16. This isn't exactly a problem, he wants to know how to do something, not how to fix something. If the problem is that you can't figure out how to do it, ask one of the people who commented here knowing how to do it, and can post it since it's not for a private plugin for a person who's paying you, and from a person who told you not to give it out.
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    What i said was ambiguous; asking for help or a solution.
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  18. I know, it looks cooler with the capital 'P'.

    Negative's not being paid for Silkey's work, he's being paid for a plugin that includes Silkey's work. Are you saying that people shouldn't be paid for a private plugin that uses code from a resource such as Comphenix's ProtocolLib Skin changer for a mini-game? No, that's not right.
  19. KingFaris11 Difference is one of those is publicly available and one isn't. ;)
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    I read all the posts on the thread before I posted. It's really not a factor though. You should read my example about stackoverflow as it provides a very clear and profound example of this in the world outside of Minecraft.
  21. It doesn't matter if one's publicly available. There are private resources, paid ones could be considered this too.

    What do you mean it's not really a factor? The factor is that he can't post is because he possibly would get fired or seriously told off/demoted.

    Not only that, but a lot of the time, the world outside Minecraft doesn't have to be unique, there is not super competition for having the best thing ever, whereas for a server, it should be unique and must be the best to gain a lot of players and be popular.

    I'm no longer commenting here, I don't have time, working on my own plugins.

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  22. KingFaris11 In Minecraft, nothing is unique for long. And paid resources? Wouldn't that bring it back to my point that @Silkey isn't getting paid for his work, someone else is. With a paid resource, obviously they're being paid for their own part - not someone else.
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    KingFaris11 So you're saying that there's no competition in the business world outside of Minecraft? That everyone is just good friends and shares all the code they have with everyone else? That if you don't have the superior product, you don't go out of business?

    You don't hear stories of everyone that's ever asked for help on stackoverflow getting fired from their job.
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    You need to actually acknowledge other people's arguments; it still stands that this is a public forum and it is polite and proper to work together to find a solution and, if this does occur through private means, either allow the conversation to continue, provide the solution publicly or maybe provide useful pointers.

    Also, I don't see why you see the Minecraft community to be unique in that it thrives on different ideas. The whole world of business, games and software relies on unique ideas. All. The. Time. The fact that in this case the idea is already known (water waves) also shows that this argument is totally invalid.
  25. Okay okay, just a few more comments:

    The idea may not be unique for long, but the code to get the certain angles of the waves, etc. may be different.
    I only mentioned paid resources to say they're included, not about the author being paid. This isn't a paid resource.

    I did not say that, and I made sure I didn't say that, hence saying "super" meaning on a level to extreme.
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    So let me get this straight, Negative is using Silkey's code but doesn't want to publicly share it because 'it's private', when he was the one asking for help? I just find that so preposterous.

    Might as well just stop asking for help here.
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    I just don't see why you shouldn't share the solution. It's for a Bukkit plugin, and Bukkit is also open-source. I don't see the big deal.
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    So what you are saying is that if someone had released the source code publicly, he could use it and change some variables to make it unique? That is exactly what could be done now: release the source code and modify some values to make it kind of unique. How can manifesting the source code even be the developer's 'problem'? Is displaying source code something bad? Adding on to that, how can asking for help yet returning no solution when the issue has been solved even be justified? The server owner shouldn't even have any say in this.

    Huh? How can the server owner fire him for releasing code he hasn't even made himself? As I already said, your argumentation is quite ad hoc. If the source code had been released publicly and he'd use it and distributed it further, would he be fired by his 'boss'? Don't think so. The only difference with that and the current situation is that the OP acquired the source code privately, but what difference is there to his 'boss'? Receiving code privately or publicly by third parties isn't differentiable by his 'boss'.
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    This entire thread is aids.

    There is absolutely no reason anyone should have to share any code ever. He didn't GET help on the thread, so he doesn't owe anything back to the community, as the community NEVER HELPED HIM.

    Whoever thinks they have a god-given right to demand source code from him, when the code isn't his to release, is an utter bellend. Regardless of whether the owner would 'fire him' or not, it's a breach of trust if he releases the code. Just because he isn't legally bound to an agreement, it doesn't mean he shouldn't honor it, especially when he has no reason to release the code.
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    I feel this. Stop your ranting about why he is right etc. The thing is, don't ask for help and be selfish with it. That is like me asking you for 20 bucks for gas so I can get to work, then when you are broke I tell you that you are sol.

    My point is: Don't ask for help and then not be nice enough to help the next man who asks when you have the capabilities to help.
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