Make rain deadly to creepers.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Qzzrbl, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Just as the title says-- quick idea I thought I'd throw up hereand see if anyone would be interested.

    Figured I'm not the only one who found creepers running around at all hours incredibly annoying, but felt it would be making things a little too easy by disabling creeper explosions or their ability to destroy blocks.

    tl;dr: Someone plz make rain kill creepers! =D
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    I would love to see this plugin. +1 :D
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    Or at least disable their explosions while in the rain. I think it would be interesting if they were still around just crippled. So when the rain let up you'd be in trouble.
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    are they turkeys? do they look up in the rain till they drown? lol theres a lot of plugins that make creepers burn in sunlight.
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    Which exactly is why I'm not requesting a plugin that kills creepers with sunlight. >_>

    I'd still like creepers to be a very real threat during the day, and I figured it'd be kind of unique to have rain do them in-- so they're not around all the effing time. x]

    As far as disabling their explosions in rain, that's a pretty neat idea, but I feel it would make farming gunpowder too easy, at least for my tastes on my server. I mean, I know it's relatively easy to make farming traps for 'em, but making it to where one could just run around and slay them with no real fear of repercussion is just a wee bit -too- easy, yaknow?

    And yes.

    Creepers are turkeys.

    Big, glorious TNT-packed turkeys in shrubbery suits.
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